5 Client-Magnetizing Ways to Write a Kick-Ass About Page

You think it’s super easy.

I mean, all you have to do is write something about yourself and put it on your About page. Out of all the pages you have to write for your writer website, this should be no problem.

Well, if you’re a freelance writer wanting to score some writing gigs, you are making a classic rookie mistake when it comes to your website copy.

5 Client-Magnetizing Ways to Write a Kick-Ass About Page

As Alicia Rades, a freelance blogger, puts it,

The fundamental rules of copywriting state that your copy should always be about your audience, even when you’re talking about yourself.

Is this news to you? It was for me when I first started out.

I thought my About page was all about me. I could list who I was, where I studied, and why I decided to be a freelance writer in the first place.

Freelance writers aren’t at fault either. Many bloggers who have a business still fail to maximize their about page to draw in more sales. Kelly Cannon, recently did a post on tweaking your About page for bloggers and she said,

A lot of bloggers take “About Me” literally and share their life story, but that’s not really why your readers are on the page. They want to learn about your blog. They want to know that they’ve come to the right place, that they’re going to find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems.

Yup, that was me.

It didn’t take me long, however, to realize what I lacked in my About page. To resolve this, I made the page less about me, and more about how my writing  can benefit clients.

And you know what happened? I started getting recognized for having a great writer website and About page.

This, in turn, helped me attract more and better clients.

In effect, my About page along with my writer website and blog all have great marketing copy and act as a lead generating tool for my business.

So, if you’re a new freelance writer and your About page is full of stories about why you wanted to write in the first place, then here are 5 kick-ass ways to turn your About page around to attract clients and not readers.

1. It’s Not About You

Okay, we sort of touched a bit on this, but let’s go into why your About page is not about you.

If you are a freelance writer who wants to get paid to write, then it’s a good idea to make your entire writer website a client-magnetizing tool.

You don’t need to be a copywriter to write a kick-ass About page. I am not a copywriter, although I’m sure my website does have some elements of sales copy.

And I know this because most of my clients came to me. They either sought me out on social media or came to my writer website and read my copy. This type of marketing is inbound marketing and it’s something every business tries to achieve.

What you want to do instead, is make your About page about your clients (or readers if you’re a blogger).

The best way to do this is to think like a potential writing client.

Imagine they are needing a content writer and they Google “freelance health and fitness writer.”

They come to your website. They immediately go to your About page because this client wants to know who you are. But all they get is a long winded story about how you started writing as a wee child and how your dog is your best writing companion.

The client, not sure if you’re a freelance writer or just someone who writes for fun, decides to look at other prospects.

So, ask yourself these questions when coming up with copy for your About page:

  • Have I introduced myself? (i.e. that I’m a freelance writer specializing in X,Y,Z)
  • Have I shown that I understand where the client is coming from? (i.e. writing compelling copy is a challenge and it’s time consuming)
  • Have I shown what I’m capable of? (I produce content, but what is that going to do for the client? Get more traffic? More sales?)
  • Have I mentioned what it’s like working with me? (easy to get a long, exceed deadlines etc…)

This is the similar process for coming up with a title and tagline for your freelance writing business.

When you answer these questions, your About page may start off as something like:

I create copy. You need copy.

Hi, my name is Minny Red and I’m a freelance writer for hire. I specialize in creating content that will drive traffic, convert readers and explode on social media.

With my background in advertising and marketing, my unique copy will get your business the attention it demands.

When you work with me, you’ll find that I’m easy going, pay close attention to detail and always write with your brand in mind.

This fictional freelance writer has told a prospective client exactly who she is – a powerful copywriter that can give your business a boost in sales with her effective content.

She even told us her experience in this field and made sure to relate her work history to the client’s needs.

2. Assess Your Clients’ Needs and Show How You Can Help Them With Your Content

It isn’t enough to mention what type of content you do. Your About page needs to convince a prospect that you’re the one for the job.

To do this, you need to relate to your client. What are their needs? What do they want?

On Sophie Lizard’s About page, she does exactly that:

I’m Sophie Lizard. I help people get things done with words.

You’re busy and you need results. I get that.

When you need effective copy and content, I create it.

When you’ve got a pile of unorganised ideas, I sift and shape them into valuable books, training products and other assets.

You never have to hold my hand. Just tell me what you want to achieve, and I deliver.

Writers who have great About pages can relate with a prospect’s needs and use that to showcase why you, the writer, are the one to hire.

Here are some things you can mention in your About page:

  • How you help save time for clients
  • How hiring you (a freelancer) saves money for clients
  • How hiring you is a better option than having a client do it on their own

3. Mention Your Credibility as a Freelance Writer

As a business owner, clients need assurance the person they are hiring is legit. They want to know you can write compelling copy, deliver content on time and above all help them grow their business.

What if you’re new to freelance writing? How can you prove that you’re credible if you don’t have any writing clients under your belt?

