25 Must-Have Freelance Writing Newsletters to Gain a Job

One of the hardest things new freelance writers face is the uphill battle of trying to find a dang writing job.

It can be challenging if you don’t know where to look or all you see from freelance platforms like Upwork are low-paying writing jobs.

Over the years, I’ve posted articles on finding writing gigs and even created videos about best places to find gigs for writers.

25 Must-Have Freelance Writing Newsletters to Gain a Job

But, you know what I haven’t done to help you out?

I haven’t rounded up newsletters.

So, let’s look at free and paid freelance writing newsletter that post job opportunities for up-and-coming writers!

But Before We Do, I Have a New Newsletter

I recently created a newsletter called the Freelance Creator Files.

While I wont be sharing where to find work, this newsletter will share the case studies and challenges I will do throughout the year like pitching challenges, social media challenges and anything my subscribers want me to do.

You’ll witness the success and failures as a freelancer and content creator.

I’ll also take you behind my freelance and creator business and show you what it REALLY takes to grow a business like this!

This is an intimate newsletter with things I don’t share publicly.

I plan to publish bi-monthly on Wednesday so come join us!

You’ll also get access to past issues too!

1. Freelance Framework – Chris Bibey

Freelance Framework newsletter example

I have no idea how I found out about Chris Bibey, but I started following him on LinkedIn and noticed he had a newsletter for freelance writers!

The Freelance Framework features freelance writing jobs. He also shares some on LinkedIn but to get the full list you have to sign up to his newsletter.

He offers daily emails of writing gigs posted within the last 24 hours. He also a weekly pitch list of 50+ publications and resources for writers.

2. The Writer’s Job Network (TWJN)

TWJN newsletter example

The Writer’s Job Network is a newsletter founded by Akhil. He shares a bunch of freelance writing projects every week.

Akhil also shares resources that he feels will help writers like books and guides.

3. Freelance Opportunities – Kaitlyn Arford

Freelance Opportunities newsletter example

Kaitlyn is another freelancer that I ended up following and don’t remember how.

She’s prolific on X/Twitter and her newsletter is jam packed with freelance writing gigs.

She gives you journalism jobs, copywriting jobs, content editing or refreshing jobs, content design jobs, SEO and strategy jobs, PR Marketing jobs, social media jobs, graphic design jobs, video editing jobs, podcast editing jobs, website developer jobs, and companies seeking multiple freelancers too!

4. Opportunities of the Week – Sonia Weiser

I’ve known about Sonia’s newsletter, Opportunities of the Week, for many years and have recommended it to my students.

This is a paid newsletter but she says it’s a suggested lump sum of $60 or what you can afford.

5. Freelance Writers Online – Kristy

Kristy Stuart is an OG freelancer. She started freelance writing before me (in 2012) and she was one of the first writers I followed back in the day.

I’m happy to see she has a newsletter, the Freelance Writers Online.

Her newsletter helps you become a better writer freelance writing job listings too.

6. A Petty Job – Amber Petty


I’m not too familiar with Amber Petty but she’s a freelance writer and her newsletter, A Petty Job, is a free weekly email newsletter.

She includes side hustle opportunities, pitch calls and freelance writing jobs.

7. Journalism Jobs and a Photo of My Dog – Mandy Hofmockel

Mandy is another OG freelancer. I don’t remember how I found her but she’s always been circling around my network.

Her things are journalism jobs, so if you want a magazine writing job or publication job, then sign up to Mandy’s newsletter.

8. Write at Home

Alasdair’s freelance writer newsletter, Write at Home, shares newsletters twice a week with home-based writing jobs.

He shares journalism jobs, content writing opportunities, copywriting gigs and blogging jobs too.

9. Freelance Flow – Brianna Graham


Brianna curates lots of freelance opportunities in her newsletter, Freelance Flow. She sends out these valuable newsletters Monday – Thursdays each week.

And if you missed a newsletter, you can view past listings over on Brianna’s Freelance Flow LinkedIn account.

10. Freelancing Females

Freelancing Females has a great job site filled with gigs for all type of freelancers.

Their newsletter, The Gazette is an extension of their site! They serve up weekly newsletters filled with freelance tips, freelance jobs and advice for all freelance women.

11. Funds for Writers

Funds for Writers has been around ever since I started.

FFW focuses on what matters most—funding.

They guide you to paying markets, competitions, grants, and more, ensuring you can make writing a viable career.

12. All You Need to Freelance

All You Need to Freelance is a Substack newsletter from Ashley Broadwater.

She curates many paid writing jobs to pitch to and calls to pitch on a weekly and monthly basis. Ashley also shares her best writing and motivation tips for new freelancers.

13. Freelance Writing Jobs Newsletter – Sian Meades

Another Substack newsletter is Sian Meades’ Freelance Writing Jobs.

Created out of a need for a dedicated jobs platform, hew newsletter now helps writers earn over £1 million annually in commissions, prizes, and jobs. Alongside weekly job listings, a monthly round-up highlights the best writing prizes, residencies, and bursaries with upcoming deadlines.

14. The Freelancer Feed

The Freelancer Feed is another wonderful freelance writing newsletter for you! It’s a weekly newsletter filled with jobs for freelance writing, content writing and social media gigs too. These are all based in Australia too!

15. Meet Harlow Newsletter

Meet Harlow is a great freelance job platform but they also have a newsletter for you!

This is a monthly newsletter that shares all types of freelance jobs and provides help on important topics in the freelance community.

16. Freelancing for Journalists


In this Substack newsletter, the Freelancing for Journalists newsletter is packed full of recommendations, job opportunities and helpful advice for new freelance writers and journalists.

17. Study Hall

With the Study Hall newsletter, you’ll recieve daily freelance writing job opportunities, a ListServ community of over 5,000 journalists, and more.

18. Freedom With Writing Newsletter

Once you are on this freelance writing newsletter, you’ll get information about companies hiring writers and other types of freelance jobs for you.

19. Freelance Journalist Jobs – Abigail Bassett


Abigail Basset is a veteran freelancer having worked in newsrooms, for publications and big companies. She’s also a journalist and in her newsletter, will share those lucrative journalism jobs with you.

This is a weekly newsletter and worth the money!

20. One More Question

Britney Robin’s newsletter is called One More Question and each newsletter will give you a list of pitch calls you can try. You’ll also get article recommendations and q&as with other freelancers.

21. The Professional Freelancer – Ana Codrea-Rado

Anna Codrea-Rado is a journalist and podcaster.

She has a newsletter filled with helpful information for freelance writers and other freelancers. She provides writing jobs, freelance jobs and more.

22. The Freelance Beat – Tatiana Walk-Morris

The Freelance Beat by Tatiana Walk-Morris, is a weekly newsletter sharing the latest journalist and freelance jobs. She also shares advice and tips for new writers.

23. Journo Resources – Jem Collins

This is a UK-based newsletter filled with beginner level freelance jobs as well as other more qualified freelance gigs.

24. Basecamp Outdoor Newsletter

Basecamp is a website for remote and freelance workers. They also have a free weekly newsletter.

Just fill out their form and you’ll be on their newsletter!

25. Missed Pitches

Don’t you just love this freelance newsletter name? Missed Pitches gives you a weekly batch of rejected story ideas that might do well in your hands. Of course, you’ll also get freelance writing job opportunities, writing contests information and more.

Ready to Land Some Amazing Writing Jobs?

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