Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview With Paige Taylor


Welcome back to Confessions of a Freelance Writer! This will be the last post in my series. I truly enjoyed learning about each freelance writer that has either helped me or inspired me in my freelance writing business.

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview With Ariel Rule

Confessions of a Freelance Writer asks the personal questions that every writer wants to know. For today’s Confessions, I interviewed Ariel Rule.

Ariel is someone I learned about recently. I’m part of a group of fabulous webpreneurs in which we root each other on, give practical advice and help each others businesses grow. Ariel is apart of this group of ladies.

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview with Lauren Tharp

If you’re a freelance writer, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Lauren Tharp. She has indispensable advice for writers and her blog has even won her awards.

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview With Lorraine Reguly

Let me just say, I’m excited about this next freelance writer and blogger for this series.

Lorraine Reguly is the first freelance writer I have met IRL, and it was by complete surprise.

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview with Alicia Rades

Ready for another confession from a highly successful freelance writer/blogger?

My next freelance writer I interviewed was Alicia Rades. Alicia was one of the first few freelance writers I found online when I embarked on my freelance writing career. I was immediately drawn to her marketing strategies and informational content she provided via her own blog and guest blogs.

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview with Sania Lali

Are you ready to learn about another great freelance writer? For today’s Confessions of a Freelance Writer, I’m interviewing Sania Lali. She is the newest freelance writer I know. I accidentally learned about her via one of the freelance writing Facebook groups I belong to.

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview with Gina Horkey

Ever wanted to know the dark side of freelance writing? Or how successful you can be by making a living writing? Or why some people decided to become a freelance writer in the first place?

Confessions of a Freelance Writer

Ever wanted to get into the minds of successful freelance writers and ask, how do you do it?

How did you land your first big freelance writing job?

Why did you choose freelance writing in the first place?

For me, before I started freelance writing, I researched a ton of freelance writers. I looked at their web page, their social media presence, their guest posts, their clients, and above all, how they marketed themselves.

Creating an Effective Freelance Writing Contract: Sample Template, Tips and What You Need to Know

Over the years of freelance writing, I’ve come to know how important it is to have a freelance writing contract. Why?

Because of dodgy clients.

They often ruin your day, week, or month.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Newbies: Determing Your Rates

If you’re a new freelance writer, one of the hardest decisions to make is determining your rates. Oftentimes we undervalue ourselves and end up taking low paying jobs just to get by.