Well, I was in that boat not too long ago and I still was able to land clients by doing a few things to boost my credibility:

  • Guest post on popular websites as well as niche specific websites
  • Have a blog, update it frequently and market it regularly. My blog shows potential clients I know how to write online, engage an audience and promote it on social media.
  • Gather testimonials from friends, family and other freelance writers (if you helped your sister spruce up her résumé and it landed her a job, have her write a testimonial for you. Similarly, if you contribute to a blog, have the blog owner write a testimonial for you. Use what you can until you can gather client testimonials)

These three things prove I’m a legitimate freelance writer.

I make sure to include this in my About page by mentioning I’ve been featured on popular websites like Social Media Today and Psych Central.

What about education? Is that important to clients? It can be for some, but not for all. If you feel it’s important to mention your journalism degree or communications degree, then use it to sell your credibility as a freelance writer.

4. Include Your Unique Selling Points

What is a unique selling point? According to Jennifer Mattern of All Indie Writers,

Your USP (“unique selling proposition,” sometimes referred to as a “unique selling position” or “unique selling point”) is the reason a client should not only hire you, but pay you what you think your services are worth. Think of it this way: What differentiates you from the competition?

Your unique selling point(s) is the heart of your About page. What makes you different from all the other freelance writers? We all write don’t we? We all know how to use social media don’t we?

So, how can you set yourself apart from the crowd and convince a prospect that you’re the one for the job?

These are the questions you want answered on your About page. For me, part of my brand and unique selling point is that no one can write like me.

This encompasses my entire website and I have elements of that on my About page. Other USP’s are that I’m a millennial mother of twin toddlers.

So, before you write how you can help clients, think about your special qualities as a freelance writer that sets you apart from others.

5. Inject Personality

It’s important for your About page to show prospective clients your personality.

They don’t want a picture on a screen; they want a lively, bubbly, charismatic person that actually has a life beyond sitting at a desk and typing away.

How can you inject a little fun into your About page without being too unprofessional?

  • Include a “here’s a few facts about me” section on your About page. Francesca Nicasio, owner of Be a Freelance Writer, has these fun facts about her:
  1. I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy food. I can’t even eat Spicy Cheetos.
  2. I grew up in a farm-esque place. With roosters waking me up every morning and chickens running around the backyard.
  3. I also had pet goat named Vivian.
  4. Want to buy me a drink? A glass of Riesling would do. Or a cup of English Breakfast black tea if we’re  in a café.
  5. I believe in the law of attraction.
  • Use some wit and humor. Ashley Gainer, a freelance writer, immediately hits us with some wit on her About page, by saying,

Ashley Gainer is your go-to gal for business writing, manuscript editing, and really great meatloaf.

  • Have a fun picture on your website or use it for your gravatar. Bree Brower, a freelance writer, has a fun photo, but she does a great job in making it relate to hiring her for your content needs:

Bree Brower

 Remember: There’s No One Else That’s You!

Writing your About page shouldn’t be hard. With a little extra attention, you can create a kick-ass About page that will attract clients and make them want to work with you.

When you focus on the client instead of yourself, you open the doors to a collaborative relationship that is beneficial on both your ends.

Make sure to show them how you can help their business by using your content.

Whether it’s expertise in SEO writing or social media marketing, use your About page to showcase your knowledge as a way to help businesses grow.

Above all it’s important to show your credibility as a freelance writer as well as your unique selling points.

These two pieces of information can turn an indecisive client into one that reaches out to you.

Finally, don’t forget to add a spark of personality. After all, your About page should have something about you, right?

So, tell me, does your About page talk about you or how you can help your clients?

