53 Places to Land Freelance Writing Gigs Online

You’re a new freelance writer.

You have no idea how to start, what to do first or how to find online writing jobs. You’re interested though in learning where the best places to find a freelance writing job is.

I’ve been freelance writing for over three years now and I’ve learned through trial and error where to find profitable and high-paying writing gigs. When I was brand new, pitching was my job.

53 Places to Land Freelance Writing Gigs Online

I needed to find a client…fast and found multiple ways to land new freelance writing projects. If you’re stuck right now, I have 53 actual places that post freelance writing jobs online or has a way to land a gig.

Are you ready?

Online Writing Jobs for Beginners

Freelance Writing Job Boards


My first online writing job came from a freelance writing job board. I love job boards because they round up gigs from all over and it’s in one easy-to-click place. I can create a pitch template quickly and send out multiple pitches to freelance jobs that are posted.

Pro Tip: Here’s my trick to find freelance writing jobs quickly!

Here are the 10 best FREE job boards around:

1. Problogger

Problogger has the most curated jobs online. It’s my #1 free freelance writing job for new beginners.  You can choose various options to find the right writing jobs online job for you. If you know your niche topic, I suggest you filter your results based on your paying niche.

For example, if I was a fitness copywriter, I could look for freelance writing jobs in the fitness niche:

What’s also included are related jobs once you click on one of the freelance writing job.

This gives you oodles of jobs to pitch to and meet your daily metric goal.

2. BloggingPro

Blogging Pro gives you only blogging jobs and if that’s your niche, this job board is perfect. I primarily have blogging clients so I frequented this job board as freelance writer newbie!

You can also look for jobs within your niche to make it easier to find the right project for you.

3. Journalism Jobs

Journalism Jobs is a great resource for journalists and copywriters.

Big brands have used Journalism Jobs to post such as Time Magazine, ABCnews.com, New York Times and more.

You can refine your search for online writing jobs on the side by picking the categories you want to search for like only TV jobs or trade publications. Most applications are through their site.

4. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs doesn’t really have a job board. What they do is post a “blog post” with links to potential freelance writing jobs. Writing jobs online are curated from other job boards and from around online. They have several categories:

  • content writing jobs
  • blogging jobs
  • copywriting jobs
  • journalism jobs
  • General/Misc.
  • Internships

The link takes you to the job ad.

5. Talent Fairy Jobs

The Talent Fairy jobs  show online writing jobs as well as full-time and paid internships. This isn’t a daily updated job board, but it’s worth looking at once a week.

To view the job board, you do need an account.

6. All Freelance Writing Job Board

All Freelance Writing job board posts jobs within the last 30 days, making them fresh and up to date.

What I like about this job board is that you can quickly scan the pay range and see if clicking is worth. All too often, you have to click to find out more information – like the pay – to see if it’s worth pitching to.

All Freelance Writing makes it known right off the bat!

7. Morning Coffee Newsletter

Freelance Writing offers the Morning Coffee Newsletter.

While they do have a job board, I like this option as job offers come straight to my inbox. And, the jobs Freelance Writing pulls are the best of the best.

For more newsletters, check out this post with over 25 freelance writing newsletters to find a job.

8. Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing consolidates several job boards from Craigslist and Indeed.

This job board is also on top of my list since it curates many online writing jobs in one place. You can refine your search to only include certain job sources, location or types.

I like this job board because you can pick skills to optimize your chances of finding the fight freelance gig for you.

9. Robert Half

Robert Half is a HR site but they also have a freelance job board. For a freelance writer, you can find copywriting jobs and tech writing jobs here.

If you have a knack for persuasion writing and engaging with an online audience, then try some of these copywriting gigs.

My Write Your Way to Your First $1k course, has an entire guide to get you started as a copywriter.

10. Media Bistro

Media Bistro is another free freelance writing job board that curates jobs from all over online. Jobs range from blogging jobs to staff news writer.

As a new freelance writer, you gotta get out there and hustle!

Cold Pitch to Land a Freelance Writing Job


Do you know what cold pitching is?

It’s the act of finding businesses online and emailing them directly letting them know that you’re a freelance writer and that you’re interested in writing for them. This can be a little anxiety-provoking, to say the least! Especially if you’ve never marketed yourself or your business…ever!

