The Best Freelance Blogging Jobs With No Experience

So you started a blog and are trying to figure out how the heck do I make money blogging?

I was there with you!

Before I became a freelance writer, I blogged.

The Best Freelance Blogging Jobs With No Experience

I mostly blogged about my experiences as an ABA therapist helping children with autism, but it was still a blog!

Over the years, I started many blogs, and I’ve landed amazing freelance writing jobs. As a blogger, you have some awesome skills that new writers don’t have.

You also know marketing strategies too, that lend well to freelance writing.

So, if you really enjoy blogging, then why not become a freelance blogger and land some freelance blogging jobs?

And yes, that IS a thing! Now is the perfect time to do these types of writing jobs while the world is slowly springing back to life.

So, let’s figure out how to start freelance blogging and then dive into the best freelance blogging jobs with no experience! Make sure you read until the end because I have a video showing you a cool hack to easily find freelance blogging gigs.

What are Freelance Blogging Jobs?

A freelance blogging job is an online job that’s typically a recurring writing gig. As the writer, you write blog posts for a company’s blog or for specific clients like an author, coach, SaaS business or any small business.

As a freelance blogger you may be responsible for finding blog topics, creating an outline to be approved, conducting research to find credible sources, formatting the blog post for better engagement and making sure it’s error-free.

For example, Go Daddy is a domain registration and hosting company with a blog. You can immediately see that they hire writers and have guest authors from their blog page.

*psst…they hired me to write for them!

These types of freelance blogging jobs are great because they are bylined, meaning you can promote your content on your blog and attract more blogger jobs. This is also one of the quickest ways to make money as a blogger.

I mostly pick up these types of writing gigs.

And you know what? Most writers pick freelance blogging too!

In my Freelance Writing Stats & Facts Report, 77% of writers write blog posts!

As I mentioned, there are many types of businesses that benefit from a blog and a freelance blogger:

  • Brands (Starbucks has a blog)
  • Educational institutions (Harvard has a blog)
  • Large companies (American Express has a blog)
  • Small businesses (Bidsketch has a blog)
  • Start ups
  • Soloreprenurs – can be anyone from a blogger to an author to an athlete or influencer on Youtube.
  • Multi-niche bloggers

But, there are blogging jobs with no experience that are ghostwritten. What does this mean?

Typically, if you work for a solopreneur with a niche site, you will learn that the owner wants to build credibility in that niche topic but often doesn’t have the time to create those blog posts.

Instead, they will hire out their content needs to a freelance blogger.

For example, I attended a Facebook live on niche sites, and one of the speakers talked about his niche site and how it’s “hands-off,” meaning he hires out the writing to a freelance blogger and a VA (virtual assistant) for the outline and uploading it to his WordPress backend.

Why would you want to be a ghostwriter for bloggers? Ghostwriting is typically more lucrative than freelance writing or freelance blogging.

You are compensated because you can’t promote your writing when you don’t have your name tied to the writing.

But, I feel the biggest reason you would want to pick up this type of freelance blogging job is that a niche blogger will often start more and more websites and if you have a great relationship with them, this could open the doors to more online jobs.

How Much Do Freelance Bloggers Make?

According to Ziprecruiter you can earn up to $60,000/yr or around $5,100 per month.

This is typical for many freelance writers and freelance bloggers.

Blogging is a big marketing strategy for brands and companies. It’s part of their content marketing and lead generation tactic to grow their business. Typically blogging is the first step to awareness in a company’s product or service.

And just think about it–

If you want to get a new computer, wouldn’t you go to Google and find reviews or blog posts that list out the pros and cons of certain laptops you are thinking about buying?

As a blogger, you can be the writer and make money as a freelance blogger!

If you are new to all of this and have no experience freelance blogging, that’s okay! You can charge a standard rate of $.10/word for blog writing.

This is what I tell my students in Write Your Way to Your First $1k.

Let’s get into what you need to do first to start landing some freelance blogging jobs.

How to Be a Freelance Blogger

1. Start a Blog (or Two)

The first step is to have a blog! Go figure, right? If you don’t have a blog, then make sure to check out my guide on how to start a blog.

Having a passion blog can help you land freelance blogger jobs. It’s not always, and it’s not frequent, but it does happen!

