73 Creative Writing Jobs to Make Money With Your Hobby

All my life I’ve enjoyed writing. In high school, I would write poems in my spare time.

You know – teen angst and all.

In University, I took creative writing classes and loved it all.

73 Creative Writing Jobs to Make Money With Your Hobby

It wasn’t until I had my twins that I realized there was a way to get paid for your writing.

It’s with writing jobs!

But, specifically – creative writing jobs. I started my path as a freelancer when my twins were little and I was a stay-at-home mom.

These writing  jobs changed my life for the better. I can write for clients, and clients come to me seeking my services. It’s the best of both worlds.

If you’re reading this and love to write and want to know if your passions can be monetized, I have something for you.

I get emails from wonderful people who want to freelance who ask me if their hobbies are profitable. I hesitate in responding because if you don’t know, my journey as a freelance writer lead me to business writing.

I write for online businesses. Most of my projects are blogging jobs. I write lead generation content for small businesses.

And I absolutely love it!

But, did you know that you can also make money with creative writing jobs? These are hobbies like gardening or gaming.

Imagine writing about the things you love to do – those hobbies, crafts, or music lessons you spend time on – can make you money?

And the best part – no creative writing degree needed!

Although my focus is on small businesses, not publications or magazines, I truly want to help anyone interested in freelancing that there are ways to side hustle some income.

So, let’s get to it.

The first part shares with you creative writing jobs and the second part shares with you twenty-one freelance jobs websites you can use to find a remote job.

73 Creative Writing Jobs


Did you take art in high school?

I did!

How about art history in college? The arts is a popular hobby for many of us.

Whether it’s the act of painting, drawing, or teaching about art history, many of us can relate to art.

And you know what? There are creative writing jobs in the arts! The job description for art jobs usually entail a deep knowledge about art, art history or an aspect of art medium.

Many magazines in the arts hire freelance writers.

What’s great is you don’t have to comb through a job listing for these gigs!

Here are ten of them.

1. Visual Arts News

This magazine is Canada-based and focuses on the Atlantic Canadian art and their artists.

Not only do they have a magazine, but also a podcast with great interviews of up and coming new Canadian artists.

They post popular stories in their magazine are:

  • Features
  • Exhibition reviews
  • Artists profiles

This magazine provides a pitch template and offers suggestions on what they want.

If your submission is accepted, payment is between $100-$150.

2. Polymer Arts

This publication focusses on polymer clay artwork, and their audience is artists, collectors, and galleries.

They stress that Polymer Arts wants to show the people that this form of art isn’t kids art; it’s a skilled and high caliber piece of work.

Writing gigs for this magazine want new writers focus to pitch these topics:

  • Features
  • Materials and tools
  • Testing and reviewing new products and tools
  • Featuring one artist
  • Gallery reviews
  • Business/marketing that appeals to the working artist
  • Personal experience
  • Essay style
  • Broad issues in the polymer community

There no need to be a technical writer for this publication.

If your submission is approved, you will be compensated. It’s unspecified, but other creative writers have mentioned up to $.10/word.

3. Canadian Art

This is a contemporary publication that is seeking exciting, visual and a critical perspective from Canadians.

This is not an academic publication; they want the untold stories here.

There are two types of freelance jobs – digital articles and print writing.

Digital articles pay $.50/word and print pays $.75/word.

Read through their editorial guidelines to ensure your pitch gets approved.

4. Cabinet

Cabinet prides themselves in being the the fine arts and culture magazine.

They enjoy any subject matter as long as it demonstrates how our everyday life is strange, unique or artificial.

Cabinet appreciates the unorthodox—daring theses, unfashionable stances, minute observations, forgotten cultural practices, and found documents.

This magazine focuses on contemporary art ideas and does not accept articles that focus on one artist or their work, or review articles or news articles about art exhibitions.

If your story is accepted, you will be compensated. Payment for this creative writing job online is unspecified.

5. Art21

Art21 doesn’t have a submissions section for their website.

But, they do have freelance jobs as I’ve read other writers being hired by them. This magazine publishes quarterly and has a big digital section and is part of literary magazines you might read.

If you want this freelance writing job, then you have to pitch the editor your story idea. This means doing a bit of digging on their website and social media. Find the right contact person to pitch your story.

There is compensation – one freelancer quoted $.13/word.

6. ArtNews

ArtNews is the most popular and most widely read magazine in the world.

If you love art, then you know about this magazine!

And according to writers, freelance jobs for ArtNews pays up to $.80/word and pays within a month.

To help ensure your pitch to the editor gets read and approved, make sure to check out this article on Contently from the ArtNews editor.