But, cold pitching is one of the BEST ways to find high-paying freelance writing jobs. Just take a look at a Write Your Way to Your First $1k course student’s success with cold pitching:

The big thing with cold pitching is finding those businesses in your niche.

Where are they?

Well, here are some business directories you can look through (as well as good ol’ Google) to find potential clients.

11. Manta

Manta is a small business directory that has online businesses on off-line ones too. They have tens of niche topics to look from. Click on one and see all the businesses in that industry. For example, here’s the result for “medical equipment & device.”

On the side, you can click on “website” to be taken to their site. From there look at their About page and get to know the company and it’s mission. Check to see if they have a blog and if they do, email them!

Note: in Write Your Way to Your First $1k course, I share even more directories for you so you can have a complete list of companies to pitch to!

12. Breakout List

Breakout List has the high-growth markets right now.

Explore new businesses you can connect with!

13. Startup Universal

Startup Universal has a database of startup businesses to help you find some writing jobs online. Find the right sector or industry and see what startups there are and check to see if they have a website.

Just like with Angel, with Gust you can peruse different companies and get a little summary with their website.

14. PR Web

PR Web lists companies that send out press releases about their products and business by Cisioin. Press releases are a great service a writer can offer 🙂

Click on “News in Focus” up on top and go to “all new releases.” You can also pick an industry in the menu and from there a specific niche you can write for.

For example, if my niche is eCommerce, I can go to “consumer products & retail” under Lifestyle & Health.


From here you see the press releases in those niche topics. Click on one and you’ll get he company URL!

15. Google

Google is your best friend when it comes to researching those blog topics for your clients and to find online writing jobs!

In Google you can search for your niche topic and see what businesses are in the results.

Type in (your city) and either (niche) (directory) OR startups in (niche) industry. Here is the result for “startup in personal finance industry.”

Research the list Google gives you to find the right contact person to pitch to.

Easy as that! You can narrow it down to your city if you want.

Paid Guest Posts


If you don’t want to wait to find a freelance writing client, you can get paid to guest post. One post, one payment.

Pro Tip: get paid to build your portfolio with a paid guest post!

16. Cosmopolitan


$100 for a story

Cosmopolitan wants your interesting personal stories. This is for the UK publication though!

They pay $100 for your story too!

17. Barefoot Writer

$100-$300 per article

Barefoot Writer is a magazine for writers. They share tips to make money, work from home and how to land a freelance writing job.

It’s recommended that you become familiar with their issue and writing style. There are several categories you can write for:

  • Monthly motivator
  • Productivity secrets
  • Cool tools
  • Thinking like a writer
  • Become a better writer
  • Glicken (personal essays)

18. WellBeing

Up to $1700 (AU) for posts up to 2000 words

WellBeing is an Australian publication that covers a wide array of health and lifestyle topics. They pay up to $1700 AU for a feature article.


19. Freelance Mom

$75-$100 for a post between 900-1500 words

Freelance Mom’s audience is moms that are interested in freelancing. For their guest posts they require:

  • Personal stories or anecdotes to relate to the audience
  • Short paragraphs and bullet lists (if applicable)
  • Offer current and applicable advice
  • Must contain a 20-30 minute action plan at the end of the post

20. Horse Network

$50-$100 for 500-750 words

Horse Network is a place for all horse lovers. They stress to guest posters to write from the heart with humorous essays or opinionated. They encourage you submit images or video with your guest post.

21. Her View From Home

Up to $100 for 600-800 words

Her View from Home is a lifestyle site for women and moms. Topics include:

  • Parenting
  • Kids
  • Relationships
  • Faith
  • Grief

Payment is based on social media shares for your post:

22. MoneyPantry

Up to $150 for 700-2,000 words

MoneyPantry is a site all about saving and earning more money.

To guest post, they stress you write in an engaging way which they called “bloggy style.” They also encourage your posts helps their readers with a problem.

23. Income Diary

Up to $200

Income Diary helps others make money online. They write about creating websites, driving traffic, using social media and making money online.

Some topics they are interested in for your guest post:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Driving traffic
  • Blog design features and functionality
  • Making money from blogs, forums, and websites
  • Affiliate marketing and selling things

24. Motherly

$50-$100 per post

Motherly focuses on family and parenthood. You can write about:

  • Research-backed investigations
  • Personal narratives and essays
  • Timely reporting, reviews, and roundups

25. Doctor of Credit


$50 for guest post

Doctor of Credit is a personal finance publication. They focus on credit scores and bank and credit card information.

