17 High Paying Freelance Writing Niches for 2021 (+ Yearly Salaries)

Have you been struggling trying to figure out the best freelance writing niche for you?

You want a freelance writing niche that pays well and you can write with ease, and that can help you land freelance writing jobs easily.

What type of writing niche is that?

17 High Paying Freelance Writing Niches for 2021 (+ Yearly Salaries)

That’s the biggest question of all, but for now, let’s focus on the most profitable freelance writing niches for 2021. These are niches that are popular and in need from businesses and brands online.

But, what about being a generalist freelance writer? This means not having a freelance writing niche and writing in a variety of niches.

For a lot of new freelance writers, this is common.

You try to land any freelance writing job in any freelance writing niche, and before you know it, you get paid to write a post about hair loss in teens, Pinterest marketing tips and introduction to IoT.

This is fine and expected, but over time as you pick up more and more clients, you want to hone down your niche and find the most profitable writing niche for you.

The list items in this post are the top freelance writing niches that are high-paying.

I suggest, however, not to randomly pick a freelance writing niche from this list based on yearly salary and income potential.

The niche you choose should be one that you are somewhat familiar with or have an idea of the industry behind the niche topic.

To help you out, I’ll dive into what a freelance writing niche is, how I found my freelance writing niche in the digital marketing industry and the most high-paying freelance writing niches with a yearly salary, topics and blog post ideas.

What is a Freelance Writing Niche?

A freelance writing niche is a specialization in writing. Your writing niche is a focused area in writing like writing press releases or blog posts where you are experienced in and knowledgeable of writing about.

You can have a broad freelance writing niche like finance and niche down to specific topics within finance like cryptocurrency or investments.

By finding a freelance writing niche, you are investing in you to become an expert in your niche. This is what happened to me.

This means you don’t need to be experienced when you decide on a freelance writing niche. You will, over time, gain that experience.

And something happens once you become the expert in your writing niche – brands start seeking you out and they are willing to pay you more for that expert knowledge.

When I started as a freelance writer, I picked up any gig that came my way, and many of my gigs were in different niches.

But, over time, I learned which freelance writing niche I enjoyed writing about the most, and that led to more freelance writing jobs.

Eventually, after years of writing in my freelance writing niche, I can call myself an expert in the subject matter.

How Did I Find My Freelance Writing Niche?

My freelance writing niche is digital marketing. I write about content marketing like blogging tips, social media marketing tips like Pinterest marketing and email marketing tips.

But, when I started, I had no idea about marketing or digital marketing.

Before I was a freelance writer, I used the Internet for YouTube and Facebook! I never started a business before and was happily working in the school system.

Then I became pregnant with twins and the thought of leaving them didn’t work for me.

Plus, the costs for daycare would eat up any paycheck I earned from working outside the home.

I needed to find a way to stay home, and that’s when I found out about freelance writing.

Here’s my YouTube video on how I found my niche when I had no experience in that niche topic.

My video goes into more detail than I will in this post, but in the beginning, I ended up choosing three niches: health, natural parenting and personal development (psychology).

After I chose my three niche topics, I created writing samples, and in doing that, I was also looking for ways to market my freelance writing business.

This lead to a guest post on what I was learning – social media marketing.

I was also signing up for social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, and through this process, I guest posted more on digital marketing topics.

This was my way of gaining experience in a new niche – digital marketing writing.

From there, a brand reached out to me to do some editing and writing about social media marketing. And that is where it began for me.

Over time I either guest posted or picked up clients in the digital marketing niche and gained experience.

I also started an email list and created products as another avenue of gaining experience.

This process took time, and I want to let you know that the writing niche you pick doesn’t have to be one that you are entirely familiar with. It can be a niche that you want to learn more about.

Top Freelance Writing Niches + Salaries

Now that you are familiar with what a writing niche is let’s get into the top writing niches for 2021. These topics are either always in demand or emerging.

