How to Be More Efficient as a New Freelance Writer (Video)

Hey freelance writers!

This is day two of my 5 Days of Facebook Lives on Freelance Writing Tips. For this Facebook Live I dive deep into the four main ways to stay efficient as a new writer.

If you missed the first day, I talked about the 4 Skills Profitable Freelance Writers Posses.

How to Be More Efficient as a New Freelance Writer (Video)

If you’re new and doing this as a side hustle, it can be a challenge to find the time to write and grow your business, right?

But, there are some things you can do to maximize your writing time and focus on the things to grow your business. Here’s my video on helping you with that! And I would LOVE for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel!


So, the four ways to be more efficient as a freelance writer are:

Over to you – tell me what you do to be more efficient with your client work.


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Hi Elna , Im just now getting around to seeing these FB lives , they are great. Really good stuff . Im always amazed at how beautiful you look and how pretty your websites are. So what you are doing seems to really be working. Great advice here. Thanks for all you do for us girls. TonyaReply to Tonya
Hi Tonya! Awww! Thanks sweetie! <3Reply to Elna
Thanks for a video that I needed, Elna! I’m going to try batching my blog posts from now on so I won’t leave them until the last moment. I have a horrible habit of doing that because I get caught up doing other things. It’s the bane of my existence at this point and it’s driving me crazy! (ha ha) I’ve had so many templates over the months, you’d be surprised right now. I still have copies of quite a few of them, to be honest.Reply to Lisa
Hi Lisa, That’s great! I batch as much as I can, but it can be a challenge when I’m running around with my head cut off!! 🙂Reply to Elna