She provides actionable advice to help you pitch your story in the best way.

Simply submit your idea to the editor and wait!

7. Artsy

Artsy supports artists from all over the world. They are the premier platform for collecting art and discovering beautiful art.

They have a database of over 1 million galleries, works of art, art fairs and over 100,000 artists.

There is no submission page on this site, which means it’s a good idea to network with the editor and develop an ongoing relationship. Other writers who landed this freelance job have been paid between $.30-.40/word.

To pitch your idea, find the right contact person here.

8. ArtForum

Artforum is an international monthly publication that focusses on articles and reviews of contemporary art.

Again this magazine does not specify a submission page. So, to get paid for this job, you will probably have to contact the current editor – David Velasco.

As for compensation, many writers have been paid and happy with the process. The average payment is $.32/word. You might want to have a job alert for this publication.

9. Communication Arts

Communication Arts is the leader in the creative industry. Their trade journal is the largest creative magazine around which means your ideal client might read this publication.

Their publication caters to artists, graphic designers, photographers and anyone involved in the visual communication industry.

Their submission page stipulates a variety of topics you can write about such as business, creativity, emerging design, and culture.

What is great about freelance jobs with Communication Arts is they provide 1:1 help and support in the editing process. They provide extensive feedback to help make your piece the best it can be.

Writing is compensated with a highly competitive rate, but it’s unspecified.

10. Kcet Artbound

The Kcet network is primarily a television network in Southern California, but they do have a website with a blog for a remote job in writing in the Artbound section.

The Artbound section of Kcet strives to reveal the analysis of how art today is affecting our society and culture.

Kcet Artbound has won many Emmy’s and awards for its innovative content.

As one freelancer put it:

“[Kcet Artbound is a] delightful publication for freelancers!”

These types of creative jobs you might get hired for is like an 800-1000 word criticism piece or review in the arts & entertainment coverage. If you’re a copywriter, this gig can also be up your alley.

Since there is no submission page for writers, you have to do some investigations to find out the editor and network with them to pitch your ideas to.


Ahh! Gardening and horticulture/farming is a huge hobby for many people. As well, it’s a great business too.

From hydroponics to vegetable gardening or natural pesticides for organic farming there is no shortage of article ideas.

The job outlook for this entertainment niche is high since everyone is remote working or at home.

Most of these freelance creative writing jobs are magazine based that are high paying and can help build your portfolio as a new freelance writer.

Here are seven gardening freelance jobs.

11. Horticulture Magazine

Horticulture magazine is one of the best gardening magazines for beginner gardeners and for very serious gardeners.

This publication covers spotlights of gardens and nurseries around, gardening designs, and informative pieces on products and accessories for gardeners.

There is no formal submissions page, so make sure to visit their contact page to email the editor your pitch idea.

Writers who have written for Horticulture were paid up to $500 for their piece.

12. Fine Gardening

Fine Gardening covers mostly landscape designs, various plants and harvest information for fruits and vegetables.

They are recognized for their extensive library of plants, and their plant information is highly detailed that would delight any botanist.

They have an award-winning blog with great advice and information for gardeners.

To pitch your idea, contact the Fine Gardening editorial department on this contact page.

If your submission is accepted, they generally pay $.44/word for an 1800-word feature.

13. American Horticultural Society

If gardening is your passion you will love writing for the American Horticultural Society as your first freelance job.

They cover everything from innovative garden designs, plant conservation, heirloom gardening and more.

This publication also likes articles on how to construct a simple garden or how to demonstrate using certain gardening tools and products.

Please only submit your idea and not the entire article. If accepted, pay is between $300-$600 for 1,500-2,000-word features.

14. Green Prints

Green Prints is a wonderful mom-and-pop owned magazine. They share a wonderful story on their About Us page so make sure to read it!

This publication shares real stories from real gardeners. They have dubbed themselves as the “The Weeder’s Digest.”

They love submissions that cover the stories behind gardening and sharing that with their audience.

If your submission is approved, top payment for online creative writing jobs in this magazine is $150. Poems are published 4x a year and pay $20.

15. Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer is a cutting-edge publication that explores the foods we eat and cook. The articles covered cater to chefs, farmers, cooks, and families.

They want submissions that are global and political in nature. While compensation isn’t mentioned or specified, writers have been paid for submissions.

This is a great way to create a writing samples and land a freelance writing opportunity.

It’s varied, but the top pay is $1.33/word for a 750-word piece.

16. Successful Farming

Successful Farming covers a lot of content mediums – radio, talk, magazine, and TV – which reaches a broad and large audience.

