100 Freelance Resources that Freelance Writers, Content Writers, and Copywriters NEED

Did you decide today you want to be a freelance writer, or content writer, or even a copywriter?

Maybe you’ve had the inkling for a while now, but you just don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to start.

I got your back new freelancer!

The Best Professional Freelance Writer Titles You Can Use

Wondering what the job title of someone who writes articles is?

Or, what do you call a content writer?

When I started freelance writing years ago, I didn’t know the job title for this type of work.

How to Create Long-Term Client Relationships and Make a Living Working at Home

Freelance writers working at home are living the dream, right?

Well, I won’t argue with that!

But it’s important to note that we didn’t land in this situation overnight.

Women Over 50: Start a New Life as a Writer (8+ Careers To Try)

Are you coming up on the big 5-0 and thinking that it’s too late to pursue your dreams as a writer?

Well let me tell you, it is never too late to start that freelance writing career you have always dreamed about.

Perhaps you are stepping out of the cut-throat corporate world, or have spent the last few decades taking care of others.

How to Write a Magazine Article Editors Will Love

One thing I learned early in my freelance writing career is that, in order to gain experience and traction, I had to step out of my wheelhouse from time to time.

As a writer, I love writing blog content!

Especially for my sites where I can share information and stories to really connect with my audience.

How to Start eCommerce Content Writing & Become an eCommerce Writer

Since the Pandemic, eCommerce purchases – buying things online – increased 42%.

More and more people are using the Internet to buy their groceries, clothing, toys and more.

Most of us call it “online shopping” but in the world of business it’s known as “eCommerce.”

10 Must See Types of Writers That Make Money

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts on this blog, then you know it’s possible to make money as a freelance writer!

But saying “I’m a freelance writer” is sort of a broad way to say I make money by writing.

The truth is, as a freelance writer, you can make money through different types of writing!

Freelance Writer Salary 2022 Guide: What to Expect (+ 19 Salaries to Choose From)

Are you thinking, “what is the salary of a freelance writer?”

I know I did when I first became a freelance writer.

I had no clue what the average freelance writer salary was, and on top of that, how much do freelance writers make?

35 Best and Legit Job Search Sites for 2022 (Freelance, Remote, Online) I Used Every One of Them

In 2014, I used my first job search site, and with a bit of hustle, I was able to land my first job as a writer!

Back then, using the Internet to do your job searching just wasn’t the norm. Instead, you relied on who you knew and your business and personal network to find a job.

Nowadays, though, using job websites to search for dozens of potential leads is commonplace – especially if you are a remote worker or freelance writer.

18 Must-Have Remote Editing Jobs That Make Money (in 2022)

Ever thought about expanding your skillset and working online?

These online editing jobs might be just the ticket to showcasing your skills but also to earning some extra income in 2022 and beyond.

Every day we hear about new remote working options.