The Top Ways for Finding Freelance Writing Jobs Online (Video)

This is day 5 of my Facebook live video sessions over on my Facebook page!

If you haven’t seen them here are the videos in the last four days:

For my last Facebook live video, I go into the top ways for finding freelance writing jobs. As a new freelance writer, you may not know many ways to locate a client. Maybe all you know is Upwork or some other freelance marketplace.

The Top Ways for Finding Freelance Writing Jobs Online (Video)

Well, there are a ton of different ways to find a freelance writing job. But, for this video, I wanted to dive in and tell you the top ways – the ways that will give you the greatest ROI for your effort. Enjoy and I would LOVE it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel.


  • Cold pitching
  • Job boards
  • Social Media
  • A dedicated website for your business

Tell me your #1 way of finding clients!

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Hi Elna, As a brand-spanking new writer sifting through the bewildering amounts of information on freelance writing can be quite daunting. Thank you for making the task a little easier.Reply to Clyde
These videos you’ve done are so helpful for new freelance writers. I’ve been freelancing for almost a year and I’ve found them helpful as well. I watched every single one of them and got some awesome takeaways from them. Thank you for taking the time to do them, Elna!Reply to Lisa
Aww, thanks so much Lisa. Doing video isn’t my strong suite. There’s where my introvert-ness comes out 🙂Reply to Elna
Hey Elna! I have been checking out ProBlogger, and you’re right there are lots of higher paying gigs. I tried to sign up for the one, and get on the morning coffee newsletter – but it says they are not accepting writers based in Canada? How did you get around this? Or perhaps is this something new since you’ve used this job board? Thanks, AleeReply to Alee
Hi Alee! That’s great. As for the Morning Coffee Newsletter, I take this as a weekly curated list in your inbox of job ads on their site. It doesn’t say that Canadians aren’t allowed to apply. That was were I found my first high-paying freelance writing client!Reply to Elna
On freelance When I go there, it says to sign up and when I do that it gives me a message saying it’s not open to Canadians. But later on in was ablso to access the job listings when I go through the menu. Is this the site for the morning coffee newsletter?Reply to Alee
Hi Alee, Yeah, I haven’t signed up to just I signed up to their Morning Coffee Newsletter here: Try that!Reply to Elna
Thank you, Elna! That worked – all signed up. 🙂
Hi Elna Cain, This is a excellent video for finding freelance writing jobs ,your post is related to E-learning and helpfull for me .I got a writing job after reading your post and watching video . I request you please sharing more excellent information and videos related on different jobs and topics . ThanksReply to Sampa
That’s awesome! So happy you landed your first client from my video!Reply to Elna
Wow! What an amazing video tutorial. Till now I’ve utilizing Social media only. Now, I will follow the things you’ve mention in the Video to find more opportunities. Thanks ElnaReply to Tejwinder
Tejwinder! Thanks so much. I’m glad you found some tips on how to use social media to find clients 🙂Reply to Elna
Great videos Elna. Thanks for sharing your freelancing knowledge with other writers. 🙂Reply to Tina
Hi Tina! Aww, thanks so much. I’m such the biggest introvert so it took me a while to feel comfortable. But, by the 5th I was feeling great doing them!Reply to Elna