If you landed this creative job as an aspiring writer, you could be sure that your content can reach more than one type of audience.

This publication covers a wide array of topics:

  • Machinery
  • News
  • Markets
  • Weather
  • Family
  • Livestock
  • Farm management
  • Crops
  • Technology

With the most up-to-date information for farmers and the farm industry, this is one of the best publications out there. While there is no submission page, this would be a cold pitching opportunity where you will have to connect with the editor.

You can try using social media or toot around their website to find the contact information.

They do pay for content, and once your piece is approved, the pay is around $.64/word. They do pay for unique images (up to $50).

Your piece will go through a round of editing, but the process is more helpful than critical.

17. Capper’s Farmer

This magazine is distributed quarterly and values what grandmothers taught their families. Articles cover the tried-and-true methods your grandparents taught you.

From cooking to crafting to gardening and more, Capper’s Farmer shares the homesteading way of living.

Their submissions page stresses that they prefer submissions based on rural living such as on farms or ranches. They do pay for your article, but the pay is unspecified.

Cars/Automotive Industry

Many people are car enthusiasts. They visit car shows or like to tinker around on their classic car or are mechanics.

Whatever it may be, if you have an affinity for riding motorcycles or just love cars, you can find a freelance job in your hobby as a content writer.

There is no need to enroll in a writing program for these creative gigs.

Let’s look at 9 writing freelance jobs so you can start making money.

18. Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics is the automotive magazine there is.

This publication has been in circulation for over 100 years and covers the most innovative inventions in the automotive industry.

Their message is clear – they want to provide automotive information in an easy-to-read format.

While they don’t have a formal submission page, they do hire freelance writers. One writer was paid $.25/word for 1300 word feature article.

Other writers state that Popular Mechanics pays between $50-$150 for online content and upwards to $1,000 for print in their magazine.

19. Autoblog

Autoblog is an automotive news publication that covers new and used cars as well as industry news, tools, and car reviews.

While they do have a submissions page, the pay on this page is low – based on pageviews and capped at $50.

To find profitable freelance writing jobs for this publication, you need a referral – someone that writes for this blog or knows the editors for this site.

One content writer used this method and was paid $.37/word for a 1750-word criticism review piece.

20. Autonotebook

Autonotebook covers a variety of automotive content.

The main categories are:

  • Best of…
  • Exotic
  • Purchasing
  • Safety

One thing I noticed when looking at this freelance job is that the blog hasn’t been updated for a couple of years. I would ensure first that they still want content. This can be a good pitch too – i.e. how new content can help them reach a bigger audience and grow their SEO and traffic.

Their submission page is sparse, but does say they pay using PayPal. So this is a worthwhile gig to have.

21. Motocycle Mojo

Motorcycle Mojo is a Canadian publication that publishes 10 times a year. They enjoy and cover real-life experiences and pride themselves in the personal and storytelling angle their magazine has.

Their magazine covers all types of motorcycles, history, touring and travel/destination content. They also cover book and product reviews and some vintage pieces.

Their write for us page stressed that they prefer submissions over queries. They also want the freelancer to provide previous samples and samples of their photo taking ability.

They have to mediums – print and digital and requires the freelancer to approve their piece being published to both mediums.

They accept 600-800 word for small stories and upwards of 2,000 words for travel features. This gig does pay, but payment amount is unspecified.

22. Road & Travel

Road & Travel is an online magazine aimed at upscale women. This is not a motorsports magazine; rather, it covers travel, safety and personal topics for women drivers. Content is gender neutral, however.

Road & Travel aim to educate consumers on purchasing, renting or leasing cars or RVs, care maintenance, green vehicles and more.

They accept blog articles of up to 300 words and feature articles of up to 1200 words. Payment is based on the editor and freelancer.

23. AAA Midwest Traveler

AAA Midwest Traveler is a bimonthly publication for residents of Missouri, Illinois, southern Indiana, and eastern Kansas.

This publication is meant to provide their AAA members information on travel, auto safety and features and tips about their AAA membership.

To submit your story, send a query to the editor between January-April. They work 6-months in advance, and a copy of the magazine you wrote for is mailed to you.

A 1200 word feature goes for $400, and if your story is picked up by their sister publication, that’s another $150.

24. Wheels

Wheels was my first legit remote writing job and started my writing career. I was ecstatic and over the moon that I no longer had to look on content mills to find a project.

Wheels is a division of the Toronto Star newspaper and they provide up-to-date and useful information on the automotive industry as well as the entertainment aspect of owning a vehicle.

I wrote articles from the perspective of a mom/woman.