Soon after starting my blog, Twins Mommy and writing about my twins and working from home, an editor from a popular twin site found my pin on a Pinterest group board and contacted me.

A freelance blogging job from my passion blog

How amazing was that? That was the first time this has happened to me, but since then, I’ve landed a few more freelance blogging jobs from my Twins Mommy site!

But, not only that, I landed a HUGE freelance blogging job with my parenting blog – another blog I own. This time they contacted me from my Facebook page! This one client has given me leads and has made me thousands of dollars.

So, if you have a blog writing about one topic – health, you can start a new blog and blog about another passion you have – gardening and those two sites could eventually bring you some amazing freelance blogging jobs.

Okay. You have a blog or two, and now you have to show other businesses that you know how to blog, how to write a blog post and everything about your topic.

Let’s dive deep into these things to help you land the best blogging jobs for you!

2. Find a Niche

A niche is the main topic for your blog – gardening, for example.

Your entire blog focusses on gardening. This is a core niche and lends well to freelance blogging jobs. How? A prospect can peruse your blog and see exactly your expertise – gardening. They can hire you to write gardening tool reviews or a how-to for their gardening product.

But, what if you already have a blog, and it’s more of a lifestyle blog? This is a blog that is multi-topic like parenting, kid activities and productivity.

Can you still land a blogging job with a lifestyle blog? Yes, you can! Twins Mommy is a lifestyle blog. I blog about blogging, working from home, my twins, productivity and business. I was still able to land a parenting gig from my twin content.

But, as I mentioned, these are few and far between. Having a core niche can really help you attract the right type of freelance blogging job.

3. Create Valuable Blog Posts

Okay, here’s the thing –

Your writing and blog posts need to be highly engaging and highly valuable if you want to get paid to blog.

And this is perfect for you because you have your passion blog to practice on. You can improve your writing by merely blogging every week.

In addition, start reading other blogs to learn how to write stellar blog posts. My recommendations are Copyhackers and The Writer’s Digest.

Finally, you can invest in yourself and your business by taking a course to learn how to write for blogging jobs.

I have a course called Freelance Blogging in a Weekend that walks you through that entire process so you can write valuable posts that clients will pay big bucks for.

But, to help you RIGHT NOW, here are my best tips to help you create some valuable blog posts.

1. Find the Right Topic

Let’s say you have a coffee blog, and you want to write blog posts that will do well in Google and on social media.

What you can do first is to plug in your topic into Answer the Public to see what people are currently wondering about. If it’s too broad, you may have to niche down a level.

You can also head over to Google Trends and search a topic you find in Answer the Public to see if it’s worth searching for.

If you need more ideas, you can extend the search from 12 months to the past five years.

If your blog is new, then find a topic that is a longtail keyword as this is usually less searched, but easier to rank for.

For this example, writing a post of different coffee machine brands with disposable pods would be the best choice.

2. Outline Your Blog Idea

From here, you need to think of what you want to write in your post.

Do you want it to be a list post? A round-up post? A tutorial-based post?

For our example, it will most likely be a round-up of different coffee machines, but if you do a quick Google search, you see that all posts are list posts, so your post needs to have additional content to make it better.

Maybe have a section on how to take care of your coffee machine, some videos on using disposable pods and things like that.

You can also start researching coffee machines and getting the specs and features to incorporate into your blog post. Youtube reviews can help you with ideas too.

3. Write Your First Draft

Now is the time to write your first draft. During this process, let the idea flow and find the writing process for you. I like the top-down approach, but you may find it easier to write the main part of the post – the reviews – and add the introduction and conclusion later.

Do what works for you, but do your best to write it in a simple, yet engaging manner.

4. Add Images and Final Details

From here, you can add images and any details and finish your post. If you want, you can use an editing tool like Grammarly to ensure you have error-free writing.

5. Publish the Post

When you’re ready, publish the post! You’ve created a blog post that is long-form and highly engaging but also filled with great information that will help your soon-to-be readers.

4. Have a Hire Me Page On Your Blog

To land a lot of freelance blogging jobs, I suggest you have a section on your menu like Hire Me or Services.

This immediately tells a prospective reader that you also offer writing and blogging services (and maybe other services).