As a freelance writer, we want to ensure that the writing niche we choose will have the biggest return for our investment (ROI).

Keep in mind you should pick a niche that’s in need of content that you’re interested in writing about, and most importantly, if the business has the budget for content marketing.

To help you out, you can also check out my YouTube video.

1. Finance

Consumers spend millions each year using credit cards, loans and other banking products.

This means that banks, credit card companies, and more have a lot of money to pour into content creation.

Currently, there is an excessive need for finance writers, and what’s great is that the companies have the budget for experts in this writing niche.

Most of the larger finance companies are looking for unique angles and engaging stories.

There are no fluff articles for this writing niche – only high-quality and valuable content.

You can see on the Contena Job Board that well-known and established brands are asking for specific finance topics for their site – with the average yearly salary of $52,000/year.

Topics in need in the finance writing niche include:

  • Personal finance
  • Accounting
  • Financial stocks
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Budgeting/frugality

If you’re new to the finance niche, find topics you feel comfortable writing about. The personal finance niche incorporates a lot of ideas that are well known to people like budgeting, using credit cards or deals and couponing.

You can draw from personal experience to write topics in those personal finance niche.

Here are some examples you can write for your writing samples.

  • 10 Best Budgeting Apps to Help Plan Your Month
  • How to Spot the Best Deals When Buying a Car
  • The 3 Credit Cards College Students Must Get

2. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is its own section because a lot of finance writers don’t know how to write about mining and cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is hot right now, but it’s not a trend that will be going away soon. According to Entrepreneur, blockchain is one of the fastest and top growing skills to acquire for millennials.

If you’re passionate about this niche, you can easily find freelance writing jobs.

Looking at the Contena Job Board, the average monthly salary starts at around $1,000 a month.

Topics in need in the cryptocurrency writing niche include:

  • Blockchain
  • Cryptopreneurs
  • Bitcoin mining
  • Crypto credit

If this is a new writing niche for you, here are some topics you can use for your writing samples.

  • Why Libra is Different Than Bitcoin
  • 4 Best Methods to Predict the Future of Bitcoin
  • How to Tell a Cryptocurrency Scam Before You Fall for It

Since this is a section within finance, this is a core niche that will take time to understand and learn.

So for more new freelance writers in this niche, you’re going to spend more time reading and learning about this writing niche before you feel confident in writing a writing sample.

3. Travel

Travel markets are targeting millennials who want to devote their finances to once in a lifetime experiences, as well as young retirees who wish to complete their bucket list before it’s too late.

You have to be a skilled storyteller with the ability to find travel stories that most have never heard of.

Using the Contena Job Board, you can see that travel writing is profitable, with the average salary being $52,000/year.

Topics in travel writing include:

  • Travel guides
  • Restaurant reviews
  • Hotel reviews
  • Travel deals
  • Travel Lifestyle

As you can see, there are a lot of topics you can draw from as well as personal experience you can lend to travel writing.

To help you find some topics for your travel writing samples, check these out.

  • Ultimate Travel Guide to Sweden
  • Enjoy the Mouth Watering Experience of (Restaurant)
  • The Yucatan Peninsula – What You Need to Know

The travel niche does need writers that have had experience in what they are writing about, so even if you want to be a travel writer, you must have some great and interesting experiences traveling to different destinations.

4. Digital Marketing

Every year more and more businesses and entrepreneurs flood the web to conduct the majority of their business online.

This means they’re relying on digital marketing companies, such as email newsletter companies, optin services, online accounting software, online hosting, and more to boost sales.

Most of these companies want long-form content, which is in-depth guides or tutorial-based content. They are also up-to-date with market trends.

This is the niche I write in, and I enjoy the variety of topics you can write about in digital marketing.

The Contena Job Board has over 70 digital marketing writing jobs for you! The average salary for a gig in this niche is $58,000/year.

