24 Types of Copywriting (Up to $1,000 Pay)

When you think about becoming a freelance writer, do you envision someone sitting at their computer for 12 hours a day, slaving away typing thousands of words just to make a living writing?

Who has time for that???

You want to do this part-time, and you don’t want to be in front of your computer all day.

24 Types of Copywriting (Up to $1,000 Pay)

Content writing jobs just aren’t long-form pieces of content that take 20 hours to write.

Over the years of freelance writing in the B2B niche, I’ve discovered high-paying online content writing jobs with very little writing involved!

These types of copywriting projects can pay up to thousands per piece!

Whether you are a brand new freelance writer or have been freelance writing for a few years like me, there is no rule why you can’t broaden your writing services and include these short pieces of content so you can make more money writing.

So, let’s look at 24 types of copywriting that you can start offering today!

1. Infographics

Infographics are a visual representation of data or an idea.

Typically, businesses will create in-depth infographics selling their services or share educational content to grow their leads.

And more and more businesses are seeing the importance of packaging up their offers into nice highly-engaging infographics. Infographics are best for businesses that have a difficult time showing their products or services.

For example Grammar Check is an online editing tool, and their industry – grammar mistakes – is hard to visualize these in an aesthetically pleasing way.

But, with infographics, Grammar Check can share grammar tips easily with visually appealing content.

Grammar Check’s infographic

These infographics only need the most important points shared so being concise and to the point is important when writing short copy for part-time content writing jobs. Also, businesses already have a visual editor on their team, so they will give you the writing aspect and send it to their visual editor to create an infographic.

This means there is no need to learn a visual editing tool like Photoshop or Canva if you want to be an infographic writer.

Pay: freelance writers can be paid up to $350 for a 200-word infographic

2. Emails

Email marketing is a driving force for businesses online. It’s their primary way to nurture leads and gain clients. From the small blogger to multi-million brands, email marketing is a huge part of their business.

As a content writer, you can write:

  • email sequences
  • retention emails
  • welcome series
  • stand alone emails (deals, offers)

Emails are typically under 500 words and focus on nurturing leads for a business. These types of emails are educational, personable, and packed with value.

Some different types of email copywriting include:

  • Nurture emails
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Funnel emails
  • Abandon cart
  • Transactional

You can offer writing these emails, editing them, or proofreading them for businesses. But, you’ll make the most money writing emails.

On a per email basis, freelance writers can charge up to $150, but if you niche down to certain industries like eCommerce or SaaS, then you can charge more.

Pay: email sequences and email funnels pay up to $1,000+ (ex: 5-day email sequence)

3. Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages on a website that offer one thing. The most popular type of landing page offers a lead magnet to grow an email list.

These types of copywriting jobs pay well and if you enjoy graphic design can be fun to make.

I have several landing pages on both my sites, and each one has different offers. You can be hired for businesses to write a 1 page landing page of around 500 words detailing their latest lead magnet, etc. white paper.

I personally enjoy writing landing pages for businesses. They are short and don’t take much time to write.

The first part of the landing page is an irresistible headline that speaks to a client. For my Twins Mommy audience, I share my guide to make money blogging and open up my landing page with a question.

Twins Mommy landing page copy

I then have a subheading and then a graphic of the incentive + a headline detailing what they will get if they sign up to my list.

The rest of the landing page shares what they will receive and shows them my credibility on this topic.

Pay: landing page copy starts at $250 and goes up to $800

4. Resumes

Anyone who is looking for a job needs a resume. This piece of document showcases their work history and skills for a particular job someone is seeking.

Learning how to write a resume as a freelance writer not only helps with showcasing your work, but you can use this new skill to offer to authors, teachers, nurses, etc.

My Writeto1k student Amanda started her freelance writing career by writing resumes for nurses.

She now has a template shop of her resumes and has built a wonderful business to help nurses online.

Resumes for nurses

Pay: resume writing starts at $100 and can go up to $400 depending on the information

5. Bios

Some great types of copywriting pieces are writing bios for executives and employees for companies.

Company pages that show all their employees usually have a small write up of each person’s role in the company. As a freelance writing job, you can write these bios in batches.

Here’s an example from Drift, a conversion content marketing platform, and their leadership team page.

Bios for Drift team

Bios range from 50 words to a few hundred words and can be a nice part-time writing service.

Pay: bios range from $50 to upwards of $200 depending on how involved the bio is or how many bios you are writing

6. PPC Ads

PPC, or pay-per-click, ads are used by small to large businesses as a way to drive more sales to their products and services. Paid traffic is usually more qualified and ready to convert than cold people searching on Google.

Here’s an example of PPC ads for the search term car insurance.

PPC ads for car insurance

Copywriting jobs for PPC ad writing can be a fun addition to your freelance writing services.

With any type of ad writing you have to know the audience inside and out, and your writing needs to be concise and on point. Most ad copy focusses on either the benefit or features of the product.

