You don’t get it.

You made the decision to become a freelance writer.

You even started trying to find freelance writing jobs.

But after three weeks of this, you have no luck.

No jobs, no money, nothing.

You learn of other freelance writers killing it online. They’re attracting clients, landing job after job and can’t understand why they are successful and you’re not.

Can I tell you a secret?

Successful freelance writers aren’t better writers than you.

They aren’t better at Skype interviews or emailing either.

Heck, they aren’t even better at negotiating a good rate.

What they have – that you don’t yet have – is a writer website.

Earn more money freelance writing with a writer website

This one tool has helped me land the best freelance writing jobs – wonderful clients, fun projects and high paying rates – and can essentially make or break you as a new freelance writer.

But, there’s only one problem here:

You have no idea how to start a website for your business.

You know nothing about WordPress or any other tech stuff.

You have no idea where to go or how to start the process of getting a blog.

And when you think about all of this, you end up with lots of headaches.

But, because you are desperate to make this work, you try to DIY it all and hack together some kind of writer website that isn’t professional or brandable.

One upside to this COVID-19 pandemic has been the extra time it’s given me to focus on getting my freelance writing career off the ground, and Elna’s Writer Website online course has been the perfect way to get me started. I am not “techy” at all, but I now have a very professional-looking, fully functional Writer Website – thanks to Elna’s easy to digest, step by step guidance. I’m a visual person and it was incredibly helpful for her to break down each step into small bite-size chunks in the form of short follow along videos. The tutorials on how to use Canva to create beautiful professional graphics were an added bonus for me. Thank you Elna for your super fun and practical support.– Rachael Codina, Freelance Writer

Creating a professional writer website doesn’t have to be hard.

I started freelance writing three years ago and one of the first things I did was create a dedicated website to promote my freelance writing service.


I needed to show my credibility – and worth – as a freelance writer and a website is perfect for that.

As soon as I had a writer website, I landed my first high-paying freelance writing job at $.10/word.

Soon after, I landed another job at $.12/word.

Each client after that, I earned more and more per word. Nowadays, I receive several hundred dollars for one blog post.

My website attracts not only the right clients but high-paying clients.

But, how do you start a writer website?

What are the steps to start and build a professional and profitable website that attracts the right jobs?

Introducing Writer Website in a Weekend

A step-by-step course to help you set up your self-hosted WordPress website so you can start landing better freelance writing jobs quicker.

There are two ways to start a website for your freelance writing business:

  • Trial and error. You spend hours YouTubing tutorials, reading blog post after blog post trying to piece together the tech training so you can attempt a functional website. You seriously begin to think about hiring this out for several hundred dollars or quit freelance writing altogether.
  • With help from me! I help you lesson by lesson the necessary and essential steps to having a professional WordPress website for your freelance writing business. With video lessons, you can see exactly what you need to do to get it right the first time.

In a weekend you can have a writer website that will help you earn more money

Your writer website is the entry point most prospects use to:

  • learn about you
  • learn about your services
  • see your samples
  • figure out your influence online
  • figure out if you are the right writer for them
  • contact you

Your writer website can speak for you more than you can for yourself. The look, the navigation, and the message on your website can sway a prospect within minutes – or seconds – to hire you.

Let your writer website attract your right and ideal client today!

When you enroll in Writer Website in a Weekend you get:

  • Lifetime access with all updates for free
  • 5 modules with 26 video step-by-step lessons
  • Canva tutorial
  • WordPress overview
  • Starting Your Blog Post to Attract Clients guide
  • Best WordPress Plugins for Freelance Writers guide
  • Best Tools to Start Your Freelance Writing Business Off on the Right Foot guide
  • Customized tips for your website
  • and much more
I have just completed (not fully but most) of this course and I just wanted to tell you how helpful I found it. I started off on the wrong foot as I wasn’t using Bluehost so the plugins and things didn’t work for me, but all of the information of the content involved was so incredibly valuable. I honestly wouldn’t be anywhere close to finished without you, so thank you SO much.– Lexie Mathers, Freelance Writer