Topics you can write about in the digital marketing writing niche include:

  • Affiliate marketing advice
  • Email marketing
  • Social media – Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat etc…
  • Push notifications
  • Search engine optimization
  • eCommerce

For your writing samples, the best samples are ones that show the expert knowledge you have about aspects of digital marketing. Most content in this writing niche is long-form.

Here are some writing samples you can use:

  • 50 Unique Ways to Repurpose Content
  • 17 Optimized Content Upgrades to Grow Your Email List
  • How to Use SEO On a Landing Page for More Conversions
  • Easy Ways to Find Out Who Opened Up Your Emails for More Business

5. Education

For education writing, you have two huge markets you can target – private student loan lenders and universities.

Both are sitting on huge piles of cash and need content writing to stand out and attract new leads.

And if you are a teacher, you would make for a great freelance writer!

You can use your experience as a teacher, student, coach, homeschool mom or tutor to write in this writing niche.

On the Contena Job Board, there are many education writing jobs available. The average salary is $47,000/year and can make for some sweet side income.

Topics that are in need of the educational writing niche include:

  • College life
  • Education manuals/curriculums
  • News topics
  • Daycare and Pre-k

To help you build your portfolio, here are some writing samples:

  •  8 Ways You Can Miss a Student Loan Payment
  • 10 Best Banks to Consolidate Student Loans
  • Best Preschool Fall Curriculum For a Hands-On Experience
  • What the Experts Say About Separation Anxiety in Preschool Kids

6. Alternative Health

More outlets are needing writers who are well-versed in the cannabis market to talk about it because the industry is a huge money maker.

The alternative health market is profitable for many other industries as well, such as

  • Yoga
  • Chiropractic care
  • Essential oils
  • DIY therapies

Because of the huge alternative health market, there is a great need for these types of writers.

I recently received an email from a health and wellness company specializing in the CBD oil industry, seeking a health writer.

The Contena Job Board shows a lot of alternative health gigs from big brands and high-paying businesses. The average salary is $52,000/year.

Some health topics that brands and businesses are seeking currently are:

  • Organic Living/Non-GMO
  • Specialty diets – Keto, Intermittent, Paleo, etc
  • Supplements
  • CBD oils
  • Bodybuilding
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Running
  • Senior living

If you are interested in writing in this writing niche, here are some blog post ideas for your portfolio.

  • 5 Ways Meditation Can Help With Weight Loss
  • 10 Proven Methods to Lose Weight After 40 Years Old
  • 47 Easy Ways to Help Your Child With Anxiety

7. Book Writing (Ghostwriting)

Many business people, coaches, and solopreneurs often want to publish books about their lives or industry topic.

Many of them aren’t writers and look to hiring a ghostwriter to write that book for them. Others hire freelance writers to proofread or edit their books.

You can easily break into ghostwriting by offering freelance writing services or book editing services.

On the Contena Job Board, they don’t usually specify ghostwriting or book writing projects, but these types of gigs are usually referrals from established clients in your niche. Ghostwriting rates vary, but profitable writers earn around $3k/per month or more.

As a ghostwriter you might be responsible for:

  • Newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • eBook writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

Topics range on what book writers write on since influencers, brands and small businesses seek ghost writers for their books.

8. Video Script Writing

More and more online businesses are seeing the potential of video marketing.

Video is dominating the marketing channels, and you can be ahead of this curve by offering video script writing to businesses.

Social media profiles like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, are all incorporating video to follow this trend – and businesses are noticing.

Looking at the Contena Job Board, you can see that video script writing is hugely profitable, with rates between $.30-.70/word.

Types of projects you might do as a video script writer include:

  • Course lessons
  • Promotional campaign videos
  • Tripwire video copy
  • Sales page video copy

Similar to ghostwriting projects, video script writing can incorporate writing in a variety of niche topics, depending on the clients you pick up.

9. White Paper Writing

Email marketing is still one of the only marketing channels with a return of investment of 38:1.

More and more people prefer marketing emails as a way to score deals, learn more about products and stand behind trusted brands.

