Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview with Sania Lali

Are you ready to learn about another great freelance writer? For today’s Confessions of a Freelance Writer, I’m interviewing Sania Lali. She is the newest freelance writer I know. I accidentally learned about her via one of the freelance writing Facebook groups I belong to.

Sania posted one of her articles and after reading it, found that she has some great freelance writing tips! She is passionate, just like me, about having freelance writers know their worth and she is working hard to tell content writers in her home country, Pakistan, that they can have the same success as she is having.

So, let’s meet Sania and learn about how she became a success!

Confessions of a Freelance Writer: Interview with Sania Lali

Natural Born Writer

My name is Sania Lali and I’m working as a freelance writer. Growing up, I loved reading books. It was my favorite pastime. I always knew I wanted to become a professional writer when I grew up. That’s the reason I decided to get a degree in Journalism from Kinnaird College. During college, I worked as a part time content writer at a local company called Sofizar ConstellationCK.

After that, I interned at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and went on to work as a Communication Associate at iMMAP. During this time, I had been doing a number of freelance projects on the side. In early 2014, I quit my job and became a full time freelance writer.

In my free time, I love reading, writing and watching movies.

Following Sania’s Dreams

I did most of my content writing work off-site while working at ConstellationCK because I had classes during the day. I loved the fact that I could choose my own work timings and could earn money without leaving the comfort of my room. And as I said earlier, becoming a professional writer had always been my dream. So that’s when I realized I wanted to become a professional freelance writer.

Living In a House of Writers

My family has been very supportive of me. After I got married, I had been on the verge of giving up my freelance writing career but my husband encouraged me to keep going. My husband is also a writer and is currently working on his first novel.

How Long Have You Been a Freelance Writer?

I’ve been a freelance writer for the past 5 years.

Being Your Own Boss – Freedoms and Limitations

One of the biggest limitations freelance writers face is the competition. There are just too many freelance writers out there willing to work for pennies. That’s the reason some companies pay writers too little. I think writers should value their skills and have a little self-respect.

When it comes to freedom, I think one of the biggest advantages freelance writers have is the freedom to work on their own pace. That’s one of the best things about being a freelance writer, I believe. You can choose your own work timings, environment and schedule. You don’t have to wake up early in the morning and rush to office. You can simply sit at a coffee place and work.

Being a Freelance Writer Isn’t Easy, But It Does Have Its Celebrations

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced as a freelance writer so far is finding the right kind of clients. Sometimes, you see a job advertisement and go, “This is perfect for me!” But you never hear back from the client. At other times, you apply half-heatedly to some job that’s not much relevant to your skills but you get a prompt reply. Finding the right kind of clients is very hard and the competition is immense.

I’ve had a couple of winnings as a freelance writer as well. I’m proud of the fact that I got selected to become a columnist at Rant Lifestyle in 2014. Another thing I’m proud of is that Brian Scott over at chose an article written by me and published it as a guest post on his blog. One of my articles also got published at Express Tribune, which is one of the top newspapers in my country, Pakistan.

How Sania Landed Her First Client With a Kick Ass Resume

It took me a month to land my first client. I had been applying to freelance job openings for a month, without success. I got a couple of responses from clients, but I didn’t manage to get a job. Then I realized what I was doing wrong: I had a pretty unprofessional resume and cover letter. I started working on improving my resume and cover letter.

Once I started sending my improved resume and cover letter to freelance writing job advertisements, I got more responses than ever. And that’s how I landed my first client. That’s the reason I always emphasize the importance of resumes and cover letters on my blog.

Goals for 2015?

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to dedicate more time to writing. I’m currently working on writing an ebook, which I plan to publish as soon as it’s complete. Other than that, I’m going to continue teaching my readers how and where to find the best freelance writing opportunities at my blog, Ink Crafts.

Sania’s Top 3 Freelance Writing Websites

  1. FreelanceWriting
  2. ProBlogger
  3. FreelancerFAQs

How Does Sania Land Gigs?

The main way I secure gigs is through emails. I simply browse job boards such as the job board at ProBlogger and apply to those jobs that are relevant to my skills. I have a killer cover letter written that I send to all clients, after tweaking it a little bit according to different jobs. It works most times!

Sania’s Number One Piece of Advice for Newbie Freelance Writers

My number one advice to freelance writers is this: don’t send half-hearted applications to job advertisements. Otherwise, you can forget about getting a response, ever. Spend some time and effort filling in each application or updating your resume when applying to jobs.

Personalize each job application or resume according to the needs of the client. Take the job application process very seriously. And if you don’t get a response immediately, don’t lose hope. I waited a month before I got my first client. It could take much longer too, but you will get there. Stay motivated and don’t lose patience.

Sania’s Website to Help Freelance Writers

After working as a freelance writer for 5 years, I started a blog to teach newbie freelancers how to land high paying clients and make money writing. If anyone wants to become a freelance writer, but doesn’t know how to start, they will find a lot of useful information and resources on my blog. I also have a Jobs page, where I post latest freelance writing job advertisements from around the web as well as writing contests and paid writing opportunities. Visit my blog here:


SaniaAfter working as a freelance writer for 5 years, Sania Lali started her blog, Ink Crafts, where she teaches her readers how to land high-paying writing jobs.


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Thanks for the appreciation, Sabita and Raspal. Raspal, as Elna said, a lot of online job advertisements require you to send your resume along with your application. So it’s a good idea to have a professional resume highlighting your freelance writing experience. Cover letters are essential when applying via email, as they’re your first contact with a potential employer.Reply to Sania
Sania’s interview is a great read Elna. Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen her blog, and I must say that the information there is quite helpful. On top of it, as a fellow Pakistani writer, seeing a serious freelance writer sharing her learning to equip others to grow is a pleasure indeed. SabitaReply to Sabita
Hi Elna and Sania, I agree, finding the right client is difficult. Back in the days when I worked at oDesk, I used to apply to 15-20 jobs in a week, and then just wait. Then, I’d hear back from one of them for an interview and would mostly get that job. That was after week of hard work, sending polished and customized cover letters. Still used to earn pennies. But those days, competition wasn’t as fierce there, as it is now. It’s worse now. I’ve had this kind of things happen with me — never hearing back from the client after applying. I guess, we assume to get instant results these days. Back in the days when I used to apply for 9-5 jobs, I never got disheartened when I knew I wasn’t going to get selected, after the interviews. I’d come home, take a notebook and pen, and write down some notes as what went good and what didn’t. Then, I’d think how to improve my next interview, and started applying for more jobs. But, resumes and cover letters for applying to jobs at job boards and online jobs? Hmm, this is something new to me. Isn’t our writer website, portfolio, and blog posts our online resume? Will have to check your resumes and cover letters posts. Thanks for this interview post, and sharing Sania’s experience, Elna.Reply to Raspal
Hi Raspal, Some businesses want only a resume and cover letter. They don’t want a pitch sent to them stating why you’re the best fit. Other businesses only want a pitch sent to them with your best portfolio clips. It’s a good idea, as a freelance writer, to have both a pitch, resume and cover letter ready, should you need one of some of them. Thanks for stopping by Raspal and I look forward to you future comments! ElnaReply to Elna
Thanks for featuring me on your blog, Elna! 🙂Reply to Sania
No problem, Sania! I felt you provide quality information about freelance writing and thought my readers should know! ElnaReply to Elna
Great interview, as usual. I’ll be checking out Sania’s site/Reply to Alicia
Yes Alicia, Sania has great posts on writing resumes and CV’s as well as tips for freelance writing success! Thanks for your interview Sania! ElnaReply to Elna