16 Profitable Medical Writing Jobs + Examples – Become a Medical Writer

Do you love research? Technical writing? The health sciences?

Then you may have what it takes to become a medical writer and gain some medical writing jobs!

With so many advances in the medical industry, healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies are in constant need of developing materials to educate, promote and report new treatments, equipment and research findings.

21 Business Writing Jobs + Examples to Start in 2021

When I started as a freelance writer, I imagined myself just writing articles for whoever was willing to pay for my work.

That was me! A new freelance writer, excited to be writing for anyone and any business writing jobs!

As I gained experience, however, I started to focus on a particular niche and my freelance writing took off!

14 Freelance Writing Skills You Need to Succeed

When I started freelance writing, I made a ton of mistakes, doubted my ability and had imposter syndrome.

Yup! I had it all, yet I stuck with it, improved my writing, landed freelance writing jobs and am now helping others become a freelance writer!

So, I wanted to go back to that time when I was new and learning freelance writing skills so that I could wow my clients.

But, you want to know something?

How to Write an Email as a Copywriter – Step By Step Guide

The money is in the list.

If you have been in the content marketing game in any capacity for any amount of time, you have heard that saying.

This is so true.

How to Become a Better Writer: The Definitive Guide in 2021

One of the biggest questions new freelance writers think about is how to be a good writer.

Learning how to become a better writer should always be something you are striving for, no matter how long you’ve landed freelance writing jobs.

3 Brand New Ways to Find Online Writing Gigs in 2021

Are you looking for brand new ways to find freelance writing gigs as a beginner?

With so many freelancers out there looking for remote work, it may seem difficult to find the right jobs so you can work from home and make a living as a writer.

However, when you start looking at job postings, it’s apparent that many, many companies around the world are looking for writers.

Copywriting vs. Content Writing: Is One Better?

What is copywriting? What is content writing?

Are they all the same or is there a big difference?

When you’re brand new to freelance writing, it may be confusing to find out that there are other types of writing like copywriting and content writing.

21 Essential Resources for Freelance Writers

So you want to be a freelance writer.

That’s great news to hear! According to Spendmenot, freelancers can account for 80% of the workforce by 2030! That’s amazing!

One thing’s for sure, as a new freelance writer that wants to get paid to write, you need more than just being a writer to succeed. From tools, sites, services, and more, using these essential resources will help you navigate freelance writing and online writing better.

18 Easy Online Jobs + Sites for Writers (Up to $63,000/yr)

Even before the current economic situation, online jobs were a hot topic.

Employers have quickly learned that transitioning their full time and part time employees to work from home positions can save them a ton of money. However, finding legit online jobs can be tricky if you don’t know where to look.

I know it was for me when I first started out!

10 Podcast Jobs for Freelance Writers

Do you listen to podcasts?

I do and I love how I can multi-task while listening to educational podcasts or some fun gossip kinds!

Audio and video content has gained incredible popularity over recent years, and this means there is a need for writers to help support those podcasters. This is where podcast jobs for freelance writers come in.