6 Rules for Guest Posting (+ Opportunities to Guest Post)

If you don’t already know, guest posting can help kick-start your business – especially for writers and bloggers.

Having your content on someone else’s blog not only helps get your name out there, but it can:

And for new freelance writers, guest posting opportunities will definitely help grow your business, making you a better writer from it.

6 Rules for Guest Posting (+ Opportunities to Guest Post)

But, how do you land a guest post? Are there any rules to guest posting?

The Game of Guest Posting & Finding Opportunities

When I first started freelance writing, I saw on many freelance writers’ website, places where they wrote.

Guest post opportunities like She Owns It, Social Media Examiner, Life Hack, and Addicted 2 Success to name a few.

At first, I thought these were their writing clients, but when I researched some of the sites, I saw they had guest posting submissions.

So, as any curious writer would do, I tried to guest post on the sites I saw other freelance writers guest post on. But, I never got accepted.

It wasn’t until I learned the “rules” for guest posting, that I quickly was able to land guest posts on well-known blogs.

Soon, I had bloggers asking me if I would guest post on their site.

And eventually, learned about paid guest posts.

So, how did I do it?

Before we get into the rules of guest posting, let’s go over how to tell whether or not a particular site is a good one to even guest post on.

What Do Guest Posting Opportunities Want in a Writer?

There’s sort of two routes to take when you decide to guest post:

  1. Guest post on a very popular website
  2. Guest post on a targeted niche website

Which one is better?

Well, both are great to guest post on if you’re a freelance writer. Let’s look at these two avenues  you can take to snag a client. Both have the potential to earn you more money simply by giving your content away for free.

Guest Post on a Popular Site

Popular sites, also known as authority sites, are sites that many people know about and are ranked high in the search engines. For example:

But, what if you don’t know any of these sites?

When I first started freelance writing, I had no clue about Problogger or Wisebread.

I was a stay-at-home mom and looking at blogs wasn’t my thing.

So, to find out whether or not these sites are even popular, I went to Similar Web to find out more about these sites.

Alexa can quickly give you an analytical overview of a particular site and tell you if it’s worth guest posting.

But, even if you find high authority sites in your niche to guest post on, it can be incredibly hard to get your content on their site.

Some blogs don’t offer guest posting; rather, they come to you and ask you to guest post.

It’s a worth a try, however, to pitch to them and see what comes of it.

The biggest advantage for guest posting on a high ranking site is the number of people that will be viewing your content and sharing it on social media.

When you have high social proof that your content can generate engagement and traffic, it shows to potential clients your credibility in replicating this for them.

And, with a great author bio for your guest post, you’ll have no problem with prospective clients contacting you.

Just make sure the site you want to guest post on has a higher domain raiting than your own. This ensures that more people will view your guest post, giving you a better chance at landing a client.

Guest Post on a Targeted Niche Site

For new freelance writers, you may think it’s better to be a jack of all trades – if I can write about anything, I’ll get more work and more money.

But, this is furthest from the truth. According to Francesca Nicasio,

[Y]ou need to take time to narrow your focus and only choose to write about specific topics or industries. Doing so will make it easier for you to find clients, come up with content, and—here’s the best part—earn higher rates. The more you focus on a given niche, the more of an expert you become; and this, in turn, allows you to command higher fees since companies are more willing to pay a premium for content produced by those who have specialized knowledge.

So, before you make the leap into freelance writing, you might want to consider focusing on a niche, or topics you want to specialize in when finding guest posting opportunities.

To help you narrow you focus, you can guest post on targeted niches to help build your expertise in that niche.

For me, since I’m a mother, I felt parenting would be something I could easily write about.

As well, I could also write about education since my background is in Psychology.

But, from guest posting on various targeted niches, I learned I also enjoyed writing about,

  • Natural health
  • Social media
  • Digital marketing

From guest posting in targeted niches, I was able to secure clients in those niches and earn higher rates because of my specializations.

Landing Your Next Guest Post Opportunity

So, once you found a site you want to guest post on, how do you make sure you will get accepted?

Here are six rules that can help you land your next guest post and help you earn more money.

1. Read the Blog You Want to Guest Post On

This might seem like a no-brainer, but many people just want to get their author bio and link on another person’s site and don’t care what blog it goes on.

But, if you don’t want your writing pitch to be in the reject pile, you better read a few blog posts in order to get an idea if this is the right blog to guest post on.