This is something I never did on my passion blog, which could be the reason I have only have had a few blogging gigs.

If you do put a Hire Me page on your passion blog and find after several months no one is inquiring about your freelance blog writing, consider starting a writer website. This is highly optimized for your writing business.

Here is one of the “mock-up” sites of a writer website I’m working on for my Writer Website in a Weekend course.

5. Make It Easy to Contact You

If you are offering freelance blogging as a service, make sure it’s super easy to contact you.

Don’t bury your email address or contact form on a page within a page within a page.

Instead, put Contact as a menu item, and throughout your blog, put your social sharing buttons and different ways to contact you.

On my Contact page, I have five ways they can contact me:

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Contact form

7 Easy Ways to Find Blogging Jobs

Okay –

Here’s the part of the post you probably want to find out about the most. Where can you find blogging jobs?

Let’s look at a few ways that can help you easily land your first freelance blogging job as a beginner.

1. Problogger Job Board

Problogger is probably the biggest job board for freelance writers out there – and it’s free to use. This job board mostly has blogging jobs, but they also have content writing jobs (like writing a landing page) and other projects like article writing or case study writing.

Search for new writing jobs and apply to them ASAP. Since this is a free job board – and one of the largest out there – thousands of freelancers are looking here for their next freelance blogging gig.

2. BloggingPro Job Board

BloggingPro is a job board with only blogging gigs! How cool is that!

This is also a free job board, so make sure to check frequently and apply as soon as you see a freelance blogger job that looks good for you.

3. Contena Job Board

Contena is the only job board on this list that is a premium job board.

It’s is one of the paid job boards I use and love. Why? Because it sources all types of writing jobs from all over the internet. It also houses a large library of companies that regularly hire writers.

I can find freelance writing jobs and cold pitch companies using Contena. This saves me hours that I would typically spend pitching.

4. Use Facebook Groups

Another way to find freelance writing jobs is by leveraging social media. Facebook groups are the perfect place to find other bloggers that hire freelancers.

Find niche Facebook groups – finance Facebook groups or gardening Facebook groups – and get into blogging Facebook groups.

Do some social listening, pay attention to the threads and offer valuable tips and suggestions before you reach out or mention that you are a freelance blogger.

Always give first!

5. Use Twitter

The other social media platform that helped me land lots of freelance blogging jobs is Twitter. Twitter is a great place to follow brands you want to write for, connect with other freelance writers and search for freelance writing jobs.

If you’ve never used Twitter, check out my guide on using Twitter as a freelance writer.

6. Guest Blog

Guest blogging is a fantastic way not only to grow an audience but also to get in front of potential freelance blogging clients. I own a contributor site, FreealncerFAQs, that offers guest posting for freelancers. For new freelancers, it can help them gain writing samples and new projects.

Guest posting site FreelancerFAQs

Go to Google and search for your niche + write for us to get started with guest blogging. You can get a lot of great leads. Take the time to read the guidelines and get all the right information to pitch your idea.

Pro-tip: check the blog to see if blog posts are current and if the blog post has an author bio with links. It’s crucial that when you guest blog, you have an author bio to link to your blog or freelance writing website. If you find that some guest sites only use your name, then pass. It’s not worth it for you!

7. Use a Cold Pitching Hack

Cold pitching can seem scary and daunting. I’ve heard stories of writers spending hours upon hours sourcing companies and hours upon hours cold pitching them, only to hear nothing back.


Is there a better way? Yes, there is – it’s my cold pitching hack just for blogging jobs!

Make sure to check out my video and subscribe to my Youtube Channel!

Don’t Ignore Your Passion Blog When You Land Blogging Jobs

You started this journey with a passion blog, and suddenly you picked up three freelance blogger jobs!

Way to go! But, I want you to keep going back to your passion project – your blog.


Because your blog can help you make more money!

I own several sites, and many of them generate income for me! With the skills you learn as a freelance blogger, you can apply them to your blog to help you write affiliate posts and down the road to create products for your audience!

If you need more help learning how to do this, make sure you check out Freelance Blogging in a Weekend!

Over to you – do you want to be a freelance blogger? Share with me your blog and how you will get started freelance blogging!

Please remember to pin me!

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