26. Clubhouse

$.15-.25/word for articles between 400-1000 words

Clubhouse is a magazine about entertaining and teaching Christian values for children between 8-12 years old. If you pay the $3 for a magazine to be sent to you, you can check out their articles so you can match their writing style.

They are looking for:

  • Humorous stories
  • Historical fiction featuring great Christians
  • Contemporary stories with a multicultural setting
  • Choose-your-own-adventure

27. eCommerce Insiders


$75-$150 for 400-600 word articles

eCommerce Insiders is a publication you can write for if you have eCommerce experience.

28. Dollar Stretcher

$.10/word for printed work

The Dollar Stretcher is a publication dedicated to helping with saving time and money for people. They do have articles on making money from home, but it’s infrequent.

For post ideas, they want niche ideas and strategies to stretch the dollar. They give an example of what they don’t want: 8 Ways to Save on Groceries. For them, this is too broad and not niched down.

Instead, they are looking for posts like 8 Ways to Save on Ground Beef.

29. Cooking Detective

$120-$160 for Ultimate Guides(3000-4000 words)/ $75 for articles (2000+ words)

Are you a food blogger? Or wanting to break into food writing?

Cooking Detective is perfect for you! Cooking Detective is a recipe, cooking, and food blog. Currently, they are wanting posts around reviews on kitchen appliances, cookware, and any products related to cooking.

30. Listverse

$100 for 1500 words (based on pageviews)

Listverse features list posts up to 10 items. They are interested in unique and interesting types of posts. They don’t pay for first time submissions and will only pay after you gain some pageviews for them.

31. Back to College

$75-$130 per post

Back to College is a blog for older students. They are looking for posts to help older students in college.

32. The Change Agent

$50 for 250-1,000 words

The Change Agent is an adult education magazine. It features topics around social justice for all. Each issue has a theme. For example, the most recent is hair.

33. Sitepoint

$100 for 1500 words

Sitepoint features topics around WordPress and web development. If you have a knack for coding and WordPress, you can guest post on here.

They like:

  • Quick tips
  • Articles
  • Tutorials
  • Video content

34. Transition Abroad

$50-$150 per article

Transition Abroad is a site about living, studying, and working abroad. They also write about the cultural experience in different places. When writing your guest post, they encourage:

Articles may involve such activities as a finding a home stay or a rural bed and breakfast, a 1- or 2-week language study course, or pursuing a special interest or activity like cooking, music, dancing, visual arts, writing, photography, hiking or biking. Travelers of all ages are invited to share their experiences, as the passion for travel and the desire to learn has no age limits. Striking a balance between practical and inspirational travel writing is preferred.

35. Digital Ocean

Up to $300 for a post

Digital Ocean is for the tech people out there. They help other system administrators and software developers with their content. They are mostly interested in tutorial-based posts where you lay out the steps for a topic.

36. International Living

$75 per article

International Living is about living overseas and abroad. They seek expats living overseas to guest post. Their articles are called postcards on their site.


37. Petcha

$100-$200 for 1,000 words and $300-$400 for 1500-2500 words

Petcha has a Bird Talk column in their magazine. They are interested in bird-related topics around parrots, canaries, finches, and doves. Their articles are centered around taking care of such birds.

Freelance Job Platforms


On my site, Elna Cain, I stress the importance of creating your own writer platform so that you can make a living writing. But, there are some great freelance platforms that are dedicated to providing quality writing jobs online for writers.

These online writing jobs are on better writer platforms than you would find on freelance job boards.

I have also included a lower-tier freelance job platform and when we get to that, I’ll explain why.

38. Contently

Contently is a blog for marketers. But, they also have a portfolio platform for freelance writers.

To land work from Contently (or their network of brands), you first need to apply for a portfolio. This is Contently says about their process:

From what I can gather, Contently does pay well, but only for certain niches, especially the business niche. But regardless, it’s worth the shot and it’s just another way to market your freelance writing business!

39. ClearVoice

ClearVoice is a content marketing software company that does have a freelance platform. They match brands to your profile and email you jobs.