There is no formal submission page. This freelance job was posted on a job board saying that you didn’t even need strong writing skills, but networking and warm pitching can help you land this gig. Find the editor for online content and connect with them!

I wrote 800-word pieces for $100. Article ideas were pitched to me, but I did most of the blog topic pitching.

25. Elephant Insurance

If you have a love of the car, did you know you can pick up a freelance job in the automotive insurance industry?

Search for automotive insurance companies online and check to see if they have a blog or email list. If they do, there’s a good chance they hire freelancers for content writing.

Elephant Insurance has a blog with different writers. This is another clue that they probably have freelance jobs.

26. Gasudeansas

Gasudeansas covers a wide range of car topics but mostly enjoys car protection content.

Their submission page mentions they are open to any topic related to cars and that they will respond to your pitch in a timely manner.

They do pay for articles, but it’s unspecified how much.

Cultural Topics

From women equality to politics and more, cultural topics relates to the ideas and customs of society.

If you took a class in high school or a creative writing program in university that opened the doors to cultural studies, did you know you can get paid to write in this niche topic?

Let’s look at 9 creative writer jobs in creative nonfiction topics.

27. Roads & Kingdoms

Roads & Kingdoms set to inform and inspire travelers.

They mostly cover food, travel, and politics.

They enjoy articles that explore deep storytelling, are original and inspire their readers to take action. If you’re a grant writer, this could help you with building your writing portfolio.

If you are interested in writing for them, Roads & Kingdoms has provided a post on how to pitch to them. They seek ideas that stand out from the crowd. Reporting is also part of some of their content – such as a long-form feature for their Dispatched by Bourdain series.

A long-form feature –up to 5,000 words – goes for $1000 and a piece of web content runs $250.

28. Briarpatch Magazine

Briarpatch Magazine covers politics and culture from an original and insightful grassroots perspective.

Critical commentary is their bread and butter, and they fiercely reject corporate media and strive for independence and equality.

They are a bimonthly publication and offer submissions for journalists and freelancers.

If you are interested in this remote writing job, they do want a story idea to be pitched.

They accept:

  • current events
  • electoral politics
  • grassroots activism
  • economic justice
  • gender equality
  • political importance
  • and more

Make sure to check out their guide on how to pitch to Briarpatch before you submit your piece.

This job opportunity does pay for submissions. Anywhere from $100 for short reviews or blog posts to $300 for research-based articles of 2500 words.

29. High Times

High Times covers cannabis cultivation and legalization.

The alternative health market is a high-paying freelance writing niche. According to Ashley Eneriz:

More outlets are needing writers who are well-versed in the cannabis market to talk because the industry is a huge money maker. Cannabis was projected to make $10B this year, which will increase to $22B by 2022.

As well, I have had several prospects email me for my writing services to help them market their Cannabis products:

High Times strives to uncover the truth and provide the most up-to-date information about the cannabis market.

Their submission page mentions they enjoy pitches and story ideas of around 1200 words but does not specify a rate.

Freelancers though have worked with High Times and are generally paid $.40/word for an opinion editorial project.

You don’t need strong writing skills for this writing gig either!

30. Paste

Paste covers all types of pop culture topics like politics, public relations, comics, books, music, and TV.

With a large and of over 400,000 devoted readers, Paste is the go-to place for what is happening in our world right now.

They are looking for highly original and unique story ideas that the editors of Paste have never even though of or heard of.

Their writer’s guidelines require a proposed subject, length and some samples of your writing ability.

They do pay for submissions, but it’s unspecified. However, other writers have quoted up to $.10/word.

31. Moment


Founded by the acclaimed Elie Wiesel known for his memoir Night, and editor Leonard Fein, Moment is grounded in Jewish living in the States.

Each of their topics covers the perspective of Jewish history and information. Having work experience is a plus for this publication.

From Arts & Culture to Politics to Jewish World and Israel, Moment’s rich content is celebrated all around.

Moment publishes 6 times a year and if you wish to write for Moment, make sure to submit time-sensitive stories at least 6 months in advance.

Their submission guidelines advise you email your query to the editor. Your pitch idea needs to be fleshed out with an outline too. While you can submit the completed story, they prefer the query.

The do pay freelancers, but it’s unspecified on their submission page. However, writers who had their pieces published on Moment were paid $.20/word for a 1,500-word review or criticism piece.

32. Reader’s Digest Asia

Reader’s Digest is a general-interest family style magazine.

The Reader’s Digest Asia covers culture and arts as well as a variety of lifestyle topics like home & garden, health, travel, jokes, and true stories. They like a writer with a creative idea for this publication.

