How to Start a Blog for Your Business in 3 Easy Steps

Interested in learning how to start a business?

Did you know you can start a blog and turn that into a business?

I’ve been blogging since 2014. I have two blogs – Elna Cain to help with freelance writers and Twins Mommy to help moms make money blogging. I get emails all the time asking for help on starting a blog for their freelance business or as a way to earn an income and grow their brand.

New Copywriting Rates for 2022 (How Much to Charge)

When I first started freelance writing, one of the pressing questions I had was how much to charge for my writing to land freelance writing jobs easily.

I even stalked freelance writers and asked them what rate I should have.

They didn’t help me much since they told me it was dependant on my writing skill.

8 Legal Writing Jobs That Pay Big

Do you find yourself devouring John Grisham novels?

Do you follow the latest court cases to soak up every detail?

Then maybe you should think about becoming a freelance legal writer!

Steal My Freelance Writing Business Plan (FREE Template) – No Need to Write One!

Are you interested in becoming a freelance writer?

Have you been writing for money but want to make your business legit?

Grabbing up writing jobs here and there is a great way to make a side income but, without a solid business plan, it’s difficult to grow that pocket money into a full-time income.

15 Content Writing Services That Pay Big in 2022

Guess what?

Stepping into the world of freelance writing can be like opening Pandora’s box!

Making money from home as a freelance writer involves so much more than tapping your fingers on your keyboard and putting words together.

2021: My End of Year Wrap Up & Plans for 2022

I don’t think I’ve ever wrapped up a year on this blog.

Instead, I’ve done things like setting goals, mid-goals and lessons I’ve learned.

Well, now is the perfect time to reflect on 2021, and prepare for an incredible 2022.

How to Land Freelance Writing Jobs Using Social Media

Interested in gaining freelance writing jobs easily?

While it’s possible to land writing gigs without social media, over the years I’ve landed amazing and high paying writer jobs with ease simply by being on social media.

When I started freelance writing in 2014, I created a LinkedIn account and Twitter account. I was NOT on social media at all before I started writing online.

19 Wonderful History Writing Jobs to Start Now

Can you recite the entire Declaration of Independence?

Does your ideal vacation include a trip to the Alamo and going to see all the best history museums?

Then put that history buff brain to good use and become a history writer.

20 Things to Write About For Your First Writing Sample (Writing Prompt Ideas)

Are you racking your brain trying to come up with writer ideas for your first sample piece?

In order to stand out from the crowd, you want to make sure you are creating writing samples based on interesting topics that appeal to freelance writing jobs you are pitching to.

Even if you’re not pitching, it’s important to have strong writing pieces for your portfolio – you never know when a freelance client may stop by your writer’s website and take a look at what you’ve got!

How to Get Paid to Write About Anything

When you’re a freelance writer, especially one who is starting out, you are probably looking for the best writing strategy that will get you more business at higher rates.

I know I talk a lot about the importance of having a niche when it comes to marketing your writing services so that you can stick to one area of expertise and focus on it for the best results.

However, I want to talk about casting a wider net across a variety of topics and how it can benefit your freelance writing business.

The Best Entry Level Writing Jobs That Pay Well

Do you have a love for writing and have thought to yourself, “Hmm, what are some easy jobs that pay well?”

Since you enjoy writing, those easy jobs are writing jobs for you.

I’ll tell you that starting a writer’s website and building a portfolio are some important first steps but there’s a lot more involved when it comes to getting paid to write.