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Apr 1, 2022

How to Start a Blog for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Interested in learning how to start a business? Did you know you can start a blog and turn that into a business? I’ve been blogging…
Dec 3, 2022

12 Best Personal Finance Books for Freelance Writers

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Nov 22, 2022

Should You Do On-Spec Writing As a Beginner Freelance Writer?

With so many freelance writing terms floating around out there, you may have stumbled upon the term “on-spec writing.” I know how confusing everything can…
Nov 12, 2022

How a Freelance Writer Can Take a Break During the Holidays

This year is the year I’m going to take a break, you tell yourself. As a freelance writer, taking a break seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?…
Nov 8, 2022

How to Rescue a Failing Freelance Writing Business

“Man, that came out of nowhere!” One of your oldest clients suddenly tells you via email that they are pivoting to more videos and podcasting…
Oct 31, 2022

24 Hot Script Writing Jobs to Start Today

Guess what I’ve been hearing a lot? Freelance script writing has become popular over the past few years! More and more content creators and studios…
Oct 30, 2022

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary

How many people do you know work from home? Probably quite a few! Especially compared to just a few years ago.…