One way to capitalize on this is to offer white paper writing for lead magnets.

A lead magnet is a free offer to incentivize your email list. For example, I offer a free course to help new writers learn how to become a freelance writer.

Others may offer a free eBook or cheatsheet.

Businesses can use white papers to grow their email lists and attract potential leads.

White papers are also considered one of the top paying niches around.

According to the Contena Job Board, rates for white paper writing are high – $6,000/month or more.

Topics for white papers vary, as does video script and ghostwriting topics.

White papers are usually written for the B2B market. This is business-to-business and is the niche I write in to make a living as a writer.

10. Food & Wine

Yes! Your love of food and wine can earn you money in the writing world! It’s not always the easiest market to break into, though.

There are many different avenues you can take in the niche of food, from recipe developer to copy writing for a wine website to ghostwriting a cookbook.

My suggestion is to seek out magazine projects to build up a credible portfolio. For example, freelance writer friend Carrie Madormo writes for top magazines and provides food and parenting content.

On the Contena Job Board, they have a Lifestyle section with a variety of B2C (business-to-consumer) gigs like beauty and food.

The average salary as a food writer is $52,000/year.

Topics you might write about as a food & wine (coffee) writer might be:

  • Cooking techniques
  • Product reviews
  • Recipe developer
  • Food events
  • Industry news
  • Wine/beer copywriting

If food and wine is something you’re interested in writing about, here are some blog topic samples for you:

  • 24 Advent Treats You Can Make With Your Child
  • How to Make a Simple Banana Oat Baby Cookie
  • 10 Fall Coffee Hacks You Can Try Today

11. Email  Writing

Email marketing is here to stay, and it’s the most effective way to nurture leads and convert them into customers or clients.

Businesses rely heavily on creating effective email funnels to walk potential leads down the buyer’s journey.

As an email writer, you come up with copy for funnels, launch campaigns and more.

This type of writing relies on copywriting and knowing different copywriting formulas.

On the Contena Job Board, there may not be specific email writing gigs. There will be, however, copywriting gigs or writers needed for a business’ content marketing strategy.

The average salary for this niche industry is $58,000/year.

Type of projects you may do as an email writer might be:

  • Newsletters
  • Email sales funnel
  • Landing page copy
  • Marketing material
  • Email campaigns

As a writing sample, you can provide a mock email or newsletter to show effective email subject lines and copywriting tactics.

6 More Profitable Freelance Writing Niches for 2021

If you noticed, I’ve been pooling data from Contena to show you the best writing niches to make money. Contena is a job board that also has alerts and has a huge catalog of writing leads.

If you’re interested in signing up to Contenause my special 10% discount code elna10. You get 10% off any option or 10% off each payment if you choose the payment route. AND if you pay in full you receive a 20% discount PLUS your coupon will stack on top of that!

Contena shows more profitable niches for you. So here are six more niches to try out.

  1. Entertainment writing – The average salary is $47,000/year. Topics include concert reviews, celebrity gossip, TV episode recaps and more.
  2. Sports Writing – The average salary is $51,000/year. Topics include college sports, game-day reporter, sports equipment reviews, major league sports and more.
  3. Beauty and Fashion writing – The average salary is $52,000/year. Topics include beauty product research, makeup tutorials, skincare products, trend alerts and more.
  4. Tech writing – The average salary is $64,000/year. Topics include B2B technology, blockchain, 3D printing, cyber security, tech news, software manuals and more.
  5. Real estate writing – The average salary is $59,000/year. Topics include home decor, buying guides, real estate law and more.
  6. Parenting – The average salary is $52,000/year. Topics include family life, home schooling, pregnancy, product reviews and more.

Your Writing Niche Revealed

There ya go – an in-depth look at the best freelance writing niches to get started with.

While some of these top writing niches need some experience, you can gain that by guest posting and starting a blog.

Over time, you will pick up industry jargon and learn the most up-to-date news to help you become an expert in your freelance writing niche.