When reading a few blog posts on the site, look at:

  • The length of each blog posts. Do they exceed 2000 words or are they short and to the point?
  • What type of content is on the site? Is it mostly opinion-based or is the blog filled with actionable advice for their readers?
  • What stand do they take in the blog you want to guest post in? If you want to guest post on a natural health website, does this site believe in vaccinations? attachment parenting? 100% organic? Knowing this will give you a better chance at having your guest post accepted

2. Read the Guest Post Guidelines

Not every site that offers guest posting, advertises it. But, if you Google, “site name + guest posting” you can quickly find out whether or not they do.

Here’s a result of Hubspot and if they offer guest posting – and they do!

It’s important to view the guest posting submission guidelines as each site can have very different guidelines.

While some only want a headline when you email them, others want the completed draft with an image.

Other sites might be specific about formatting. For example, Zapier has a style guide that goes through the exactly what they want from a writer.

There are specific headings they require and if you don’t follow the guide, you won’t be accepted.

Other places have specific ways to submit your post.

FreelancerFAQs only wants you to email them your guest post idea.

So, make sure you read everything on their guest post submission page and you’ll be that much closer to landing your guest post.

3. Have Your Guest Post Properly Formatted

If a guest posting site doesn’t specify how they want their post, then you have the option of writing it in HTML, MS Word or Google Docs.

The problem comes when the editor of the guest posting site has to import your post into their content management system (CMS).

This isn’t always a smooth transition.

If you aren’t using MS Word or Google Docs correctly, then the editor has to fix issues with the heading styles and spacing manually. This can drive an editor a little bonkers!

So, to help get on the good graces of those that will be deciding your guest posting fate, use STYLES!

Did you know MS Word and Google Docs have their own styles?

When you use styles, it automatically fixes any issues with headings you may have.

Another issue editors face is the spacing.

When you write your document in Word or Google Docs, most likely you press enter twice in-between paragraphs.

Google Doc formatting

When your document is formatted in a CMS, those spaces triple. The editor then has to manually fix the spacing issues in your post.

Tripple Spacing

To avoid this, you have to set your paragraph spacing.

Currently, I know of only one way of doing this – manually. Here are two ways to go about this:

Write your entire post with only entering once for each paragraph.

One space after each paragraph

Highlight your text and then go to FORMAT –> LINE SPACING –> ADD SPACE AFTER PARAGRAPH

Google Docs Line Spacing

Another way is to start your post and before every new paragraph, manually  format the line spacing by going to FORMAT as shown above.

If this is too much for you, Google Docs also has a great add-on to help with this dilemma – the Publish to WordPress add-on.

It’s free and allows you to write your post in Google Docs and immediately publish it on your WordPress site.

There’s no need to even visit your site! But, this doesn’t necessarily help with your guest post.

If you have MS Word in Windows, click on the link and find instructions on how to fix your spacing issues on your document.

In MS Word for Mac, in order to do a quick fix of your document, you will want to go EDIT –> FIND —> REPLACE. It will open up a side panel:

Replace side panel in MS Word Mac

Under “Search document” pick Paragraph Mark, and then pick it again. In the “Replace With” pick Paragraph Mark once.

Paragragh Mark MS Word Mac

Click on “Replace All” until it is completed. When it’s completed, there should be no spacing between the paragraphs.

Sometimes, though, Word will miss a mark, so you may have to manually delete the space yourself.

Once your document is free of spaces, select it all and go to FORMAT —> PARAGRAPH

Paragraph Formatting MS Word Mac

MS Word opens up the Paragraph Indents and Spacing tab.

In the “Spacing” section, set your “Before” to 0 and your “After” to Auto.

Set your “Line Spacing” to single. Press “Ok.” Your document is properly formatted.

Now, it may look exactly like it did before you played around with it, but when it is formatted in a CMS, there will no longer be big gaps between your paragraphs.

4. Always Be Friendly in Your Pitch

Editors and blog owners get hundreds of requests for guest posts on a daily basis.

They have to weed through many submissions and if you want yours to stand out, you better have some personality in your pitch.

Since so many blog sites that offer guest posting are flooded with requests, you can stand out by:

  • Using the editor’s name (if you know it)
  • Mention that you are a reader of the blog (or mention a favorite post)
  • Convey how your post could help fill a gap in content, add to their established content or create a new area of focus

Above all, be human. If you have a standard template you use, ditch it.

Editors and blog owners can tell if they’ve received a cookie-cutter pitch letter.

A bonus is if you’ve been reading the blog you want to guest post on and left meaningful comments, the editor or blog owner will see your personality in your comment.