To get started, click on login and create a profile. You get to set your rate as well (I suggest you set a high rate). Here is my profile:

40. eByline

eByline matches writers with brands. This site is mostly for journalists or writers that have been published on big sites or magazines.  When you fill out your profile, you’ll be asked to list those publications or sites and see if it’s recognized in their platform.

There is a pitch board with jobs, but it’s not always full. But, it’s worth signing up for at least and check it out every other week or so for jobs.

41. WordCandy

WordCandy is a content agency for WordPress businesses run by Tom Ewer, and he can count many of the most popular WordPress-related sites as clients. For many years, Tom hired freelance bloggers with WordPress experience (I used to do some freelancing for Tom once upon a time).

Things have grown at WordCandy and these days they’ve moved on to hiring some former WordPress freelancers as full-time contractors. It may not technically be a freelance gig, however it’s a flexible, remote contract position, and might be worth checking out if you’re a WordPress pro!

42. Blog Mutt

Blog Mutt is your typical content mills so why the heck am I telling you to try this? Well, one of my course students wrote a post about it here and it totally made sense on how she used this platform.

I suggest you don’t use this platform to find your FIRST freelance writing job. Instead, use this platform to fill up your daily income goals. For example, if you want to make $150 a day and you’re short $50, you can go to Blog Mutt and write a few easy and low paying articles to make your quota.

*only use Blog Mutt to fill your daily income goal, not as a real job or your first freelance writing job*

Social Media


Social media is a goldmine for freelance writers. It’s the perfect place to find, attract and land clients, hands down. I like to use social media to do warm pitching and connecting with brands.

But, this post isn’t about that! It’s about places with freelance writing jobs! So, let’s get to it.

43. LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn has its own job board or job directory.

Simply, type in your job title or keyword and see what comes up. Make sure to pick the “search worldwide” option. Here’s my result for content writer.

44. Twitter

There are job boards on Twitter. You can follow them and check your feed daily to see what they share or go to their profile to see their daily posts.

Follow these job boards:

Here is the feed for Writing Gigs:

45. Facebook

Facebook is a great place to network and do some warm pitching. But, did you know there are also pages for job boards on Facebook?

Check out these pages for jobs

Here’s the feed for Write Jobs:

Writer’s Market – Submissions


Submissions are similar to guest posting; you pitch your ideas, and if accepted, write it and get paid. Most of these submission I mention are magazine and high paying.

46. Backpacker Magazine

$.40-$1.00 per word

Backpacker is a hiking magazine. If you’re a camping writer or nature type of writer, then you can pitch to Backpacker.

The magazine also covers:

  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross-county
  • Skiing

47. Homeschool World

$50 per article

This magazine is a homeschool magazine. They share tips on doing homeschooling or the challenges with homeschooling.

Simply fill out the form on the page and they will review your application for submission!

48. SlickWP

$100 per article for 1200-2000 words

Slick WP is the only one on this list that’s a blog, not a magazine. Their blog focusses on teaching others WordPress and the Genesis Theme Framework.

49. Radish Magazine

$25-$150 per article

Radish is a monthly magazine about improving health through natural foods. Topics covered:

  • Lifestyle choices
  • Advice on diet
  • Cooking
  • Health and fitness
  • Local farmers markets in Iowa

50. Verbatim

$25-$500 per article

Verbatim is a quarterly magazine about language. They say,

One of the best parts of editing a small, specialized (not to say quirky) magazine is reading the submissions to it. One of the worst parts of editing a small, unusual (not to say eccentric) magazine is reading the submissions to it.

51. Eating Well

$1.00 per word

Eating Well is a national food magazine. Their articles are newsworthy and backed up by science.

Their friendly freelancer columns include:

  • FRESH food
  • FRESH life
  • FRESH Thinking
  • FRESH Health
  • FRESH Fix

52. The Sun Magazine

$100-$2,000 per article

The Sun is a magazine with poems, nonfiction, and fiction stories. They do favor personal stories.

53. Wow! Women on Writing

$50-$150 for 1000-3000 words

Wow! Women Writing empowers women writers. They are seeking submissions on the craft of writing and publishing.

Online Writing Jobs For You

Phew! Was that a lot? 🙂

I’m holding your hand as a new freelance writer. When I first started, I had a hard time finding the right clients and freelance writing jobs. I made a ton of mistakes. I had to learn the hard way.