Now it’s your turn – what is your niche? Share in the comments!

Hi I'm Elna and I'm a freelance writer and mom blogger. I help people just like you become a profitable freelance writer. Within 6 months of starting my freelance writing business from scratch I was able to earn a full-time living as a part-time freelance writer while taking care of my twin toddlers. Check out my free email course Get Paid to Write Online and learn the steps you need to take to be a freelance writer.

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Hi Faith, It will take time to figure out your niche. Sometimes just writing in different topics can help you figure out which direction you want to go with your writing! From this list of writing niches pick a few and start writing! Good luck!Reply to Elna
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Hi, Great question. I would definitely try to niche down on your portfolio page. You can try marketing yourself as a lifestyle writer but the only way to make good money is writing for big brands, magazines or specializing in product descriptions or copywriting.Reply to Elna
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If you want to have a freelance writing job you do need to publish your writing pieces so that prospects can see your writing skills and see if it fits to their brand!Reply to Elna
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Hi Nina, I feel you can start this site and by the time the travel industry is back on its feet you will have the content there for people to find!Reply to Elna
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I want to develop content writing skill on digital marketing niche and finance How do I go about itReply to Gloria
HI Gloria, Those are great writing niches to try out! I would start a blog and do some guest posting on those topics so you can build a portfolio! Good luck!Reply to Elna
My niche is personal development. Are there clients looking for freelance writers in this niche? What kind of clients should I be searching for?Reply to Aira
Hi Aira, I did pick up a client in that niche but haven’t since. I would look into personal development app companies and companies that have products for personal development (journals, books, planners, etc..). I would then create an income ladder and list out “easy” gigs or clients and work your way up to your ideal client or job!Reply to Elna
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Hi Elna. I’m a teenager and I really don’t know what niche to focus on. I enjoy writing about the teen world; basically writing about everything that teenagers go through both in school and in their social lives generally. Please can you give me the perfect niche I can work on.Reply to Precious
Hi Precious, You might want to do some research on what teens are searching for online and see if you can help them. I can’t give you the perfect writing niche; it’s something you have to discover!Reply to Elna
hi Elna, I want to be a freelance writer and have started my research on this. In this regard, your blog is a blessing. I learned a lot thanks to you. Is it okay if as a beginner I decided on three different niches to write my samples about?Reply to Maryam
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As I think more about it, I want to narrow my online learning niche to non-traditional students. Do you think this will work? Or should I take a different direction/approach with this? Thanks!Reply to Paula
Hi Paula, If you have businesses in that niche that you can reach out then go for it! I’m not too familiar with that niche though!Reply to Elna
I am glad I came across your free course not to mention your blog. I’m trying very hard to start a blog of my own but I am so confused, I feel like giving up. I knew it would be hard work, that I don’t mind but the technical side of it is very confusing. I love writing, poetry, short stories and even plays. Do you think there is a niche for my writing. My writings lend more to the inspirational side. Any suggestions you have I would deeply appreciate. And thank you so much all you do. So glad I found you. BlessingsReply to Roxanne
Hi Roxanne! That’s great you want to be a freelance writer! As for your writing niche, it might be a bit challenging finding clients. You would have to narrow down your niche of being inspiring. Maybe more business type as clients would like writers to talk about mindset and productivity in the business world! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, Your recommended writing samples were very helpful! I’m a HUGEE sports guy (2o years of tennis), but I’ve always had my doubts about sportswriting and profitability. My other options would be Health and Wellness b/c I’m physically active and meditate daily. Finance, since I’ve recently taken a liking to investing. And lastly tech, b/c of previous professional experience in the software industry (5 years).Reply to Sanjeeve