This will create a lasting impression on them and may make it easier for you to land a guest post on their site.

Be unique with every pitch!

5. Mention Other Places You’ve Guest Posted On

If you’ve guest posted on other popular sites, mention this in your pitch.

Editors want confidence in your ability to write popular content.

Even if your post is scheduled for publication, include that in the email you send.

If you can validate your credibility as an effective writer, editors and blog owners will feel more comfortable in accepting your guest post.

It doesn’t hurt to name drop as well. According to Mary Jaksch, of Write to Done, mentioning a popular blogger’s name can land you a guest posting spot,

It’s a good idea to name-drop. One of our students in the A-List Blogger Club recently pitched a big blogger and wrote, “I’m in a mentoring program with Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch.” He got the gig.

And, don’t worry if you don’t have any guest posts under your belt; still keep on pitching. Ultimately, it’s your content that will shine and land you that guest post spot.

6. Spend Twice as Much Time on Your Guest Post Than on Your Own Blog Posts

Have you heard this before?

Many bloggers spend hours upon hours tweaking and refining their guest post before they submit it.

Why do they agonize over  guest post?

Because they know many more people will be seeing their content.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your post on Smart Blogger, Copyblogger or ProBlogger, then you know the potential your post has on those blogs in comparison to your  blog.

So, instead of re-purposing old content or whipping up a new post, slow down your writing process:

  • Come up with 10-20 headlines
  • Look up relevant keywords to use in your post
  • Create catchy subheadings
  • Go over your points and make sure you have relevant links from the site you are guest posting on
  • Write your rough draft and wait a day before editing it
  • Have other people edit your work and run through editing programs like Grammarly.
  • Proofread one last time before you send it

When you take the time to develop your points and work on making your writing more succinct, it will be a much better piece of writing.

Paid Guest Post Opportunities: Are They Worth It?

Some freelance writers might be wondering if paid guest posts are a better way for guest posting since you land an author bio and some cash.

Well, from my experience, I find pitching and working with blogs that offer paid guest post opportunities are more strict and rigid with their requirements.

As well, payment may take months before you see it and a lot of headaches dealing with an editor.

Take it from me, it’s better to land guest posts that are “free” first to build your portfolio and then you can try a paid guest post opportunity later on.

Here are some websites that pay for writing:

What About Guest Posting on Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform with over 60 million users.

Writers can create a profile on Medium and write whatever they want. Medium also houses many publications where writers can guest post on.

To be eligible for these publications – and get paid for your writing on Medium – you do need to sign up to Medium’s Partner Program, which is around $5 a month.

This allows you to read everything on Medium and be able to guest post.

I’ve been on Medium for a while now and belong to over 13 publications.

While you can earn money from writing and publishing on your profile, you’ll make more money when you publish with a publication since money earned is based on engagement like reading time, claps and comments.

In either case, writing on Medium is a great way to improve your writing skills and prepare for guest posting and growing your client base.

Just Go For It – Land Your Next Guest Post Opportunity

When you think about it, it all boils down to your confidence as a freelance writer and your willingness to go for it.

If you just starting out in this business, don’t think about landing a guest post on Copyblogger, yet.

Instead, focus on dipping your feet, so to speak, in smaller more niche-y sites.

Landing a few guest posts on those sites will earn you clips for your portfolio and some credibility as a legitimate freelance writer.

So, tell me, what is you tip for landing a guest post every time you pitch?

