19 Important Freelance Writing Books You Need (To Go Full-Time)

Are you planning on starting a freelance writing career? Or are you hoping to transition your side-hustle into a full-time gig?

Before you jump into the world of freelancing and self-employment, it’s important to be prepared.

Doing so involves more than creating a blog and responding to job postings.

Imposter Syndrome: Feeling Like a Fraud and How To Deal

When I first started as a freelance writer, I definitely had imposter syndrome.

When a certain freelance writing client hired me to write blog content, I noticed other writers (the ones I looked up to) also writing for this client and I immediately felt like a huge fraud.

Imposter syndrome would settle in and I had a very hard time writing for this client.

How I Made Over $1,500 From a New Freelance Writing Job in 2021 (Yes I Still Get Paid to Write)

It’s no lie –

I’ve been freelance writing since 2014 and have worked with amazing small businesses, influencers and big brands.

During this time, I learned I didn’t have to hustle as hard or write as much, or be fully booked to make a living as a writer.

27 Awesome Writing Careers To Get Started Right Now

Want to know the most sought-after skill businesses seek from their hires?

It’s strong writing skills.

The idea of clear, concise, engaging and converting writing is an elusive skill not many posses.

14 Comedy Writing Jobs to Get Your Laugh On

Did you know that Cracked, Reader’s Digest and The New Yorker all have comedy writing jobs for you?

Whether you want to write comedy for TV, have a column of humours stories in a magazine or assist in some way to make people laugh online, getting paid to write comedy is a legit and fun job to have.

Check out different comedy writing jobs and places to find jobs online.

Top Resume Writing Jobs (That are Lucrative & Legit)

Is Fiverr and Upwork the only places to find resume writing jobs? I’m here to tell you no!

There are many other places to check if you want to make money writing resumes.

I’ll share with you the best job sites and give you help on getting started with resume writing – like the exact types of resumes to write to land a job!

8 Proofreading Services You Can Offer Right Away

Wondering what proofreading services you can offer?

From editing to essay to academic and more, the type of service you offer will no doubt be in need for online businesses.

In this post I will help you find the right proofreading service as well as help you figure out if proofreading is for you.

The Best Ghostwriting Services (+ Examples) You Can Offer

As a new freelance writer, did you know there are tons of available freelance writing gigs out there?

When I first started, I had no idea of this and  felt my writing services were limited to only blog posts and articles.

Don’t get me wrong –

36 Top Science Writing Jobs (Become a Science Writer)

Got a knack for neutrons?

A penchant for paleontology?

Then it’s time to take a look at science writing jobs.

What I Wished I Knew as an Online Writer

When I first started out as a freelance writer, I had no idea what I was doing.

I made soo many mistakes and failed making good money with my writing.

So, how did I turn that around? Right now, I command premium rates for my content and now do email sequences for businesses.