Hi, Those are all great niches actually to try! I like finance and health and wellness and even tech! You can merge finance and tech for fintech! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thanks a lot for all your amazing contents, anytime I go on Google to search on anything relating to freelance writing, you always have a something on it, really grateful. I am not new to writing though, been writing for a while on content mills but I want to take it seriously, get a profitable niche just like you’ve advised. My question is, can African writers flourish in freelance writing outside content mills? Thanks once again for all you do, say hi to the twins for me.Reply to Olawale
Hi Olawale, Thank you so much for your support! Glad you can easily find my articles about freelance writing! I do want to help as many people as I can! As for your question, I do know that Africans can flourish as freelance writers. You need a strong understanding of English and conversational English, a way to get paid and some marketing skills and you should do great. Bamidele Onibalusi helps a lot of African people on his blog! Post dateReply to Elna
Hi Elna I absolutely love your list . I have already come up with a few niches that I would like to write about , none of them are on this page . My question then is how do you choose your writing niche and what topics will never be profitable ?Reply to Rene
Hi Rene, With regards to choosing a niche, sometimes you have to let the niche choose you! I suggest to my course students to pick up to three topics and go from there. Practically every writing niche can be profitable if you have the right client!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, You’re doing a really great job enlightening us on the business of writing. This article really made things clear for me on what to expect from various niches. Thank you! What do you think about someone specialising in these three niches Digital Marketing, Tech, and Alternative health for a start? Is this too much to take on? Also I’d like to know if blogging is really necessary to succeed as a freelance writer or I can do just fine with guest posting?Reply to Samuel
Hi Samuel, Great question! I do feel that is a tad too many writing niches to pay attention to at the same time. I would focus on Digital marketing and tech first. As for starting a blog as a freelance writer, it’s isn’t necessary but it’s an easy way to show prospects your writing skill!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Thank you so much for this valuable post! Loved it. I’m currently wanting to start freelancing after I left my full-time job. I’m having trouble defining what my niche should be, because my job was a mix of marketing/strategy applied to brand events. I also like writing, but I can’t seem to find the exact niche which I can be valuable in.Reply to clara
Hi Clara, Did you download my Booming Niches guide? I have over 36 writing niches that need writers! So make sure to get that and figure out the right writing niche for you!Reply to Elna
Hello Elna, Would dating/relationships be a good niche?Reply to ashley
Hi Ashley, Some lifestyle niches can do well. The dating and dating apps is a huge industry so I’m sure you can align yourself with some dating companies for writing jobs!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna I’ve worked in history, studying archaeology and working in museums. Do you think writing historical pieces is something you could make a living out of online?Reply to Jenny
Hi Jenny, That’s a great question. It’s possible if you find the business behind that topic. Maybe you might have to work with a marketing agency for art dealers or historical businesses. Or, you can find the products in those industries and see if they need a content writer. You may have to think outside the box to find those clients, but it can happen!Reply to Elna
This a very productive and enlightening post. I’m a Newbie Freelancer . Can a political niche be luctative?Reply to Steve
Hi Steve, Not sure if political writing is lucrative. That seems to fall under newspaper and entertainment and I don’t write for newspapers.Reply to Elna
Thanks elna for writing an amazing article. I am a newbie in freelancing just started learning about it.m trying to select niche for writing.m a homeschooling mom of two.have a keen interest in kids education,homeschooling, parenting as well as health and wellness.m confused about which one will be better .will u plz give me any advice regardsReply to sadia
Hi Sadia, Those are all great writing niche ideas for sure! For freelance writing, I would pick education, health and wellness and perhaps homeschooling based on the current COVID situation. Try those three and see which ones yields the best freelance writing jobs for you!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna The article here is amazing. Am a newbie in freelancing business and am confused between parenting and finance niche. Which one is more profitable?Reply to Mercy
Hi Mercy, Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed this post on writing niches! I suggest finance as a more profitable niche for you! Parenting can be high-paying but you will probably land many lower paying gigs for a while before you land a higher paying one. With finance I think you can find a good paying gig easier!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna. Great article.. I am confused between digital marketing niche and baby products eCommerce niche.. Can you please help? Which would be more profitable and easily scaleable?Reply to Aaron
