Writers Work Review 2024: Worth It for Beginners?

As a freelance writer, I started using Writers Work recently.

Why would I when there are so many ways to find writing gigs and start making money with freelance writing?

With many of these methods, you spend digging through job postings, or writing attention-catching pitches to potential freelance writing opportunities.

Writers Work Review 2024: Worth It for Beginners?

These methods will land you jobs, but they take a lot of time and effort.

So, I wanted to try out Writers Work.

This job board claims they have amazing writing jobs that are entry-level as well as copywriting level too.

Writers Work can access relevant and current writing jobs curated from job boards all over the internet, and it comes at a very affordable price.

But is Writers Work legit for beginners?

If you don’t have time to read the post, check out my video review of Writers Work and how I use Writers Work as a freelance writer!

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What is Writers Work?

Writers Work is a budget-friendly job board that provides relevant and real-time freelance writing jobs. It sources job postings from other job boards and there are also exclusive Writers Work jobs.

Unlike most freelancing job boards that include all kinds of freelancing jobs (like the Problogger job board), Writers Work only focuses on writing jobs such as website content, blogging, copywriting, and social media posts.

You won’t find job offers for website design, graphic design, transcribing, etc.

This is a big help in streamlining freelance opportunities and saving time as new writers!

If you are an experience writer, is Writers Work for you? Yes! I still use it and I’ve been a freelance writer since 2014!

After I signed up and logged into Writers Work, I used their all-in-one text editor to communicate with clients, write my content creation, and send it to them – all on one platform!

This is much better than using Word, for example, since you have everything here for freelance writing.

This is one of the features I love best when using Writers Work.

There are also options for you to list tasks, organize your workload, and set goals for yourself.

You can even track your writing stats (such as words per minute) if you choose to write your content creation (like a blog post) within the platform. This is a habit builder that can help you speed up your writing and eventually make more income.

Pluse, a Writers Work University gives you access to educational lessons on writing and how to get started with a freelance writing career.

Personally, I looked at the lessons on landing pages and writing for copy and they were very good and informative!

How I Use Writers Work

I find Writers Work a very easy-to-use and effective platform for setting up an account and finding freelance writing jobs.

Here is a quick overview of how Writers Work, well, works:

Your Profile

Once you sign up for Writers Work, you have an opportunity to set up a profile that potential clients can take a look at that features a “hire me” button so they can connect directly with you!

In this Writer Work feature, you can add some portfolio pieces to showcase your writing skills and list your writing service.

There’s also an “about” section that allows you to tell your story so clients can get to know you.

When you’re setting up your profile, make sure to add a professional profile picture and cover photo.

Once your profile is set up, you can opt-in to the Writers Marketplace, where employers can find your profile and send you a direct message if they are interested in your writing service.

If you want a demonstration on Writers Work Review about setting up their profile, check out my video:

Job Listings

Next, you’re going to want to check out the job listings.

This is by far the best Writer Work feature for sure!

And yes, even though you might think AI will dominate the world and take away writing jobs, you’re in luck.

The Writers Work job board curates jobs frequently (daily at times).

When you go into the gig section, there’s a list of all of Writers Work job postings beginning with the most recent.

You do have a search option where you can use keywords to find writing jobs in your niche. You can also filter the search results based on parameters such as the employment type (full-time, freelance, contract, etc.), salary, location, and source (which job board the listing is from).

When you find a creative writing job you are interested in, click on it to view the details.

If the job was curated from another job board, it will open a new tab with the listing. From there, you can follow the directions to apply.

And don’t be afraid to pitch to old postings! You never know whether or not they are still looking for new writers.


Apart from the job listings, a submissions section allows you to pitch to one-off gigs. These are typically blogs or magazines looking for one article. There is a mix of free submissions and paid ones.

Instead of sending a job application as you would to a job posting, you send a short pitch telling the publication why they should publish an article you have written or plan on writing.

Client Orders

This section of Writers Work is pretty straightforward. When a client orders a service from you through the platform, you can keep track of it here.


The tasks feature is like a little personal to-do list. You can give each task a name and short description and check them off as they are completed.

You can then include tasks into your goals or projects and add documents to them.


This is one of my favorite features of Writers Work! You can organize your client orders by creating projects to keep track of each client’s tasks and time.

Projects are helpful if you have multiple content orders for one client as a content writer. Instead of chasing them around your client orders, you can have all the information readily available here.


One of the really cool aspects of Writer Work is the document text editor, where you can write the content for your client’s orders.

Not only does it keep your work all in one platform, but the editor has features such as ambient background noise (Hogwarts library, anyone?), a readability score, a timer (if you charge by the hour) as well as the option to post the content directly to WordPress or Medium.


I absolutely love the goals feature on Writers Work! This is such a great way to help motivate both new and seasoned freelance writers.

Goals are tied directly to tasks and are mostly used to track how many words you’ve written per day.

While it’s not a way to reach new heights with your freelance writing business, it is definitely helpful with time management and keeping you on track.

University Library

Not many job board platforms will provide you with training materials, tools, and resources to build your freelance writing business – but Writers Work does!

