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Since 2014,  I’ve worked with a variety of businesses  – from small mom & pop style to large name brands and more as a professional freelance writer.

I’ve also been featured on Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Freelance Writing, Bluehost, The Penny Hoarder, Infusion Soft, Leadpages and many other publications.

As a professional freelance writing mentor and one of the leading writing experts in fine-tuning your on-boarding process, I help increase a writer’s value to clients and find a new sustainable career out of their writing.

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“Elna is well-known as one of the pros. Learning how to find clients, pitch, and earn money writing from her is a wonderful opportunity.”

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[Elna] is a wonderful coach and does a magnificent job of walking you through the process of how to set up your own writer’s website, how to get great articles published and much more.

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Elna Cain is another standout in the freelance writing world[.]

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Elna Cain [provides] insight into creating, publishing, and selling quality content.

This site has been regarded as one of the top 100 Best Sites for Freelance Writers seven years in a row from The Write Life (The Write Life no longer gave this award after 2021).

My other highly resourceful site, FreelancerFAQs is also featured on this list and showcases many experts in the writing industry.


With my B.A. degree from the University of British Columbia and my newly introduction into motherhood, I broke into freelance writing by writing content for Wheels – a division of the Toronto Star. This acted as a springboard to more writing for a variety of major digital brands like OptinMonster, GoDaddy, Zapier, Sendible, Blogging Wizard, Smart Blogger, Klear, and Wordtune.

While I did make a lot of mistakes doing this from the ground up, within six months I was able to earn a full-time income as a part-time freelance writer.

I’ve helped thousands of writers find their first freelance writing job and go on to make a living from this. Here is one of my course students story about starting her freelance writing business.

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This site is dedicated to helping you become a successful professional writer

It’s a place where I share my experiences as a freelance writer and help you get started.

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