4 Fast Ways to Find Online Writing Jobs

Freelance writing is a huge industry and it’s a great way stay-at-home moms, closet authors, millennials, college students and more can earn a side income or a living from this.

I’ve been a freelance writer for over four years now while taking care of my twins!

My twins are in school now, and I’ve been doing this full-time for two years now.

4 Fast Ways to Find Online Writing Jobs

And, you know what?

There are some fast ways to find a freelance writing job.

But, I personally like to use only a few of them that work for me.

These four ways  I still use, and I know anyone can start using them quickly.

All of these methods are free to use but do require some time. You’re not going to start making money writing on the first day, but if you use these strategies, you’re on the road to landing some great jobs.

Let’s find out my top ways of finding online writing jobs.

4 Easy Ways to Find Online Writing Jobs

If you don’t have the time to read my blog post, you can check out a video on my top ways to find freelance writing jobs. I would love it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel too!

The video does go into more depth about certain aspects of finding writing jobs so make sure to watch it!

1. Freelance Writing Job Board

A freelance writing job board is a platform where you can find good paying online jobs from home. Most of them are freelance writing type of jobs, but many of them don’t require much experience.

The freelance writing job boards I like to use are:

Problogger posts fresh ads every day, sometimes multiple times a day. They have a search function where you can niche down your search if you want to.

For example, I can search for only pet writing jobs.

I would click into the job ad and read about that job. I like job ads that give me a link to their business or at least tells me who they are (a marketing agency that has several blogging clients).

I like to do my research and find them on social media and get to know them a bit more to see if the online writing job is a good one and it’s legit.

Freelance Writing is another free job board that curates jobs from other job boards all around the internet. This is a great one-stop shop for finding a gigs.

The Freelance Writing job board has more filters to help you narrow down your top choices. I plugged in Pet as my main filter and found two gigs.

But, as you can see, the second Pet writing job is over a year old! So, make sure to find the most up-to-date online writing job in your niche.

Again, I explain in my video not to spend hours using job boards. Do some quick searches and pitch to the ones that look like a good fit.

If you find that you have a niched down or not so popular freelance writing niche, job boards may not be your main way of finding a gig.

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2. Using Your Online Presence

For me, this has been my #1 way of taking my online writing business to the next level. Since I’m an online writer, I have to have an online presence.

There are many ways to do this, but I found the best and most converting strategy is to have a writer website.

Having a writer website looks more professional with online brands.

So, setting yourself up to look professional from day one is important if you want to succeed quicker.

I found that once I had this online presence, I landed more writing jobs and was able to raise my rate.

Your website for your writing has to attract your ideal client.

You do this by speaking to your ideal client and understanding their reasons for wanting to hire you.

Maybe your ideal client isn’t a writer. They are a business person and can’t write engaging content. Then your writer website must convey that you write engaging content for big brands.

Maybe your ideal client is pressed for time. They just don’t have the time to write weekly blog content. Your writer website can point that out and let them know that you have the time to craft compelling content.

If you haven’t started your blog for your business, check out my tech-free tutorial.

3. Guest Posting

Part of expanding your presence online is to start guest posting. I personally love guest posting.

While there are sites that pay, I like to pitch to free guest posting spots because they are easier to land and quicker to publish.

There are two ways you can start guest posting:

  • Guest post on big sites that have a lot of traffic
  • Guest post on niche sites that are relevant to your freelance writing niche

For me, I mostly guest posted on niche sites.

My first guest post was for A Nation of Moms. One of my writing niches when I first started was parenting and health. I wrote a guest post on gut health.

And, once I decided to do more digital marekting I guest posted on Tweak Your Biz.

I found it was much easier to land a guest post on a niche site than on a bigger site. But, it’s up to you where you want to guest post.

4. Warm Pitching

Another popular way to find writing jobs is with cold pitching. Cold pitching means finding an online business and pitching your service to them.

For me, this is highly time-consuming, and as a mom to twins I couldn’t devote hours finding these businesses and then pitching to them.

However, I found warm pitching to be more up my alley!

Warm pitching means having that online presence and networking.

So, it would look like this:

  • I would start a LinkedIn profile and follow influencers and brands I want to work with. Over time I would share their content or comment on their LI posts.
  • I would start a Twitter profile and follow influencers and brands and tag them if I feature them in a post or client piece and engage with them on Twitter.

The point is to develop a relationship online over time.

Once this happens you can pitch your service to them. This increases the likelihood that they will consider you and hire you. It’s also not as time-consuming.

Following a few brands a week takes less than 5 minutes or reading a blog post on a site I want to write for and then commenting on it takes less than 10 minutes a week.

Quick Ways for You

There ya go!

My top ways of finding online writing jobs.

While there are many other ways – how about 53 ways! – these are my preferred methods.

As an established freelance writer, I now get weekly emails asking for my services, and I’m able to set my goals to write for bigger brands (since I’ve built up my online presence!).

Over to you – what are your top methods for finding an online writing job?

Share your tactics with us!

Please remember to share me!

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Hey Dana! Awesome! Yes, I like Freelance Writing’s site for sure for cutting the time to check all the sites they rounded up. As for time, I don’t send pitches that frequently now since most of my freelance writing jobs come via referral business or directly from my writer website. When I started though, I’d say I spent 2 hours a day or so finding jobs and pitching to them.Reply to Elna
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