From getting your business started, to how to actually write, to how to create a pitch, the University Library is a valuable resource to help you get started as a copywriter or freelance writer.

Is Writers Work Legit?

If you’re like me, you will do a quick Google search of any business or service before you hand over your money.

So, you’re probably wondering: Is Writers Work legit?

A Google search of Writers Work is going to show you mixed reviews.

This is because, in the past, Writers Work had many complaints regarding customer service and the timeframe of refunds.

Some people also take issue with how it is advertised as a platform that guarantees high-paying writing work.

Yes, the potential to earn money is there, but it doesn’t happen overnight (as any freelancer on any platform will tell you).

More recently, however, Writers Work overall reviews have improved as they work to correct these issues.

So, yes, Writers Work is a legitimate freelance writing platform! You will receive the features promised when you sign up for a membership.

Writers Work has been proven not to be a scammy website that rips off writers and wastes their time.

However, you have to be realistic about their claim that you can make $20-$65 per hour as a freelance writer. These are not all unrealistic rates, but you must do the legwork to land the writing gigs first.

But making this kind of money as a freelance writer is possible!

My Writers Work Review

I’m a huge believer that you get what you pay for, but I find Writers Work over-delivers for the membership cost!

For instance, the document, task, goals, and stats features are neat little perks you’ll likely not find on a paid platform.

While they are not pertinent to finding online writing jobs, they are helpful and can save you a lot of time – which is the name of the game when you’re anxious to get your freelance writing business off the ground, right?

And Writers Work is all about saving you time! Yes, it curates job postings from free job boards across the internet, which has many people wondering why you pay for something you can go out and find for free.

Writers Work pulls freelance work from nine free gig boards – these creative writing jobs are specifically related to freelance writing.

Imagine taking the time to explore each job board, digging through tons of job postings that have nothing to do with writing.

Even if you spent half an hour on each board, that’s over four hours of your time!

Writers Work provides you with job postings all in one place and allows you the option to search for relevant listings in your niche.

However, Writers Work doesn’t just provide freelance writing opportunities. The submissions section allows you to pitch to clients for specific jobs, which is great if you need some experience or a job or two if business is slow.

And when you do pitch and apply for gigs on Writers Work, you aren’t just another username. Your profile can be a powerful tool for attracting potential clients – especially the portfolio section, which you can actually share with clients!

Overall, Writers Work is a simple-to-use platform to help you keep your writing gigs organized and to motivate you to grow your business while giving you the tools and knowledge to do so.

How Much is Writers Work?

With so many ways of trying to land clients, I understand how finding paid work as a freelance writer can be confusing and overwhelming.

If you’re an aspiring writer new to the game, or just feel bogged down by the process of finding writing work, I would definitely suggest giving Writers Work a try.

The sign-up fees are super low. You can choose a lifetime membership for only $47 or a monthly membership for $15 a month.

The monthly membership is a great way to test the platform and see if you like it. Otherwise, paying under fifty dollars for lifetime access is an amazing deal!

Writers Work also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the service at all.

While you could spend your days cruising the job boards and making pitches, you could spend significantly less time letting Writers Work search for you.

Ready to give it a try?

Your turn: What’s your process for finding online writing jobs?

Let me know in the comments!

