Your Online Writing Portfolio: 11 Must-Haves for a Standout Portfolio

I recently checked out my online writing portfolio, and guess what I found?

A dead link!


Since I’ve been freelance writing for almost a decade, for some reason I wasn’t paying too much attention to my portfolio.

But, not anymore. I’m still actively landing writing jobs, and I need my writing portfolio online to act as a tool to help me land amazing jobs.

Is Freelance Writing Safe from AI of the Future? The Impact of Technology, Opportunities & Challenges

Right now, you’re probably feeling threatened.

New Freelance Writers Are Struggling Financially (30% Are Earning Less Than $10/hr in The First Year)

This is shocking!

I discovered that the true answer to how much new freelance writers make remains low – $10/hour.

Writers are struggling financially, and I think I know why.

The Fastest Way to Build Your Freelance Writing Business (Even With Thousands of Layoffs)

Look –

What’s the fastest way to build your freelance writing business when people are losing their jobs everywhere you look?

The tech and media industries are laying off thousands of workers.

It’s Time to Create a Freelance Budget as a New Writer

If you are one of the 63% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, then budgeting is a must.

Fortunately, adding a side hustle like freelance writing, can help you live more freely (travel around the world) and sustainably.

One of the best reasons I love about being a freelance writer is you can make up your own salary and rates.

My Favorite Ways to Use an AI Writing Tool as a Freelance Writer

Have you been hearing a lot about AI and AI writing tools?

ChatGPT is here, and everyone is going bonkers on Twitter. Wherever you look, it’s on Youtube, Medium, and Google!

How to Become a Content Writer And Make Money at Home

Are you trying to figure out how to become a content writer?

Content writing is a fantastic way to work for yourself and make money at home!

Content writers are basically freelance writers that create written content for various industries.

Why Reading is Important for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, you are probably always looking for ways to improve your skills.

Have you ever thought about reading?

How to Balance Multiple Clients As a New Freelance Writer

Let me guess:

Every new freelance writer wants a legit writing job, right?

If that’s you, don’t count your chickens before they hatch, because what if you land three clients? Or five clients?

18 New Year’s Resolutions for Freelance Writers for 2024

What a 2023 it has been for the world and for my business!

Was it just as wild as mine?

From being interviewed for a Business Insider article to sharing my thoughts in the Globe and Mail on hand pain, I am amazed by all the opportunities I’ve had lately.