3 Tips on How to Manage Your Freelance Writing Career

In my last post, I talked about some of the things a new freelance writer needs to have to get the job done. One tip I mentioned in that post was in order to be a successful freelance writer you also need to be a successful project manager.

The Freelance Writer’s Guide to Getting the Job Done

Are you a new freelance writer? If so, do you think:

  • I can work anywhere and anytime I want. Yeah I can be my own BOSS!
  • I can create my own schedule and choose the job that’s right for me. No more dreading the daily grind!
  • I will ultimately get paid for doing what I love the most: writing. I can get rich!

All this can be true and more when you are a freelance writer, but don’t let these awesome perks become the death of your career.

3 Key Ways on How to Improve Content

If you are a freelance writer like me, than you know how difficult it can be to come up with original and captivating, yet quality driven blog posts or articles. That doesn’t mean, though, you only have to write low-quality web content.