The Reader’s Digest Asia website gets over 100,000 pageviews a month, meaning that many potential clients can see your article.

Their submission page shows the type of article they seek and the payment they offer:

  • My Story – 800-1000 words of an interesting true story. $250 USD
  • Kindness of Strangers – 100-150 words of unexpected kindness, generosity or an account of something that changed your life. Up to $150 USD
  • Anecdotes and Jokes – Submit your original jokes, comics, cartoons or anecdotes. Pay is $50-$100 USD.
  • Your Deepest Wish – Share your deepest desires and compelling wishes. Don’t hold anything back. Pay is $200 USD.
  • Smart Animals – 300 words of a tale about unique pets. Pay is up to $100 USD.

33. Salvo

Salvo calls themselves, a magazine of society, sex & society.

In essence, Salvo aims to debunk cultural myths with a Christian worldview.

This is a magazine of the Fellowship of St. James who want to uphold Christian views.

Their submission page details what they want and don’t want. They don’t want overtly religious pieces of content or have scripture. Your article should focus on the secular young adult audience.

They enjoy informative articles with a cheeky attitude.

Articles of 600-2500 words for a blog post and are paid at a rate of $.20/word.

34. Bitch Media

Bitch Media is a publication that aims to encourage a feminist response to mainstream culture.

Bitch Media is an online and print magazine that also has a podcast.

Their content is filled with a striking visuals (probably from a graphic designer), a strong voice in feminism and they don’t shy away from confronting contradictory information in life.

Bitch Media explores a variety of feminist topics which include:

  • Activism
  • Questioning gender roles
  • Sexuality
  • Politics
  • Art and Culture

Their submission page stresses they seek “discussion-provoking critical essays.” If you pitch to the magazine component, you will be compensated if they approve your pitch.

Payment: $700-$1000 for features, $350 for dispatches, and between $150-$700 for culture stories.

35. ADDitude

ADDitude is a magazine for parents, health care professionals, teachers and anyone that supports a child with ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Professionals write most of their content, but they do welcome parents, teachers, and others with first-person accounts with children with ADD.

There are two types of freelance jobs you can look into – the print magazine or blog.

The print magazine is paid and it seems like the blog content is not paid.

You can send a query or your entire article via email.

For print magazine submissions, payment is based on the length of your article, the expertise level and quality of your writing skills.

In general, they pay $.20/word for article submissions.


The Christianity niche is a big niche online. From mom bloggers writing about faith to services, magazines, and publications that share faith-based content, if you want to write in this vein, you can.

You might even have taken a creative writing course in faith that can help you with writing magazines.

Let’s look at 4 religious publications with some awesome creative writing jobs.

36. Christianity Today

Christianity Today spreads the love of the gospel as a way to help transform lives and bring hope to everyone.

Their publication receives over 5 million Christian readers a month.

They cover modern Christianity topics and are interested in interviews, reviews, opinion pieces, and unique Christian living.

They are not affiliated with any denomination as their audience is primarily made up of evangelical Christians.

Their submission page is highly detailed on how to pitch to them, what they want for content and how to submit your pitch.

They also say not every accepted pitch is bought (or paid for). They can reject your accepted pitch at any time. While they don’s specify payment, when they pay for creative writer gigs, they pay up to $.16/word.

37. Religion News Service


Religion News Service is considered one of the largest source of spirituality and religious news.

They hope to inform and inspire their audience to make informed decisions based on their beliefs and convictions.

They mostly cover current events in religious news and also has press releases and a podcast.

They don’t formally have requirements for submissions but do have a form to fill out if you want to submit a story.

They don’t disclose if they pay for articles, but writers have been paid up to $.29/word for a news story.

38. Religion & Politics

Religion & Politics is a publication of the John C. Danforth Center on Religion & Politics at Washington University in St. Lois.

This is an online news magazine focussed on the two topics that hushed in culture – religion and politics!

They strive for better communication around religion and politics and how it shapes our culture.

Differing political and religious views are encouraged and required when writing for them as this is a strong writing skill to have. if you

Each piece is in-depth, taking into historical and contextual elements and analysis from the writer.

Their submission page is sparse and only mentions to pitch a detailed description of what you want to write about and email it to their editor.

There is no mention of pay, but they do pay for creative writing jobs up to $.26/word for a 1900 word feature piece.

39. The Christian Science Monitor

The Christian Science Monitor is a news magazine that tries to shred the political spins down to the underlying truth.

Their approach is to bless all men and what people have to say. This magazine is owned by the church and does adoptive the views of the First Church of Christ.