Pay: PPC ads can start between $150- $200 per ad

7. Product Descriptions

Product description writing wasn’t a project I enjoyed writing.

My very first content writer job was writing a description for a toy, and for me, this took me hours to write. My twins were babies, and I wasn’t familiar with this Cars movie toy.

And over the years, I turned down product description articles, but lately, I’m slowly getting over my hangup.

You know why?

Because product description writing pays well as a writing job and it’s a great type of copywriting service to offer.

Types of copywriting assignments might include:

  • Writing a shop page
  • Product-based emails
  • Sales page product writing

As a product writer, you can write about one product as an article for businesses or write pages of product descriptions for eCommerce companies.

Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty-free makeup line, and they have hundreds of products. Each product has a short description and a longer, more detailed description.

Lime Crime product description

Pay: product descriptions range from $50 per write-up upwards to $200 a write-up

8. Press Kits

A press kit, or a media kit, is a set of promotional material that details the business, people behind the brand, and the success of that company.

Many bloggers offer a media kit on their site to showcase their growth as a blogger. They provide subscriber counts, social media counts, pageviews, and partnerships they’ve had in the past.

These press kits or media kits are usually distributed to media outlets, but they are used for brand sponsorships for bloggers.

For example, here is Millie Adrian – Instagram Influencer – of It’s Modern Millie, and her website has a brand page detailing her stats and influence online.


Pay: press kits start at $85 and go up to $750

9. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a type of copywriting example, and do take some experience with understanding Facebook ad copy to offer this service.

Over the summer, I took a Facebook ads course to learn about creating a Facebook ad, and a huge part of the course was Facebook ad copy.

There are proven copywriting templates for Facebooks ads. For someone interested in this type of content writing job, you will have to spend some time analyzing ads to figure out those different formulas.

To see different Facebook ads, you can visit the Facebook ad library and search for a brand’s Facebook page to see if they are displaying ads.

For example, BarkBox, a pet subscription service, is showing many Facebook ads for their strategy.

Facebook ads from BarkBox

Depending on what you want to do for your clients – installing the Facebook ad pixel, the graphics for creating the ad, and tracking links – Facebook ad writing can pay well.

Pay: Facebook ads can start at $250 per ad upwards to $1,000 per ad

10. UX Writing

You know those error messages you might get on an app or the terms and conditions for a service you signed up to? That is UX writing.

As a UX writer, you work closely with the software developers and designers to help you craft the right UI copy. Some examples of UX writing are,

To see the item’s properties, tap on it

error: You entered an incorrect password

Video downloaded

This type of writing is probably the shortest copy on this list and is the most in-demand.

According to a LinkedIn report, UX design is one of the top five soft skills needed for companies. As a UX web content writer, this is good news since UX designers need writers to help them with the wording of their apps and tools.

Pay: since this is a new type of writing service, pay varies between $250-$1,000 depending on the app’s complexity.

11. Video Scripts

With Instagram Reels, Tick Tock, Youtube, Facebook lives, and webinars, there is a growing market for video script writing.

Writing video scripts take some practice since you have to be concise but also conversational. I haven’t picked up any content writing jobs as a video script writer, but the gig looks fun and something different than my usual long-form writing.

There are different payment types for video scripts: per word, per project, or a flat rate for the amount of words.

Pay: video script writing pays up to $500 for short videos or up to $1/word

12. Website Pages

An in-demand content writing job is writing website content. From services pages, team pages, shop pages and more, there is no shortage for these content writing jobs, with the rush of businesses opening up online.

And what’s cool is that all freelance writers will have experience with this service after setting up their freelance writer website!

Pay: between $150-$500 per page

13. Case Studies

Do you know how to write a case study? Learning this one skill can help you earn thousands per project! It’s a much-needed service for a content writer.

As a case study writer, you would be responsible for interviewing your client’s customers and writing up a study on how that customer used your client’s product and how they benefited from it.

Depending on the company, they may format their “success stories” as blog posts or as a PDF. Marketing agency, Wishpond, does both on their case study page.

Wishpond case study PDF version
Whishpond case study blog format

Pay: case studies start at $500 and go up to $1,000+

14. Podcast Transcriptions

Podcasts are on the frontline for brand building this year.  Audio content is becoming a way to show you are a thought leader in your industry – and business owners are listening.

And when you mix freelance writing with transcriptions, you can be assured that you’ll find work easily.

With over 500 active podcasts currently, it can be easy to find a podcast in your writing niche, reach out to the host and see if they want their podcast transcribed as a blog post or email.

For example, the Wellness Mama Podcast has a post for every podcast episode, and in that post, they introduce their guest speaker and highlight important points in the podcast.

As well, they provide helpful links and a full transcript option.

