What If the Freelance Writer IS the Scope Creeper?


It finally happened. You landed your first freelance writing client and you can't wait to get started. You set the terms and you know the scope of the project – no more than 1500 words for a blog post. You're excited because this client is in your niche – adult learning – and you know you can provide a lot of awesome information in your … Read more

Why I Started a New Blog When I Already Have 4


Many of you may not know that I own and manage four blogs and I recently started a new one. As a mom to twins, a freelance writer, coach and author of a freelance course, you can see I'm pretty busy. Why would I even fathom starting a new blog when I already have 4? I don't know a lot about other freelance writers except the ones I hang … Read more

7 Tips for New Freelance Writers


Have you just stumbled into the world of freelance writing and can't believe how awesome it is? The freedom to set your schedule, choose your clients and to raise your rates when you like! Who wouldn't want to be a freelance writer? So, what did you naturally do when you learned about it? You went online and researched as much as you could … Read more