Their submission page states they view new writer’s work on spec and want to see the quality of your writing first before they accept your pitch. But there is no technical writing involved.

While they don’t pay for your first submission, if they like your work and if you write for them, they will commission you to write and will pay for that article – whether they publish it or not.

And while they don’t tell you their rate, other writer’s have been paid up to $.27/word.


Some creative writing opportunities for you if you have the skill!

Are you an outdoorsman or woman?

No matter what time of year or what the weather is, if you have a weekend or a few days, you grab your camping supplies and you hit the road.

And you don’t need to be a creative writing graduate to pitch camping stories to magizines!

And if you decide to become a freelance writer, those camping trips will be a regular thing for you and your family!

So, let’s look at camping gigs for some cool creative writing jobs.

40. Backpacker

Backpacker is a print and digital publication that covers hiking, gear, skills and more.

Their readers are experienced backpackers or hikers so any topics for this publication should be verified, informational and credible.

To get a feel of what they want from freelancers, go ahead and read a few issues or their blog.

Their submission page states that they are only accepting web articles and for new freelancers, they suggest you pitch your entire article to smaller jobs in their departments/categories:

  • Done in a day
  • Weekend
  • Skills
  • Gear

They also state that they have themes and will give you the theme when they hire you.

On their submission page, they state that they pay anywhere from $.40/word to $1.00 a word for written content.

41. Bay Nature

Bay Nature isn’t truly a camping topic, but it does explore nature, science, plants of Northern California.

The San Francisco population is their audience and want to use their magazine to help them explore and learn about the natural world.

A lot of their focus is conservationism, preserving biodiversity, and understanding climate change and how it affects Northern Californians.

They do not have a submission page, but they do have a contact page with emails for general queries.

I do know that they do pay for articles – up to $.80/word for a 2500 feature.

42. Backcountry Digital

Backcountry Digital is a camping marketing agency.

They help camping businesses with online marketing by using SEO strategies, PPC strategies and content marketing strategies.

This means that their clients might need writers for their content team. Using this method can help you with a writing gig on this website.

I don’t know their freelance job rates, but make sure to reach out to them.

43. Outdoor Canada

Outdoor Canada is a magazine that seeks researched articles on living in the Canadian outdoors.

They are big on fishing and hunting pieces of content on their website.

They enjoy different types content like:

  • How-to
  • Entertaining features
  • In-depth reporting

On their contributor page they state that they pay between $100-$400 for  articles for qualified applicants.

44. Western Woods & Waters

Western Woods & Waters is a hunting news magazine for Western Canada.

They enjoy content about the Canadian outdoors and controversial subjects regarding anglers and hunters.

They do accept product reviews along with their outdoor advice.

They have different creative writing jobs – 700-word columns on outdoor activities and feature articles + image pack.

On their submission page, they state they pay writers $100 for column articles and $150 for feature + image pack articles.

45. Paddling Magazine

Do you enjoy canoeing?

If you know all about paddling and life on the rivers, then Paddling magazine might help with landing an awesome freelance job in your hobby.

The type of articles they seek are:

  • Profiles of influential people in the canoeing industry
  • Travel stories about canoeing
  • How-to articles
  • Family camping

Their submission page does not state pay, but I do know you can earn up to $.20/word for an article.

46. American Forests

One of the oldest quarterly magazines around (first issue was in 1895), American Forests highlights our nation trees and forests for outdoor enthusiasts.

They also cover forest policy, h0w to care for trees at home, controversial forestry issues and individual profiles of those that made a huge impact in the forest industry.

They want a comprehensive submission that includes a detailed topic discussion, the sources you intend to use, your writing experience and a sample of your writing.

They pay on average $.69/word and they seek anywhere from an 800 word piece to a 2,000 word piece.

This puts the pay from $550-$1300! 

47. Green Lifestyle Magazine (AUS)

This magazine wants to help you reduce your carbon footprint, but still have you live the live you want and deserve.

Their magazine highlights environmental concerns by presenting problems and solutions for every day issues. They also write about the latest food, fashion, products and more.

They expect well-researched content that is fact-checked over and over again to provide the most up-to-date and most accurate information to their readers.

If you want to write on this magazine, send a one-page proposal of your topic idea, your sources, what approach you will take for this article, and if you intend to use photographs or illustrations.

They seek feature articles from anywhere between 800 words to 2,500 words. Payment ranges from $150 to $1500 (AUS).

48. Tenderly

Tenderly is a magazine on Medium, which is a friendly radical vegan magazine.

They seek to inspire vegans, future vegan, vegetarians and those interested in learning more about veganism.