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Great post. So if you have a site and allow guest posts, what would you recommend for the does and donts for the post?Reply to Barry
Hi Barry, The don’ts is don’t peddle the same topic or post to different sites, don’t say you will do this angle/topic and then change it and if the editor wants to change it, work with them. Do, add your author bio at the end of your piece, do promote your post on social and do add it to your portfolio!Reply to Elna
In a guest post pitch, is it best to include a completed draft, an outline of headings, or just a prospective title (assuming site-specific guidelines don’t require a certain way)? Newbie here and hoping to get some links to eventually show potential clients.Reply to Catherine
Hi Catherine, It really does depend on the guest posting rules. I own two guest posting sites and I state I just want a pitch of your idea and what you will talk about in your post. I do NOT want the draft because once I approve you, you go into the backend of WordPress and upload your draft there for me to review. So read the guest posting rules carefully to learn how to pitch to that publication!Reply to Elna
One of the best pieces of advice I got here, is to go for a smaller niche if you are just starting like me. Thanks a lot, ElnaReply to Daniel
Thank you. Great tips and ideas for those of us starting out this journey of freelancing.Reply to joan
Hi Joan, You’re welcome! Glad this post on landing your next guest post was helpful!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! Thank you for all the helpful tips! I’m an undergraduate psychology student, but I’m working on starting a freelance business on the side in the hopes of it becoming successful. I feel stuck every time I try to begin but your blog has helped motivate me, and I’m going to try to get my foot in the door. I just have to figure out where to begin. Thanks so much for your help!Reply to Sierra
Hi Elna, thank you for another informative post! I’d like to ask you a question: I write in the health and fitness niche and I haven’t been published anywhere yet, I pitched ideas to health blog owners, a few of them liked these but ask for prices such as $20-$50 as an editorial fee. Would you agree with paying to be featured with a guest post? Do you think this is a good move for a beginner or be patient and look for other blog owners who accept free guest posts? Happy New Year! 🙂Reply to Nick
Hey Nick, It’s up to you if you want to pitch to paid guest posts. For me, I didn’t because it’s more challenging and the process takes longer. I’d rather get my guest post up and really spend my time pitching to the right client that will pay me on a recurring basis! Just my two cents!Reply to Elna
I see, it totally makes sense. Thank you for the quick reply!Reply to Nick
Hi Elna! I’ve been devouring your blog. Right now I’m trying to build a portfolio, and I’ve incountered a bit of a problem. I’ve done a guest pitch for 10 websites in a span of 5 days. So far only one has given me the green light. I’m wondering whether I should continue to guest pitch or wait to see if I get more responses. I don’t want a huge list of guest posts to write, but I need to build a portfolio rather quickly. (We just moved to a town in the south where jobs are scarce, and ‘good jobs’ are those that let you work 25 hours a week and pay $8 an hour. . . So I need to start making money fast! Last month I worked 12 hour days on content mills, but it was still not making ends meet.) Thank you for your time, and for all of your amazing advice! You’ve been a great help and inspiration to me!Reply to Desire
Hi Desire, You can still keep on pitching to guest posts. You don’t have to accept the guest post if you land it. It’s up to you! You can also let the blog know that you can’t submit it until a few weeks or whatever deadline you tell them! They may be okay with that! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thank goodness for your blogs and website! I’ve been wanting to get in to freelance writing for a while. I’ve not really had the confidence and not had a clue where to start! Thanks to you I now have a comprehensive list on what I should be doing. My to do list this month is to start a blog. I think I may have found my niche (Online English teaching), and I am starting to research blog posts in this area. There doesn’t seem to be too much and it’s a bit all over the place, so, I am hoping this will help me to stand out from the crowd! I continue to read your posts with enthusiasm and just wanted to thank you for your continued advice. Take care EmilyReply to Emily-Jane
Hi Elna, I’ve been reading your blogs posts for a while now, and I can truly say that you have single-handedly convinced me that I can be a freelance writer. I can read blogs about freelance tips anywhere, but the confidence that your courses and posts offer is absolutely invaluable. I will begin my freelance journey with the authoritative attitude of a pro all thanks to you. I would love to guest post for your blog (a meta piece on how crucial your blog is to the freshman freelancer). Again, thank your for all of your help. I’ll forever be indebted.Reply to Lyric
Hi Lyric, Thanks so much! So glad you are finding your true value path as a freelance writer! It’s a wonderful feeling. As for guest posting, I do not allow guest posting on this site. It is by invitation only!Reply to Elna
No problem, and thanks again.Reply to Lyric
I’ve been reading this blog a while over the last few days, also have signed up to the free email course as well. I’m just starting out with freelance writing and am creating my first website, defiantly going to start with guest posting. A simple google search when I was bored took me to your website, and I think after reading all your tips I’m in a much better position to actually start doing this, rather then just clicking the x button and going back to my life. So yeah, I just wanted to say thanks, basically 🙂Reply to Jake
