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8 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Get Noticed With Your First Writing Pitch


You know that after you send your first writing pitch, you can call yourself a freelance writer, and this thought is making you have doubts.

I’m not a writer, you say to yourself.

11 Ways to Perfect Your Freelance Writing Pitch

Are your writing freelance writing pitches getting ignored?

You know you are the right person for the writing job, but your never hear back from the businesses you pitched to!

How do you get your freelance pitch to translate into a profitable writing job?

How to Overcome the Initial Fear of Pitching for New Freelance Writers (Video)

Are you a new freelance writer?

One of the initial fears most newbies have is pitching. This is a big step for a lot of new freelance writers.

This means they can get hired potentially! But, for many, writers think this can mean failure. A potential client comes back saying that your writing is horrible.

4 Ways Freelance Writers Can Overcome Anxiety When Sending Out the First Pitch

You’re almost there;

You searched for freelance writing jobs, found a great ad and you’re ready to send that pitch.

But, wait.

4 Ways to Perfect Your Pitching Game as a Freelance Writer (Video)

Are you a new freelance writer?

If you are, then you might be struggling with your pitching game, eh? The best way to land clients is if you go out there and pitch your service.

It can be scary and daunting to say the least, but if you want to succeed – and make a living from it – then you need to level up your pitching game.

15 Terrible Pitching Mistakes New Freelance Writers Often Make

Let me guess:

It’s been three weeks and you haven’t heard from any of the pitches you sent out, right? You thought all you had to do as a new freelance writer was pitch. Nothing else eh?

I’ve talked a lot about making mistakes as a new freelance writer on this blog. It’s because when I first started out, I made a lot of mistakes. Heck, I still do on occasion!

How a Pitching Challenge Changed My Freelance Writing Career

I have a guest poster for you today. Her name is Lenka Podzimek and she won $100 in the first pitching challenge I created just for my course participants of Write Your Way to Your First $1k. I put up $100 as a way to motivate students to take action and start pitching, hoping they land their first or next freelance writing client. Lenka is here to tell her story of how much she learned since taking my course and how much confidence she now has as a professional freelance writer.

How to Write a Pitch – Anatomy of My Writing Pitch (+ Pitch Letter Examples)

Do you know how to write a pitch?

I know it can seem a bit tedious at times, but I tell my course students that knowing how to write a good pitch is the best way to quickly land consistent and decent paying jobs.

It’s how I first got started with freelance writing.

The Proven Pitching Process For New Freelance Writers

Are you pulling your hair out because you just don’t get it?

You’re a new freelance writer so you know you have to hustle to land that first client.

You know you need samples, so you got to it early on.

How to Get 2 High Paying Freelance Clients in 7 Days (With a Killer Pitch)

Are you a new freelance writer struggling to find a writing gig that actually pays?

You ask, how do I start freelancing and get freelance clients?

Or, are you stuck working for pennies and want out?