If you want to write for Tenderly, email the editor your pitch. Your pitch should include the proposed headline and a few sentences describing your short story. You can submit multiple stories in your pitch but make sure you also include your writing samples.

Content length varies from 500 words up to 5,000 words and payment start at $200.

49. The Bold Italic

This is a San Francisco Bay online magazine on Medium. They cater to life in the Bay area.

Their magazine carries the free-wheeling spirit of San Francisco and the Bay area.

They seek unexpected local stories, either reported or personal.

They enjoy all types of perspectives – joyful or sad, niche or broad and serious or light-hearted.

They seek personal essays, in-depth reports, trends, unpopular opinions, cultural commentary, personal profiles, “not-basic” listicles, and beyond SF.

To submit your idea, email the editor your proposed headline and a few paragraphs of your short story idea. Also include the relevancy to your story and why their magazine would benefit from your story.

If you’re never written for them, include your social media profiles and a short bio.

Compensation is between $200-$300 per story.


Around 85 million families own a pet!

It’s a booming industry for products, but also for creative writers! There are some jobs for creative writing in this niche! Let’s see how.

50. Dogs Naturally

Dogs Naturally covers a wide array of topics for dog owners and professionals in the pet industry.

Most of the content covers holistic health, nutrition, vaccines and some controversies in pharmaceutical therapies.

They do want writers that follow the same philosophy as them – holistic and homeopathic care – so they can authentically write about TCVM practitioners or natural pet health products.

While their submission page doesn’t state pay for their content, I do know you can earn anywhere from $50-$200 for an article.

51. Bark Magazine

Bark magazine is a dog-centric magazine that highlights the relationship of dog and owner.

You can pitch for their print magazine or do an online submission.

Make sure to check out their content as they don’t want duplicate pieces on their site or in their magazine.

Each article should have a journalistic approach (no memoirs) and include the sources you intend to use.

You are allowed to write your article in the dog’s POV.

To submit your idea, email the editor your topic, sources and any other relevant information they seek.

Compensation – according to Medium – is $.67/word.

52. The Chronicles of Horses

This national bi-weekly magazine focusses on hunters and jumpers, foxhunting and steeplechase racing.

They also print sports news, horse care and profiles of popular horse people. You do need some academic writing skills since this is niched to a specific animal and sport.

You can pitch your idea as a news story or feature article.

You can send your idea to the email on their submission page and they may accept or reject your article.

Compensation varies depending on the type of article you write for them. News stories are around 1,500 words and payment is anywhere from $165-$200.

Feature articles are between 1,500 – 2,500 words and payment is between $150- $400.

Websites for Freelance Jobs

Here are 21 freelance job websites to find the perfect freelance job for you! Many of them have creative writing jobs, freelance jobs, remote jobs and more.

  1. SolidGigs
  2. Workroll
  3. Indeed
  4. ServiceScape
  5. Working Nomads
  6. Freemoter
  7. Jobspresso
  8. Publoft
  9. Mediabistro
  10. Journalism Jobs
  11. Skip the Drive
  12. Krop
  13. Online Writing Jobs
  14. Whisper Jobs
  15. Cision Jobs
  16. Workhoppers
  17. We Work Remotely
  18. Authentic Jobs
  19. Craigslist
  20. Problogger
  21. Contena

More Freelance Jobs for Writers

This list will continue to grow.

I found that this will be a huge comprehensive list that takes weeks to research and write.

So, I felt instead of not publishing it as half did and letting it sit on my computer for months until I continue to write about more freelance jobs, I thought I’d publish as is and add when needed.

In the future I will try to add more creative freelance job niches.

Over to you –

Are you excited about the potential of monetizing your hobbies?

Hi I'm Elna and I'm a freelance writer and mom blogger. I help people just like you become a profitable freelance writer. Within 6 months of starting my freelance writing business from scratch I was able to earn a full-time living as a part-time freelance writer while taking care of my twin toddlers. Check out my free email course Get Paid to Write Online and learn the steps you need to take to be a freelance writer.

