Be a Freelance Writer: Your Writer Website

If you are just starting out as a freelance writer or blogger, one thing you need to have is a writer website.

If you don’t already have one, you’ll be hard pressed to find any clients or have an opportunity to scale your business.

But, you might be thinking,

I don’t need a separate website for my freelance writing – I can just use my personal blog to advertise my services.


Why do I have to put so much thought into my writer website? All I really need is a “hire me” page and a contact email, to open shop.

Both these thoughts aren’t wrong, but if you want to be successful and taken seriously, having your own writer website will help you achieve this.

Be a Freelance Writer: Your Writer Platform

Do you want to know the difference between successful freelance writers and all the others trying to get paid to write?

You might think it’s a full client list or strong negotiation tactics, but it’s not.

Be a Freelance Writer: Do You Have It in You?

Rejection stings, doesn’t it?

You decide to give freelance writing a try, work your little tail off answering job ad after job ad,  only to  hear nothing back.

8 Must-Read Blog Posts for Freelance Writers

For this week, I thought I’d switch it up and present my readers with a round-up post of some of my favorite blog posts from other freelance writers and bloggers.

Get Paid to Write – A Step-by-Step Guide

Are  you wanting to get paid to write as a freelance writer?

Now is a great time to create the life you’ve always wanted – whether it’s traveling more, spending more time with your family, or wanting to work for yourself, you can have it all and I’m going to show you how.

8 Ways to Take Your Content Writing Business to the Next Level

You know you’re a good content writer.

You exceed deadlines.

You’ve “got” content writing down pat.

So, why are you struggling on how to find clients?

6 Rules for Guest Posting (+ Opportunities to Guest Post)

If you don’t already know, guest posting can help kick-start your business – especially for writers and bloggers.

Having your content on someone else’s blog not only helps get your name out there, but it can:

How to Prove Yourself on Your Blog and Earn More Readers From It

Has blogging become a chore for you? What used to be the first thing on your to-do list is now the last thing on your mind.

You now dread having to write for your blog.

5 Client-Magnetizing Ways to Write a Kick-Ass About Page

You think it’s super easy.

I mean, all you have to do is write something about yourself and put it on your About page. Out of all the pages you have to write for your writer website, this should be no problem.

Well, if you’re a freelance writer wanting to score some writing gigs, you are making a classic rookie mistake when it comes to your website copy.

Where I’m Writing and How I’m Doing It

March has been a great month for my business. I thought I’d let my readers know a little bit about how my writing business is going.

This year started off with a bang! I launched my new writer website design and immediately received queries for my writing. While not every query landed a writing job, it did confirm that my inbound marketing tactics were working.