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Is Freelance Writing the Best Online Business to Start With?

Right now, 82% of the total number of working freelancers are freelance writers.

With this recent explosion of freelancers in the workforce, 24% of those freelance writers are making $50,000/year from their writing niche service.

Is that mind-blowing for you?

Hand Pain From Typing Is Happening More For Women

“If my chair suddenly changes position, I end up in pain.”

This is what I told the Globe and Mail back when they interviewed me about the pain I experienced while working from home.

My pain and discomfort started in my neck and back and eventually made their way through my arms to my hands.

15 Helpful Tips for Landing Your First Freelance Writing Gig in 2024 (+ Where to Find Them From Legit Writers)

Look –

I’ve done this type of post before on how to land your first client as a new freelance writer.

But that was years ago, and things have changed.

12 Easy Environmental Writing Jobs That Pay Up to $3,900 Per Post!

Do you have a passion for the environment?

Are you dedicated to helping our planet?

Then you can become an environmental writer!

12 Best Personal Finance Books for Freelance Writers

Making money by doing what you love sounds great, doesn’t it?

I know I got into freelance writing because I absolutely love it.

It’s an opportunity for me to follow my passion, earn an income, and work from home.

Should You Do On-Spec Writing As a Beginner Freelance Writer?

With so many freelance writing terms floating around out there, you may have stumbled upon the term “on-spec writing.”

I know how confusing everything can be when you’re a beginner freelance writer, so I’m here to make things easier for you!

On-spec writing is a type of writing you can do to attract more clients and make more money – which is great for new freelance writers!

How a Freelance Writer Can Take a Break During the Holidays

This year is the year I’m going to take a break, you tell yourself.

As a freelance writer, taking a break seems counterintuitive, doesn’t it?

I mean if we don’t work, we don’t get paid.

How to Rescue a Failing Freelance Writing Business

“Man, that came out of nowhere!”

One of your oldest clients suddenly tells you via email that they are pivoting to more videos and podcasting and doesn’t need your services anymore.

Of course you fight for your job and let them know you are more than happy to transcribe videos and podcasts, but they don’t budge.

24 Hot Script Writing Jobs to Start Today

Guess what I’ve been hearing a lot?

Freelance script writing has become popular over the past few years!

More and more content creators and studios are tapping into a larger talent pool by seeking remote scriptwriters to get the job done.

15 Top Remote Jobs With No Experience + Monthly Salary

How many people do you know work from home?

Probably quite a few!

Especially compared to just a few years ago.