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Hi, I really want to freelance writer. But I only enjoy writing novels. Not blogs or articles. Is there any site for that that pays for chapters of books? Or wear people can pay subscription to read chapter for your books?Reply to Wisdom
Hi, I’m not aware of those sites except freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr. Try those to see if you can gain clients in our niche!Reply to Elna
Hi, thanks a lot for this list. It inspired me quite a lot. I am planning to be a freelance writer and this list helped me get an idea of what topics I can start with. I just have a question though. I’m from India… The list of sites you mentioned, will they accept articles or work from me? And as a beginner, where or how would you suggest I start? Thanks a lot! Going to check out your other posts too. I’m planning to open my blog soon as wellπŸ˜‡Reply to Smrithi
Hi Smrithi, If you follow the guidelines you should be fine. Freelance writing online means you can be from anywhere and work with anyone around the world!Reply to Elna
Thanks for this great list! I am enjoying your “Write Your Way to Your First 1K” course, and excited to get going! I have really enjoyed writing about music in the past, but I don’t see anything listed here about music… have you come across publications that pay in this area? Thanks! -Mary BethReply to Mary
Hi Mary Beth, So glad you are enjoying Write Your Way to Your First $1k course! πŸ™‚ As for music, you will have to sit down and create a client list of potential businesses and then seek them out. Also ask in our private Facebook group for course students! There might be other entertainment writers!Reply to Elna
Hi, Elna! Thanks so much for the information! I really found it useful. I want to get started as a freelance writer, and so far, I’ve found your blog posts very useful. Thanks so much! How do I sign up for your email list? And also for your email course on freelancing, to help me get started? Thanks!Reply to Jane
Hello Elna, I am a recently retired nurse and I like to write but I don’t know how to start. I am not someone who like to write about businesses or for businesses. I love football baseball, basket ball and golf. I am also a disabled Veteran. This just a little background on me. I would love it if you could possible give me some helpful to get me started. Thanks a bunch Micheal A Slay retiredReply to Michael
Hi Michael, You can gain writing jobs in those topics and many job boards will have those types of content for sure. As for getting started, make sure to take my free course to gain those steps and tools. https://elnacain.com/course/getpaid/Reply to Elna
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Hi Jazz, Aww thanks so much! Glad you find my writing helpful! As for your topics you can have a lifestyle blog but make it known the topics you will write about. Don’t just write about anything under the sun on your blog!Reply to Elna
Hi Thanks for sharing your insights on freelance for writers. I am an academicians and have written many impact studies on teaching- learning, educational leadership, student’s assessment and creative pedagogy for many organization. Is there a scope for this niche on freelance market place? If yes then would you mind sharing some sites to signup and start. ThanksReply to Kaka
Hi! Yes the education writing is a huge industry. I’m actually writing a post featuring a lot of educational jobs for teachers on another blog I own! So, yes, there is a marketplace!Reply to Elna
Out of simple curiosity, is it just as easy to find a writing job worldwide, or do you need to be in a specific area. Let’s say, I’m from the Netherlands and I want to do a job in Canada, is it easy to find a job then as well?Reply to Rodney
Hi Rodney! Yes! That’s the beauty of being an online freelance writer! I’ve had clients in the UK, Dubai, Canada, the States and more!Reply to Elna
I love the fact that I can just bookmark any of your articles and use them as a reference. I have been searching for places to find work or get money from writing as I transition from job boards like Upwork.Reply to Emoijah
Hi Emoijah, Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed this post on creative writing jobs for you πŸ™‚ Yes, I would not use Upwork to find gigs – it’s not the best freelance platform out there. Instead check out job boards like on Problogger or Blogging Pro!Reply to Elna
Hello Elna! This article is very informative and interesting. Can I please know if these websites/employers accept international freelance writers, because I am from Sri Lanka?Reply to Dhanuka
Hi! Great question! I’m not sure if they do. I suggest you content these places and ask or just pitch to them regardless! Good luck with finding some creative writing jobs!Reply to Elna
I love the thorough and thoughtful post you have put together. There are so many avenues for freelancing which would not have entered my mind. I want to start and am trying to figure where to start freelancing-what niche. There is a lot to consider.Reply to Brittany
Hi Brittany, You’re welcome! So happy you found these creative writing jobs helpful for you to become a freelance writer as a beginner. There are lots of ways to find a writing job so I wanted to just talk about the creative ways! Thanks for stopping over!Reply to Elna
Thanks for all the help and lists. I’m just starting out so all your advice is extreme helpful.Reply to Shari
Hi Shari, Thank you so much! So happy you found this post about creative freelance jobs helpful! There are so many ways to find freelance writing jobs and I just want to help as many as I can!Reply to Elna
This is really great info, and I can tell you spent a ton of time on it. Thank you!Reply to Elizabeth
Hey Elizabeth! Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes freelance jobs are the best ways to start making money online! I love writing these types of posts and yes it took me a few days to write it!Reply to Elna
Great list Elna, thanks for sharing!Reply to Andreia
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Hi Andreia, So happy you found some resources for gaining more freelance jobs in your creative niche πŸ™‚Reply to Elna