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Hey, Elna, thanks for breaking down the process of making an About page really shine. I’ve been working through your WriteTo1K course and slowly putting together my website, and your blog posts compliment what I need to know to get my freelance business up and running! I can’t wait to read more of your awesome advice!Reply to Kris
Hi Kris, Thanks for enrolling! You’re doing good and I like your website too 😉 Glad my posts compliment my course content! Email me anytime you need more help!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna This is the best resource on an about page I’ve found. I have been researching this as I hope to launch my blog by the end of September. It certainly gave me clear guidance about crafting my About page. I especially like your examples from the About pages of successful bloggers. Thank you Elna for an invaluable resource.Reply to poovanesh
Thank you for this blog post, Elna! It looks like I’ll be sprucing up my about page again. I thought it was fine earlier but now that I have some great tips from you, I’m not so sure anymore. But oh well…it’ll get me one step closer to perfection, I suppose. (ha ha)Reply to Lisa
Oh Elna. I’m on the comedy circuit. Please accept this message as yet another attempt at a successful run, and pat yourself on the back for your patient wisdom.Reply to Anna
Oh, there’s your Gravatar! Yeah..Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I am slowly wending my way through your course and it has been an eye opening and eye watering process (very much for the good, I assure you!) Anyway. Absolutely brilliant stuff, and I will thank you as emphatically from the podium, when I get there, as now. Through one means and another, it has taken me a while to set up my Gravatar – I did send a couple of test messages to you, but to no avail. My Grav never turned up to the party. It it my intention that it comes through now…and may it be the start of ass kicking that never ends. Be well, good teacher.Reply to Anna
Hey Anna! So happy you are working your way through my course! I hope you are enjoying it. Yeah I don’t see your Gravatar. If you need more information I wrote a post on my other blog! https://twinsmommy.com/blogging-basics-every-blogger-needs-gravatar-set-one/ Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thanks for providing five extremely solid tips Elna! It’s definitely an incredibly helpful universal blueprint! And practically anyone can adapt and customize your five extremely helpful tips! And the best part is, as the changes are made that you’re advocating, your “About” page, continues to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool! For literally pennies on the dollar!Reply to Mark
I’ve known for a while that my website, especially my About page needs to improved! Thanks for these tips – I’m definitely going to pull my finger out and finally revise it!Reply to Deevra
Hi Deevra! Thanks so much for your comment. Glad to know my post gave you the push to change your About page copy! Your About page is probably the most looked page on your site, so this is the place to convince them to hire you. ElnaReply to Elna
Elina, thanks for sharing..! Your article was a brilliant tips about creating About page. Actually, I know that “About Page” is really important of blog because it is page that help readers to make sense about why they should keep connect with our blog. However, I never know that it is really important like what you said. You know..? After read you article, I think that I may need to plan about changing of my about page…! Thanks for sharing, I really love your article…Reply to Kimsea
Hi Kimsea, Glad to know you found my article useful for your blog! Yes, your about page can really help your readers out to know who you are and why you have a blog. And if you are a solopreneur, it’s a good way to promote your services as how it relates to you. Thanks for stopping by! ElnaReply to Elna
As always, such great tips! I use blogger and there is not a specific “About Me” page but there is a spot on the side column. Great points as I am always looking to make my page the best it can be for me and my readers!Reply to Crystal
CRystal m pretty sure you can add a page title it “about me” or ” about” in Blogger, you do have that option.Reply to Kala
Glad to be of help Crystal! You can definitely write a bit about yourself on the side bar! That’s what I have on my blog page. I’m glad my post can help you with your “About page.” ElnaReply to Elna
Elna – love it! I see so many about pages that talk about “I’m married, have kids, love my dogs… ” – ok, yeah, that was my about page for a long time too 😀 That information is nice for a personal blog, but if you’re creating a business, it does nothing for potential clients/customers. You’ve got a lot of great tips here – I hope people are paying attention!Reply to Kelly
Kelly thanks so much! I couldn’t agree more with you! If you plan to blog and make money from it, you better have an About page that speaks to those people. Loved your post about tweaking your About page! ElnaReply to Elna
Thank you for your clear explanations of how to create an effective About page. There is always something to tweak and improve on a blog, but sometimes it’s hard to find information on how to improve. Updating my About page is on my to-do list . I am glad to have your tips for guidance.Reply to Wendy
Hi Wendy! Yes, you’re right – there’s always something to change or update to your About page. Glad I could help!Reply to Elna
Wow, there sure is a lot of great information here. I’m taking a magnifying glass to my about page. Thanks for sharing.Reply to Rebecca
Hi Rebecca! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post. Wow, you’re going to take a magnifying glass to your About page. Good to know. Like I mentioned before, your About page is the best page for your website so taking a magnifying glass to it will sure make it the best it can be! I’m happy to know my post inspired you to take a closer look at your page. ElnaReply to Elna
This is an great post. Thank you so much. I think I may have some of these correct but I definitely have some work to do.Reply to Michelle
Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you liked it. I’ve been meaning to write about the About page for a long time, but the mood didn’t strike me until just recently. Your About page is the heart of your entire site, I feel. People wan to know what you are all about and how you can help them (the readers or clients). Let your About page sparkle girl! ElnaReply to Elna
Great article!! I need to go revamp some stuff on my blog now!! 🙂Reply to Kathryn
Hey Kathryn, Ha! Glad I could be of help! It’s always a good idea to audit your own site and see what else you can do to kick it up a notch. Even though I re-designed my current site in Jan, I’m already looking at changing it! ElnaReply to Elna
I’m afraid to look at my about page, but I think I REALLY need to update it. This is great advice, and I think it will be helpful as I try to improve my about page. It’s pretty bad at the moment.Reply to Kara
Hey Kara! Ha don’t be afraid girl! I’m sure your About page isn’t hurting you…that much 🙂 Glad to know my post will inspire you to improve your page! My About page is still a work in progress! I always like to see other people’s About pages and see what works for them. Then, I try to incorporate that in my page! Thanks for stopping by! ElnaReply to Elna