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How do I start pitching if I am new and I have no samples. Plus, if I get a gig, how do I write for the first time?Reply to lisa
Hi Lisa, The order to be successful is samples, pitching, writing for clients. So you do need samples before you pitch or you won’t gain any jobs as marketers need to see samples of your writing. You can do guest posting or go on Medium. If you don’t know how to write a sample, I do have a masterclass on that: https://courses.profitablecreative.com/p/writing-sample-starter-kitReply to Elna
Is my understanding of WritersWork incorrect? I thought they teach you how to write. I am confused a bit on what this company actually does for a newbie. Thank you for your time.Reply to Robbin
Hi Robbin, Writers Work is a job platform. They do have a “university” with some lessons but it’s not a full freelance writing course like I have (Write Your Way to Your First $1k). There is also a section to add your portfolio for marketing purposes and you can write your client work if you want too.Reply to Elna
HI Elna, I’m curious if you would know how this works for tax purposes? Do you receive a 1099 from Writers Work or directly from each job? I know it’s considered a small business but wasn’t sure how that would roll into taxes each year.Reply to Tonya
Hi Tonya, Any gigs you find through Writers Work would be a relationship between you and the client (business) that contracted you. Writers Work does not pay or employ you. They facilitate a connection between freelancers and businesses that need a writer.Reply to Elna
Thanks for the in-depth information! I am just starting out and am so nervous so I have joined your course to get as much ammunition as I can to tackle this…thanks for setting it up. I am just setting up my website, so have lots to get through. You are amazing and an inspiration for me to aim for and learn from… no pressure 😉 But thanks again.Reply to Fiona
If I take a lifetime membership of Writers Work, then how many days will it take me to get the first job? What is your opinion? Less than a month or more than that? I am a content writer from India with two years of experience. I have my portfolio in Medium, and my articles are mainly published by Illumination.Reply to Rivu
Hi Rivu, It all depends on how often you pitch from the jobs you see on Writers Work. I suggest pitching 10x for 10 days to get a baseline.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’ve been a contributing writer in magazines, published studies, written in compilations, and I currently maintain a blog. Although my experience is extensive, it has mostly been in the faith-based genre. I know I’m a good writer, but my background has only been in this area. I’m happy to branch out, but what is your recommendation on how to market myself on this platform?Reply to M.
Hey M, As a faith-based writer, the best way to market your services is to do it every day on social media, guest posting and in your pitches. Are you on LinkedIn? This is a great way to market yourself. But to get those few jobs first, try Writers Work. They post all different types of gigs and I’ve seen faith based ones too!Reply to Elna
Great article! Your reviews about Writers Work has helped me make the decision in signing up. I’m so ready to start doing my own thing and kick this 9-5. I have zero experience in this but I’m willing to give it a try. Thank you!!Reply to Barbara
Hi Barbara, So great to hear! I love using Writer’s work not only for their job board but for goal setting and sharing my portfolio. Good luck and I have videos to help you!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! As a former Writeto1k student I value your opinion on all this freelance writing jazz. Since I recently retired from my 9-5, I made a conscious decision to get my freelance writing business up off the ground it’s been sitting on. As a newbie I haven’t been able to land work from free job boards, so I’m going to make the sacrifice and sign up for Writers Work. Thank you!Reply to Cheri
Hi Cheri, That’s great to hear! I know when starting a new freelance writing business it can be hard and many times you may just let it sit. But that’s the beauty of working for yourself. You decide when you need a break and when to go full force! Yes, Writers Work is a budget-friendly job board that has meany entry-level jobs for you! Have fun pitching!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna! I am a Write Your Way to 1k student and your word is gold to me! You are always straightforward and honest about freelance writing. Thanks for always being a trustworthy source of (never-ending) info.Reply to Ann
Hi Elna, With the help of your videos on YT I have completed my profile and posted a few writings on my writer’s work portfolio. I am also putting the finishing touches on my medium profile. Thank you so much for your help!Reply to Vonnetta
Hi Vonnetta, That’s amazing! Good luck on finding jobs on Writers Work!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna how are you and family doing today,i was going to give Upworks and Freelanceing Jobs a try first, by starting to Pitch if it don’t work out i will sign up for Paid Writing Jobs, Thanks Elna have a Bless Evening and night.Reply to Kathleen
Hi Kathleen, My family is doing great! I hope you enjoyed my post and will sign up to Writers Work when you’re ready! It’s a great job board for sure!Reply to Elna
Is this site available in canada?Reply to Christine
Hi Christine, I don’t think so. The price is in US dollars.Reply to Elna
I was just wondering how much of a variety of niche topics there are. I see a lot of health/sports and science topics. Are there gigs that are geared more toward humanities and social topics?Reply to Jamie
Thanks for this, Elna! You just sent me this link. $47 is a FAR cry from Contena so it certainly seems worth a try! For me, it’s allllll about time saving!Reply to Aaron
Hey Aaron, Sounds great and thanks!Reply to Elna
Hi Jamie, The Writer’s Work job board has many different niches for jobs so you should find a gig either as a job or submission! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Thank you for this information! Finding a job board for writers does save time and it is cost-effective for me. I can’t wait to join them soon!Reply to Erica
Hi Erica, You’re welcome! Yes, I know what you mean. There are many job boards out there but it’s hard to compile good paying jobs. That’s why I like Writers Work. I can filer my results to get the best freelance writing jobs for me! Have fun using Writers Work.Reply to Elna
Your comments about Writers Work are helpful. However, nowhere do I see comments about getting paid. How does the platform assist you in not getting ripped off? Such as you submit work to a client and then never see a dime or they take forever to pay.Reply to Susan
Hi Susan, Writers Work aggregates job ads from all over online. Once you see the ad in Writers Work you click on the ad and it will take you to where the ad was originally posted. Sometimes it’s on Indeed, other times on a company page or free job site. From there you can read more on it to apply or the job ad itself will give you instructions on how to apply. You aren’t applying to Writers Work; you’re applying to the company writing gig.Reply to Elna
Hello Elna- Thanks for the great information and the Writers Work review. I think maybe her question isn’t about applying. I’m guessing what the poster is asking about is what are the contractual terms to get paid, when you submit your written work. What are the terms for acceptance by the hiring company,and maybe are all the employment types 1099 positions. But I could be off base. Would you have any information about the contracting process since payment for services is not through Writers Work. Thanks DeeDee
Hi DeeDee, Remember that payment and contractual terms can vary from job to job, and typically these details are worked out directly between the writer and the client. Writers Work isn’t hiring you. They are a job board and platform site that curates jobs online. You click on the job add and apply and if accepted, work with that company. I hope that helps!
Thank you for this constructive review. I am a new freelance writer looking to get started. I think I’ll give Writers Work a try.Reply to Joanne
Hi Joanne, That’s great to hear! Have fun exploring Writers Work!Reply to Elna