For you, though, you don’t have to make mistakes or waste time! I encourage you to become a highly-paid writer today and enroll in Write Your Way to Your First $1k.

Hi I'm Elna and I'm a freelance writer and mom blogger. I help people just like you become a profitable freelance writer. Within 6 months of starting my freelance writing business from scratch I was able to earn a full-time living as a part-time freelance writer while taking care of my twin toddlers. Check out my free email course Get Paid to Write Online and learn the steps you need to take to be a freelance writer.

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Hi, Elna. I would like to know what to put in a ClearVoice portfolio? Does it have to be technical, or is it okay to put anything in?Reply to Robert
Hi Robert! With the Clearvoice portfolio you can upload links to published pieces. You can put “anything” in terms of niche but you won’t attract good paying clients. I would stick to one clear niche for potential clients to look through!Reply to Elna
Hi, I’m a newbie copywriter, and have been studying everything I can get my hands on, and there’s been a lot. But, I must tell you, this article, by far, is the best I’ve ever read. The information you give is invaluable to a beginner writer. I’d like to thank you for all the time and effort you put into this. I didn’t know that these places even existed. Job well done.Reply to Rebecca
Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for your kind words! I love rounding up ways to find freelance writing gigs! Feel free to check out these ones too: https://elnacain.com/blog/20-ways-find-freelance-writing-jobs/ and https://elnacain.com/blog/job-search-sites/Reply to Elna
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Hey Allen, Is there one topic you like or want to learn more about? If so, start digging into that topic and think of content you can write and show prospects. It will take time to be an expert in your field but it starts with content!Reply to Elna
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Thanks for your eagle eyes! It’s fixed!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thank you so much for this, I have searched through other blogs but couldn’t find what I was looking for. But with your blog I was able to find a lot of writing jobs, thank you!Reply to Stephanie
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So MUCH info!!! AWESOME! Thank you profoundly. 🙂 You have helped to “put the wheels in motion” for me in an easy format.Reply to Debra
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Clubhouse now pays .15 – .25 a word. The investment is $3.99 upfront to get magazine sent to you. Then, you can study and match their voice. Small investment overall.Reply to Jeff
Hi Jeff, Thanks for the update! I updated the post with your information! Thanks for helping me keep this post up-to-date!Reply to Elna
Hey! What’s up? I’ve been enjoying the couple of your free email courses I’ve been engaged in, I truly appreciate all the work you have done to help those of us who aspire to accomplish a similar career. So many have a dog-eat-dog, competitive and ultimately distructive attitude towards the newcomers and underdogs in their industry. How encouraging for myself, and surely countless like-minded noobs to come across your blog, like a quill with a cape out for the edification of the beginner. I wonder, though, being an avid follower and knowing you have a cornucopia of career resources: where might I find- online and remotely- a social network or something similar, where I can connect with a real HUMAN who will ACTUALLY read and HONESTLY review some of my samples through UNBIASED critique, suggest, applaud or even rebuke my work? I’d like to be able to interact and communicate for free with individuals on a business-flavored level without any intimacy or overly-personal implications involved. I can’t wait to see or hear from you. I really admire your work and even though you don’t know me, know that someone is rooting for all your doing and is proud of your accomplishments from the standpoint of one you’ve helped! Stay Bold -KayReply to Kay
Hi Kay, What a wonderful comment to read! I even showed my husband! Thank you so much for your kind words. I do want to be more of a friend and helper than someone that pushes marketing tactics to be a freelance writer. If you are a writer and want to write then I can show you how to get paid for your writing online. It’s what I do and absolutely love and I just want more people to learn about it! I hear you on wanting a real person to look over your work and offer help! This is exactly what I do in my course Writeto1k. I read your first pitch and your About page copy and offer tips and help. Plus, in the private Facebook group many writers will look over your first writing sample or blog post! The group is judgment free and very encouraging! But, if this isn’t what you want right know, there are many freelance writing Facebook groups that you can join for free and see if you can connect with another writer. Both of you can critique each other’s work! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thank you so much! I cannot imagine how long it took you to compile all of that information for us. It is an impressive list of ways to go about finding freelance gigs – I cannot thank you enough for the tips!Reply to Erin