Hi Aaron, As a writer the digital marketing niche is profitable. If you want to open up a eCommerce business then that can also be profitable too!Reply to Elna
Thanks Elna Cain.. Actually I am not planning on the ecom business. I saw video where someone said that writing for ecommerce industry is also profitable. So i niched down to baby products.. So I thought to write blogs for those ecom business that sell baby products. Can that be profitable like digital marketing niche.. Thanks again.Reply to Aaron
Hi Elna, I love being a freelance writer but l simply didn’t know the niche I could choose until l found your inspiring enlightenment on this matter. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I believe l can do it. If l may ask, does someone need to hold a degree before becoming a freelance writer?Reply to Adebisi
Hi! So happy you found this post on freelance writing niches and it helped you find yours! No, you don’t need a degree to freelance!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Please guide, can someone professionally perform in more than one niches?Reply to Faraz
Hi! Of course they can! I tell my students to pick three niches to start off with. Find gigs in those niches and over time you will find which niche suites them the best!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna. Thank you for providing great ideas of niches. I will start blog soon by choosing one of these niches.Reply to Fasiha
Hi, That’s great to hear! Glad you enjoyed this post about high paying freelance writing niches for you!Reply to Elna
Well, . . . there is a lot to read and learn. Thank you to share all your knowledge with me. It will take time to see all this, to study, to integrate, but surely I will do it. Louisa O.Reply to Louisa
Hi Louisa, Thank you for being a loyal reader! I hope this post on profitable writing niches is helpful! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi! I loved this post! I’m reading up a lot about SEO, blogging, Digital Marketing and the like, but I can’t call myself an expert in the niche just by reading about it, right? I want to use that niche going forward but I don’t know how! Where do I put my writing samples when I write them? Who would my target clients be? All that. My mind is one big jumble right now…any advice?Reply to Ananya
Hi! No, you can’t call yourself an expert just by reading about it in the beginning. You need to write about it and then practice it if possible. If not, then picking one aspect and reading and understanding it whole heartedly!Reply to Elna
Hi! Your blog has opened my eyes to a whole new world! While reading your different posts about freelancing, I found myself thinking “this is it. . This is what I’m suppose to be doing. THIS is why no other career has ever worked for me! ” I should have been freelancing years ago. I’ve always loved to learn new things, in any kind of subject! I also have became pretty active in the crafting world– specifically paper crafting, craft swaps, and happy mail. It seems there is a million different blogs out there for paper crafting. Would that put paper crafting in a high demand catagory? I plan on starting your course soon! Thanks for any advice!!!Reply to Kayla
Hi Kayla, What a cool writing niche idea! If you see a lot of craft blogs in that topic, then reach out to to them to be their writer or email writer! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thanks for this. I have found myself bookmarking your pages now and then. As much as I want to pick a niche that pays well, I also want something I enjoy. I know choosing a specific niche is important, which is why I have four listed down video scriptwriter (I like this a lot), alternative health writer (including this), sales pages(will pay) and email marketing (I want to learn this for my benefit). I know this is a lot, but I am trying to figure out which two will suit together and make it easy for clients to seek me out. What do you think? By the way, I am thinking of building my image first on LinkedIn and Twitter before setting up a freelance writer blog. Thank you.Reply to Uche
Hi Uche! Good writing niche topics! I think video scriptwriter might work for you as well as sales page writing! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thank you for being so transparent with the tips! I’m preparing to launch my blog this summer with a view to becoming a freelance writer. I notice your job links are for a board in the States, I don’t suppose it matters that I’m from the UK? Or perhaps there’s a similar job board this side of the pond. I digress; I’ve dropped down a rabbit hole with your site and I have much reading to do! Thanks once again.Reply to Helen
Hi Helen, Thanks for stopping by and going down the rabbit hole! I hope you find some good nuggets to help you become a freelance writer! These job boards can be used for UK writers for sure! Most companies just want an English writer!Reply to Elna