The Wellness Mama podcast transcript

Pay: podcast transcription starts at $1/minute

15. PowerPoint Presentation

With Google Slides, you can use this to create professional slide presentations for companies in your niche. But, if you’re familiar with Canva or PicMonkey, you can easily create custom webinar slides for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

You don’t need PowerPoint to create a PowerPoint presentation since G-slides has the option to download your slides as a PowerPoint presentation.

Whether companies use these slides for Youtube videos, online presentations, or for webinars to grow their list, you can be the content writer and possibly designer for their on-brand slides.

I recently was asked to speak at two upcoming summits and had to craft some webinar slides. If I was too busy to do this, then I probably would have hired this out to my writers, but I wasn’t 🙂

Webinar slides for a summit I’m speaking at

Pay: writing webinar slides or creating a PowerPoint presentation start at $40 per slide 

16. Course Lessons

Similar to PowerPoint and webinar slides, course lessons follow the same format. Businesses in the past have asked me to create course lessons for them, and it’s a nice service to add to your freelance writing skillset.

Course lesson writing

With course lessons, there is usually an objective and clear steps to accomplish that objective as well as examples and action steps to make each lesson valuable. This skill can also be adaptive to the education niche for distance learning curriculums.

Pay: course lesson writing can be lucrative. According to Contena, lesson writing pays up to $7,000 per month

17. Keyword Research

Many businesses hire SEO specialists to help their business rank in Google for their industry’s keywords.

However, there are many businesses that can’t afford an SEO company, so they rely on freelance writers to help them with keyword research.

As a digital marketing writer, I am very familiar with SEO and keyword research. I can use my knowledge and my paid SEO tool to help small businesses with optimizing their content for Google.

Pay: keyword research starts at $500 and can go up to $1,000 depending on the nature of the project

18. Order Page Checkout Optimization

For many eCommerce companies, abandoned carts can pose a huge problem for their strategy.

To avoid abandoned carts, there are things you can do on the order page to optimize for conversions.

For these freelance content writing jobs using copywriting is essential to ensure that only the most essential copy is on the order page.

The best order page has all the information on one page, which helps a new customer trust the brand. I personally like Pixistock’s oder page. It shows the different plans, make it easy to fill in the right information, terms and conditions, and a big submit button.

Pay: writing an order page checkout or optimizing it pays between $400-$800

19. Magazine Article

Magazine writing is a whole other world in my neck of the words. As a freelance writer for small businesses where I deal with business owners or marketers, with magazines, you’re dealing with kill fees and editors.

But, there is even a bigger difference between my projects and magazine writing: the pay. Magazine writing pays dollars per word, and oftentimes, the pieces are short – less than 1,000 words.

Check out my post on magazines that pay to pitch to magazines.

Pay: magazines start at around $1.00/word – $1.25/word

20. Banner or Text Ads

Many companies use ads to gain paid traffic to their website and products. It’s a practical and optimized way to get in front of paying customers. One form of generating paid traffic is with the use of banner ads or text ads.

Companies hire content writers to write a banner add, and then that company will use it for advertising purposes.

Pay: banner or text ads pay up to $250 per ad

21. Testimonials

Social proof is a powerful marketing tool for businesses, and sometimes, word or mouth is more converting than traditional ads. Testimonials on a business page act as social proof and word of mouth all in one.

I know for me, I always check out testimonials and reviews of others when it comes to products I don’t know about. As a freelance writer, you can offer a real-world credibility element to testimonials.

Pay: testimonials can pay upwards of $800 

22. FAQs

One of the barriers a person might have with buying a product is the lack of knowledge about the product or process. That’s where a FAQ section on a landing page, sales page or shop page comes in handy.

Writers can format the questions and come up with easy-to-understand answers for businesses and gain money with these content writing jobs that are short copy projects!

Pay: FAQs content is $500

23. Quizzes

A fun freelance content writing job is quiz writing. I don’t know about you, but I love taking quizzes on different blogging sites. As a writer, this short copy project can be profitable as a new service for you.

Here is a quiz from Melyssa Griffin.

Melyssa Griffin’s quiz for her optin

Quizzes are usually short, some-what challenging questions with a multiple choice answer. Some quizzes are long with several questions, while others are no more than ten questions. As the quiz writer, you need to understand the topic and have a passing knowledge to craft unique quiz questions.

Pay: quiz creation and set up starts at $500

24. Surveys

Surveys help businesses understand their customer needs better and can even help with product creation. Surveys are usually delivered to customers for more feedback or after they have received a service (think of after you eat at a restaurant, and they give you a survey to complete about the quality of the food and service).

As the writer, you decide on the type of questions for a survey – open-ended or close-ended – and make sure each question is different and direct.

Pay: writing surveys start at $500

Small Copywriting Projects that Pay Big Bucks

Isn’t it funny that I wrote a 3,000- word long-form blog post to talk about short copy projects?

In any case, I hope you discovered some different types of writing jobs for you. In the comments, let me know which content writing job you want to try out!

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