Hi Erin, Thank you so much! Big list posts like these takes me days or weeks to compile and write. One other big post I just update here and there…so from 20 to 50 to 70 and so on! For me that puts the pressure off of writing all of it at one time!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I do love when you share how you tackle large tasks…it really helps to have tips for creating a strategy when juggling writing, life, kids, home, etc. like we all are right now. Big thanks again!Reply to Erin
Hi Erin, You’re welcome! I’m still struggling with managing everything still but any help I can offer I will!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, You have inspired me to go forward with my desire to write. I am following your advise to get started. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks, SandraReply to Sandra
Hi Sandra! That’s fantastic to hear! I can’t wait to hear you landed your first writing gig!Reply to Elna
F.Y.I. Listverse does not pay first-time submissions. You have to give away the listicle milk before they will pay for the blogging cow. But once give the 2K word sacrifice, you have a chance at getting paid on the next go round.Reply to Jeff
Hi Jeff, Thanks so much! I updated the post on Listverse!Reply to Elna
Write out every non-paying and paying gig you mentioned-you just never know…..thank you, that took a lot of time researching and writing- thanks again!! JoAnReply to JoAn
Hi JoAn, Wow! Must of took a lot of time out of your day but now you have a wealth of information to help you land that online writing job!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, As a freelancer just starting out in my own business (been doing ti for years working for others, I find your information very useful. I am just wondering if you can mention a few sites that specifically list proofreading and editing? I have joined a few sites here you have mentioned and so far it is an interesting learning process and sometimes frustrating. Thanks for creating all the free things that you do.Reply to Lee
Hi Lee, Thank you so much! As for proofreading jobs I just published a post on that! https://elnacain.com/blog/online-proofreading-jobs/ Have fun exploring!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, Hope you’re well. Thanks for all these instructional articles on freelancing, I have read quite a few of them and am still considering freelancing on the side. You’ve listed numerous sites here and I was wondering if you can help narrow them down to a handful of trusted, reliable sites that you have used. Thank you!Reply to Ming
Hello Elna, Thank you for the article. I want to be a freelance writer. I have been looking for sites and gigs but could not get a good start. This post is very helpful.Reply to Arpa
Hi Arpa! That’s great to hear! Have fun learning about freelance writing!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I am just starting out and so glad I found you. All of your posts are so informative and helpful. Can you steer me to some actual samples of cold pitch emails? I want to start doing it, but not sure exactly what wording is best. Thanks so much 🙂Reply to Gina
Hey Gina, Thanks so much! So happy you found these writing gigs a good starting place to be a freelance writer. As for pitch templates, I really only share those for my course students and I spent a long time perfecting my pitches. What I can mention is that your pitch needs to be short and succinct and share exactly who you are and how you can help a business with your writing service. Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna. Thank you very much for this elaborate list. I am also a freelance writer. I will definitely give your tips a go.Reply to Meloda
Hi Meloda, That’s great to hear! Glad you want to be a freelance writer!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna. Since I am just starting out your resources are exactly what I need. Thank you for sharing. I am taking action today. Thank you NadineReply to Nadine
50% of these links are for US citizens only, others that say no experience required then have a requirement you send in previous examples of your work, yes I am getting frustrated having read an encyclopedias worth of tips & how tos on the subject yet I’m still no closer to my goal. I will persevere, eventually I will succeed but it’s certainly not as simple as these numerous how to & lists make out.Reply to Scott
Hey Scott, I’m not in the States and was able to land work quickly. You know what you need to do – get some samples and post them online! I have a post on how to do that! https://elnacain.com/blog/obscure-ways-freelance-writers-samples/ Or you can guest post! Get the writing up for people to see your credible in your niche and you’ll get work! It will happen for you and I apologize you are frustrated. I do have this post that may be more helpful: https://elnacain.com/blog/20-ways-find-freelance-writing-jobs/Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I am a spiritualist and a creative freelance writer. I deal with topics dealing with Universal Energy, life-teachings, healing, meditation and writing scripts for guided-meditations. I would like to know if there are some good freelance writing gigs/sites where I can earn well as a spiritual writer. By the way, I have my gigs with Fiverr and doing fairly well there. But I am looking for others as well. Thanks a lot. VeraReply to Vera