Hey Jake! That’s great 🙂 Good to know that you want to be a freelance writer!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, This is quite informative, rules are simply well put for anyone to follow. You have covered a lot, going beyond guest blogging. I can’t wait to put into practice what I have learned in this post. I am blessed beyond measure to have you around. ThanksReply to Olive
I have enjoyed reading over your blogs. I am brand new to blogging in general. I found myself enjoying writing again recently and used to be really good at it in school. I signed up for your Freelance Writing Prep course and can’t wait to learn more from you. I have also looked into proofreading and editing as it will help with my writing skills. I am hoping that I can find that niche(s) that will help me move forward and start a blog or website as well as write guest posts. Thank you for all your wonderful advice! <3Reply to Lillian
Hi Lillian! Thank you for signing up to my Freelance Writing Prep Class! I hope you enjoy it and glean some useful and helpful information 🙂 I’m so happy you want to write and get paid to do it! Email me anytime you have a question!Reply to Elna
I have been going back and forth with pitch ideas and this is the first time I have heard about making pitches your own. Thank you for that advice, that takes a lot of pressure off of the pitch!Reply to Sammie
Very informative information that you’ve given us. Who knew that becoming a freelance writer would be so involved? In other words, that there was so much to learn and know! Thank you, Elna, for taking the time to prepare and present this information for newbies such as myself.Reply to Linda
Hi Linda, You’re welcome! Yeah, learning a new skill has a lot of steps! I’m surprised that after three years of this I still have blog post topics!!! 🙂Reply to Elna
Hello Elna, Quick (but hopefully not stupid) question: Is guest blogging worth it, or even necessary, if you are not looking to work in the blogging/article writing space? Thanks. 🙂Reply to Brian
Hi Brian, Guest blogging may not be worth it in that case, but you’re going to have to offer free work to build your portfolio if you don’t have contacts needing your services. So, in a way, you are still guest “servicing” to build your portfolio.Reply to Elna
Thank you for all your posts! They are all so helpful! Sending you love and blessings!Reply to Charlotte
Just Go For It is try in almost everything with online business. Planning is important, but there comes a time when you have to move on from planning to doing. As well as choosing between niche and authority, there are numerous ranking signals and quality metrics that can be used to measure the efficacy of a potential guest post site.Reply to Matt
I like the ‘you can work from anywhere’ suggestion. I have a 7 hour flight coming up this weekend and plan to utilize that for developing a guest blog.Reply to Fred
Yes! That’s why I love freelance writing so much!Reply to Elna
Hello Elna, Amazing tutorial…… the points explained by you in your article for successful guest posting are really important to focus on.., as guest posting can really boost your linking and will help in ranking high on google. Thanks for the worthy article.Reply to gaurav
Thanks so much!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, Your article is really informative…. the rules of guest posting are really important to keep in mind, Your article will really help out the content writers to do successful guest posting. Thanks for sharing.Reply to Sonali
Sonali, Thanks so much! Guest posting is definitely a great strategy for landing work.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna. I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a freelancer writer and have been doing research; your blog is one of the resources I came across. I’ve not gotten any website up yet but I did get myself a gravatar (baby steps, yeay!). I’m now looking at ways to build up samples and this post about guest posting is one of those ways. Very helpful and detailed explanation! However, I don’t have MS Word. I tried Google Docs but it’s a bit too simplified for my liking. Any other alternative suggestion? Also, I’m trying to read through yours posts as much as I can but do you happen to have one on step-by-step instructions on how to create a good blog post? I dabbled in Blogger eons ago but that’s like personal blogging; no need for headlines, sub-headlines and whatnot. I’m still somewhat lost on what a good blog post or content writing should look like. Many thanks!Reply to June
Hi June! That’s great you are wanting to be a freelance writer. As for a tool, it’s either going to be MS Word or Google Docs. Sorry. As for writing blog content for clients I have a module in my Writeto1k course that goes into depth about blog writing, formatting, and submitting for clients. But, I do have a post on this site that talks about it a bit: https://elnacain.com/blog/blog-post-client-love/ Good luck!Reply to Elna
I could use Google Docs, but I also have OpenOffice (which has the ability to save docs in Word format– .doc). Would that be acceptable?Reply to Linda
Hi Linda, Yeah! Sounds good.Reply to Elna
Thanks for sharing some fabulous tips and strategies Elna! It’s like you offer a mini degree in common sense freelance writing/marketing!LOL! ‘ Because as I read your excellent tips and strategies, they seem so much like common sense!LOL! However, I realize, there is simply no way for a clueless newbie or glorified beginner, with a little real world experience under their belt, to come to practically any of these proven conclusions, on their on! So it’s great you’ve decided to share so much, of how the process actually works!Thanks for sharing such an educational and extremely fun read!Reply to Mark
