Can You Land a Content Writing Job in December?

For most freelance writers, December means beginning year-end tasks.

It means wrapping up any loose ends in their business and preparing for a new year and plan.

December typically means something other than landing new writing jobs since many companies slow down the hiring process during this time.

Can You Land a Content Writing Job in December?

But landing writing work is happening to me now and it’s a new thing.

Last year, I took a break in December because I was overworked and stressed out.

This year, though, I’m networking and prospecting, and clients are emailing or DMing me on LinkedIn.

I’m doing discovery calls next week with two leads, and I’m excited for the work in January.

So, as a new freelance writer, how can you score big clients in December?

1. Be Active on LinkedIn

Do you have a LinkedIn profile?

It’s a necessity nowadays for freelance writers to market on LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn was one of the methods I used to land a freelance writing gig back when I first started.

And it continues to be a strong marketing method today. Unfortunately, it’s hard to be consistent on LinkedIn, and I usually take breaks throughout the year.

In November, I decided to post more consistently on LinkedIn.

I talk about my successes, my digital marketing niche, and about freelancing on the platform.

A LinkedIn post I published

I also read other LinkedIn posts and comment when possible.

Over the years, LinkedIn has become a bit over-saturated with “bro-marketers,” but I only follow important thought leaders in my industry.

These are:

  • Content leads
  • CEOs
  • Strategists
  • Copywriters/freelancers

So, how can you be active on LinkedIn and not waste time doing this?

I create a Google Doc of ideas, and during free time or breaks from client writing, I will add them to this list or create a post and add them to that.

I do this every day, but sometimes no ideas come, and then I don’t post on LinkedIn.

For you, try to shoot for 3x a week.

And, you know what will happen?

Prospects will DM you!

A DM in my LinkedIn inbox after posting on LinkedIn

2. Create a Pitch List

One thing I’ve started doing is a pitch list.

This is a Google Sheet of companies I’m interested in writing for.

These could be digital marketing companies, AI tools, email marketing platforms, and more.

Since my niche is digital marketing for SaaS brands, I can work with many types of brands that fall under digital marketing.

My list has these columns:

  • Where I found the company (ex: LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram)
  • Name of company
  • URL
  • Service or product write-up
  • LinkedIn page
  • Content lead name
  • Content lead email address
  • Pitch I sent + date
  • Followup 1,2,3

For now, I’m gathering leads and their information before I start pitching.

But the ACT of doing this (i.e., being intentional) leads to clients.

It’s like this –

Whenever I actively put myself “out there,” good things happen. The last time this happened, I was pitching for guest posting opportunities and landed a big client in my niche.

Call this manifestation or just be intentional, but I’ve always seen this happen to me.

So, for you, set up a Google sheet and track the businesses you want to write for. You never know what could happen due to gathering a list of leads!

3. Learn a New Skill

Whenever I’m learning a new skill, I’m exited to share it on social media or with my newsletter and network of freelancers.

This ultimately leads to writing jobs down the road.

And higher paying, too, since you’re learning a new skill.

Currently, I’m taking a writing hooks course for social media.

I can use this new skill for my copywriting clients and blogging clients, too, as these hooks are great for any content.

December is the perfect month to learn a new skill since most companies are slowing down the hiring process (not all of them); you can focus on YOU and be ready for the onslaught of work in the new year.

Some skills to help you be a better writer:

  • SEO writing
  • Product description writing
  • Landing page writing
  • Facebook Ad writing
  • Social media writing
  • Content refreshing

4. Reach Out to Past Clients

If you have had clients, this would be a good time to see if they need any short-term projects done or know of other businesses that do.

I haven’t done this yet (and probably don’t need to), but this strategy is effective.

I often asked past clients for referrals and more work for the first few years of my freelance career.

That’s why it’s essential not to burn bridges and to always be friendly with your clients.

Here’s a simple email template to get started:

Hi [Client’s Name],

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season!  I’m reaching out to you about any upcoming writing needs or referrals. My schedule has openings, and I’m excited to offer the same quality and dedication as in my previous work [mention a specific project, if applicable].

If there’s anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Wishing you a joyful holiday and a fantastic New Year!



5. Stay Open

If you need a writing job in December, I suggest staying open.

What does that mean exactly?

It means being available and ready to work.

It also means posting on social media, writing an article on Medium, or posting on your blog.

When you put yourself out there, tell everyone you are open to working. This is essentially networking, and it helps in getting people to remember you.

I mean, everything on this list is actionable and means staying open and for me, when I do these things, clients do come.

I’m always surprised by this, but when I look at it, it’s no surprise because I’m, in one way or another, putting myself out there and declaring I want another writing job.

Don’t Miss Out On More Freelance Writing Jobs

The more I’m a content writer, the more I see that no matter what time of the year it is – summer or holidays – content leads are looking for the right writer.

So, take the time in December to prospect, network, and enjoy the leads coming to you!

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