Hi Vera! I think what you need to do is define your ideal client and then find businesses in that niche online! Do some cold pitching to land some gigs in that niche!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna Thank you so much for your posts, I didn’t even know when I got a notepad to start jotting down points and ideas. This posts answered questions I didn’t even know i had. I really plan to expand my style of writing and improve on the skills and method I already practice. One question I couldn’t get an answer to was as an international writer who is really interested in these jobs, is it possible for me to land these writing jobs and actually get paid.Reply to Omoyeni
Hi! That’s awesome to hear! Glad you took notes on this very long post about finding a freelance writing gig online! As for international people, of course you can land a gig online. You can live practically anywhere as a freelance writer! I have clients from all over the world too!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! I have absolutely no experience in freelance writing. But I am always willing to learn. My family & I love to travel. What type of board do you suggest to get started? Thanks!Reply to Emily
Hi Emily, That’s great you want to freelance write! I’m not sure what you mean by what board to start with – do you mean job boards? You can try ProBlogger as a start. It’s the biggest but then follow boards on Twitter! You will get daily leads!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna!, I just found your website and I love it! I have been looking for good advise in regards to writing for a while now and this answered a lot of questions for me so thank you. Though I will say I’m a college student right now and extremely eager to begin writing for something! This list is great but if you had to pick one or two things that would work for somebody on the younger side, what would be your first choices? Since I’m in school and only recently discovered my love for writing, I don’t have any actually experience which makes me a bit self conscious when it comes to picking! Thanks for any tips in advance! 😀Reply to Krissy!
Hi Krissy! Wow thanks so much!! So happy my freelance writing blog has helped you answer some of your burning questions about freelance writing. As for picking one or two things to help you as a college freelance writer, I think job boards and guest posting would be your two things to get you to land gigs and get in front of your ideal clients.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I am very new to the world of blogging/freelance writing so my question might be a bit silly (I apologise!)… for freelance writing and guest posts, does the writing have to be completely original? I.e. you cannot “sell” a piece of writing that you have already posted to your blog? Or are you allowed to post that same piece after you’ve “sold” it? (Hope that question makes sense!) Thanks in advance!Reply to Alayna
Hi Alayna, Thanks so much! For your answer, no, you can’t “sell” a writing piece that’s already published. Blogs want original content. It’s okay if it’s similar to what you already have. So if you have a post on 21 Date Night Tips for Married Couples, you can pitch another idea to a guest blog on: 12 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Show Your Husband You Love Him. Make sense?Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, This is a great list! I am a beginner to writing but wish to pursue it. Any tips for me. I enjoy poetry, non fiction and writing about family and music. I write for the Blue Mountain Arts poetry contest. I’m not sure about getting samples out there since I’m new to writing. I have some college but no degree. Does this matter? Thank you.Reply to Natasha
Hi Natasha! Thanks so much! As for education, you don’t need a degree to be a paid writer. For poetry you’re going to have to look at magazines, publications and things like that (that I have no experience in!).Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! I’m a huge fan of all of your sites and your course! Do you ever find multiple websites, twins, and clients too much to handle? You are incredible, lady!Reply to Nicole
Hey Nicole! <3 Thanks so much! Um, yes! Ha. I either focus too much on the twins or too much on one blog and not on the other. It's tough to balance for sure!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, This is a impressive list . I used to write paid article and found jobs on Fiverr and freelancer. i had a mishapp and was not able to get to work , due to which I got some negative reviews. I was actually looking for some sites where I can get some gigs and earn some cash. This list is really helpful. Thank you so muchReply to Ashish
Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah, I wouldn’t go with freelance marketplaces like that Fiverr and such. They are low-paying and not worth it. Glad you found some new places to get freelance writing gigs!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’m new to freelance writing, and I’ve learned so much from reading your blog posts and from your email course! Your posts are so thorough and helpful that I’m finding myself taking detailed notes while reading. Especially for this one, as you describe different sites in which you can submit content and get paid for it. It’s definitely opened more doors for me and given me more ideas on where I should focus my attention as a new freelance writer. Thanks so much, Elna! I’ll be a regular visitor to your site as well as checking out the places you’ve listed above. BrittneyReply to Brittney
Hi Brittney, Thank you so much! I’m so glad you found some great tips to help you get a freelance writing gig. I know for a lot of newbies it’s hard for sure! So happy to know you found good strategies.Reply to Elna