Hi Elna! I found this post of yours today! You had recommended I start guest posting, but I realized I didn’t know how to do it. Thanks for outlining how to do it! While setting up my profiles I discovered that I have been mentioned on the Huffington Post (one of the places you recommend) from my newspaper days! You’re posts are always full of great information! Thanks! JoAnnReply to JoAnn
Congrats JoAnn! Send me the link to the HuffPo mention!Reply to Elna
Wow, this is an awesome to-do list for me! I am beginning to seek out guest blogging, and I love how you even have tips to format documents properly, because I would have never thought of that. Thank you for this great post!Reply to Renayle
Thanks Renayle! I wanted to make a post that really helped editors and bloggers! I’m glad you found this useful and will use the formatting issues in your next guest post. I had to learn the hard way, but glad I now know how to use styles. ElnaReply to Elna
I am not a freelance writer really. I consider myself a blogger and I have always loved guest posts. I don’t know why it doesn’t occur to more people. I have a number of sites that I have found, love, and read on a regular basis. These are ones I hope to guest post on at some point And am inspired by. I think it’s great for the portfolio and developing a relationship is a good and a positive thing.Reply to Kerry
Hi Kerry, Bloggers can definitely use the power of guest blogging to help them boost their readership and traffic. Glad you are taking that advantage!It’s true, many people don’t think about guest posting as a marketing tactic, but it’s a great one. Many sites, though, also don’t publicly state they accept guest posts. You would only find them if you are a regular reader or if you actively searched. Thanks for stopping by! ElnaReply to Elna
I just want to say how much I appreciate you taking the time to share all of this amazing information. I am new to blogging and I am like a sponge over here! There are a couple of sites if love to get published on and this was very helpful content and gave me some much needed insights! I know this was probably a time consuming post to craft together and I don’t take it for granted!Reply to Laura
Wow Laura, thanks so much for your comment. I give myself a little fist pump when I know I helped someone else get their “guest blogging on.” Guest posting is awesome for bloggers and freelance writers so I’m glad you jumped on this train! Thanks for stopping by! ElnaReply to Elna
This is so helpful! I know nothing about guest posting and I’ve tried to do a few, but they didn’t really seem to pan out. Thanks for sharing these tips!Reply to Lisa
Hey Lisa! Thanks so much. I’m glad you are interested in guest posting. It sure helps get your name out there and known! You should give it a try! ElnaReply to Elna
Great article Elna with very useful tips. I would add: building relationships with the owners and editors of the blogs you would like to write for. Social media give us so many opportunities to “land” on the radar of the people we want to be connected with. Be smart, be meaningful and make relationships that count, not for the sake of it.Reply to Corina
Great tip Corina! Building relationships with the blog owner can really help you land a guest spot and with networking. Also knowing a little bit about the blog owner helps with how you approach your pitch letter to guest post. Thanks for stopping by! ElnaReply to Elna
Hey Elna, That’s great advice and of course it’s always good when it comes from your own experience and what’s worked for you. I’ve never asked or approached anyone about writing a guest post for them but then again I’m not a freelance writer eager to get my work out there for all to see. It’s great to get in front of new audiences though. I actually have had a guest post go live each month this year so far. Not being a great writer myself it takes me a little longer so I hate putting that kind of pressure on me. I should do more, I keep being told that but maybe in the future. At least this way I know the rules and I can only hope they won’t change before I decide to jump in. Thanks my friend for these tips and wonderful ones they are. Enjoy your week. ~AdrienneReply to Adrienne
Adrienne, I love your writing style and how conversational it is. It’s easy to read and it feels like your are talking to me when I read it. I know you are a bit apprehensive about guest posting, but I’m glad you did it and I hope you continue to guest post and grab new readers. I’m glad you found my post useful in case you do decide to guest post. You’re right about freelance writers – I often contact many sites to guest post, hoping to get my content on someone else’s site. It’s a great way to get known! Thanks for stopping by! ElnaReply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’ve been devouring all of your helpful blog posts. Thanks for all of these great tips! I especially appreciated your technical tips on formatting. Would you recommend Word over Google docs, or are they pretty comparable? Thanks, FionaReply to Fiona
Hi Fiona, Glad you enjoyed my newest blog post on guest blogging. As for formatting, I primarily use Microsoft Word. I find Google docs not conforming to what I want/need for writing. The plug-in I mentioned sounds great, but not sure if you can transfer it to WordPress without publishing it. A lot of people use Google Docs and they love it. As I’m the editor to two other blogs I manage, the documents from Google docs always need formatting on my end. Are you interested in guest posting? Good luck! ElnaReply to Elna
Thanks, Elna. Yes, I’d like to do some guest posts to build up my portfolio. I’m primarily ghost blogging right now, so unfortunately I can’t use any of those posts in my portfolio, which looks a little skimpy right now. I just have to find some time… -FionaReply to Fiona