How a LinkedIn Banner Leads to More Freelance Writing Gigs

If you decided to become a freelance writer, one of the best ways to start getting out there and telling others you are a freelance writer is to use social media.

For freelance writers, I suggest you stick to Twitter and LinkedIn first.

Psst….this cool LinkedIn banner trick I will share will help you optimize your LinkedIn account for more writing projects!

How a LinkedIn Banner Leads to More Freelance Writing Gigs

Later on you can dabble in Instagram or Facebook if you feel you can land more freelance jobs there.

Now, I know for many of you, social media is NOT something you are interesting in “doing.”

I get you.

When I first started, I never used Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

I had a personal Facebook profile to keep in touch with my family. That’s it.

I was NOT on social media.

So, when I decided to work from home as a freelance writer I had to learn about social media. I didn’t even know what “tagging” was or the purpose of LinkedIn.

I had to learn which social media platforms to use for my freelance writing business and how to effectively market my business on those social platforms.

How to Market on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Banner)

Of the two social media platforms, having a LinkedIn account is the best platform to network and really find the best type of client for you.

I view LinkedIn as the professional Facebook platform.

You have a profile that shares who you are and what you do and instead of posting cute and fun things, you post your past work experience.

You can join LinkedIn groups and you can follow Company pages.

You can also connect with other freelance writers or request to follow other types of freelancers.

Now, for years, I’ve had my profile sit on my LinkedIn account as is. Over time I added new projects and occasionally updated my title and bio.

But, nothing too drastic.

LinkedIn over time has also changed and has updated their profile features. In light of this, I decided to shake things up.

In my YouTube Video, I share with you a LinkedIn hack that you can use to land more gigs.

Check out the video and make sure to subscribe to my channel to be notified first when new videos get published!


Being Visual on LinkedIn With a LinkedIn Banner

The new thing I started doing on LinkedIn was take advantage of the LinkedIn banner image for my profile.

Before this “hack” I just posted a pretty stock photo for my LinkedIn banner image.

But, I decided to do some experiments to see if I optimized my LinkedIn banner image would I attract my ideal client – digitally native brands – and get more views to my profile?

This is what my new LinkedIn banner image looks like:

Here’s what I did:

  • I mention my name and my writer website and blog
  • I put a photo of me doing a Facebook Live (talking on microphone)
  • Metrics to show potential client I write digital marketing content but that I’m also a digital marketer

Remember, most prospects will take a quick look to see if you are the writer for them.

You have less than 5 seconds to convince them you can write for them. So, your LinkedIn banner image can help you keep the attention of potential clients.

Have The Right Information on Your LinkedIn Banner

No matter what niche you are in – pet writing, real estate writing – it’s important to have the right information on your LinkedIn banner image.

Personally, I feel they are your name, your blog and your niche if possible.

It’s okay to be redundant in your LinkedIn banner image. I have two images of me – that’s okay! It makes me more personal.

How Does a LinkedIn Banner Help With Landing More Freelance Gigs?

Doing this one thing makes you more personable and more unique.

Prospects will remember your profile if you have a customized LinkedIn banner image.

Once I updated my banner image and did some marketing tactics that I explain & show in Write Your Way to Your First $1k, I improved the views to my profile by 57%.

This “hack” is a warm pitching hack as well and takes time to develop clients. But, it’s my favorite strategy to land long-term recurring freelance work.

How to Create a Customized LinkedIn Banner Image

The editing tool I used to create my LinkedIn banner image was Canva.

It’s a free tool that has templates – like the LinkedIn banner template – to use.

If you want to see how I created this banner, make sure to check my YouTube video!

3 Marketing Tactics to Help You Land More Freelance Writing Jobs

On top of using my LinkedIn account, you should also be trying other platforms to market your writing business.

Here are my top three.

1. Guest Posting

Guest posting is by far the best strategy as it has a high ROI – rate of return.

By guest posting on other people’s sites you reach a new audience and it may land you work from the blog owner too!

Guest posting also helps you build your portfolio. With a bylined article, you can link to that on your Portfolio page or upload this to your Contently portfolio.

2. Networking

I have mentioned previously, but networking is the backbone of your freelance writing business. Without networking, you will not succeed! It’s that important.

Networking can be as simple as following other companies and as complex as guest posting or emailing them.

Some of my best freelance writing jobs was a result of networking!

3. Starting a Blog

Content marketing still relies on blogging. Businesses use blogs as their lead generation strategy and it’s no different for you – the freelance writer!

You can start a blog to attract some amazing clients. It has happened to me numerous times.

If you need help starting a blog for your freelance writing business, make sure to check my totally simple step-by-step video.

Get On LinkedIn

Okay – I want you to try this LinkedIn banner hack and when you’re done, share your LinkedIn profile so I can view it!

Thanks and remember to share this post!

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So glad I found your site. I was doing a course through a “highly regarded, popular site. All I received were emails to buy this or that program for 2500$. After 2 mo all I received was confusion. After the very 1st email from you I understood the blog thing. You told me things I had not heard about. I will be ordering your course next week!!! Thanks again, you’re awesomeReply to Michele
Hi Michele, Thank you so much! I’m so sorry you had to go through that first!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’m interested in getting started in freelance writing, but I’m not quite sure what my niche is yet. I’m a dancer, own an Etsy shop called What of Whimsy, and love food. But I also enjoy researching and writing about things going on in the world. As I’m experimenting with different niches, what would you suggest doing for the LinkedIn banner? For example, you mentioned how your banner is tailored to show your influence in the digital marketing world, but I don’t have that yet. Any suggestions for creating a banner that would attract lots of different jobs would be welcome!Reply to Anaka
Hi Anaka, For your LinkedIn banner this is a quick way to sell your writing services…so show them your niche, contact info and blog name as a start. Over time you can add other things like maybe a testimonial! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I’m just an ” embryo” in this paid freelance writing thingy. Though I’ve harboured thoughts of being a paid writer, never delve into it until this pandemic hits which totally cuts off my income as a freelance tour guide. I’ve started a blog years ago-10years or more to be exact, and am now reviving it as per your recommendations. I also have a Linkedin account which profiles my tour guiding. If I were to do a Linkedin banner on writing, how do I go about showcasing my writing ability on other contents which am not too confident to try my hand at? My blog is DNATour ChannelReply to Deanna
Hi Deanna, You might have to start a new website that is focussed on your writing business! This will lead more more paid writing jobs! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Elna, I love you already! I haven’t purchased the 1k course, yet, but took your advice and have blown myself away. Thank you for all the tips, tricks and hacks you give! Can’t wait to get the course under my belt as well!Reply to Samantha
Hey Samantha! <3 Thank you for your kind words. I'm here for you! If you do decide to enroll in the Writeto1k course I'll be here to welcome you!Reply to Elna
Thanks for the LinkedIn info! I’m just in the first week of starting my freelance writing business and your site has been so helpful! I’ve only sent out 3 pitches, but already heard back from one prospective client! This wouldn’t have happened if not for your info! Thanks so much:)Reply to Corinn
Hi Corinn! Wow! That’s amazing! Good job! So glad you decided to start freelance writing as a beginner!Reply to Elna
Thanks for this article. I’ve been trying to be more visible on LinkedIn because of your teachings. Find me at Thanks for all you do.Reply to Kristi
Hi Kristi, Your LinkedIn Banner looks awesome! Way to go!Reply to Elna
Thanks, Elna. I am just getting started, reading all I can to learn. I will create a banner to use. I still need to create a website. I did, however, update the headline portion of my profile.Reply to NADINE
Hi Elna, Thank you for the hack. Just tried it, here is my profile keeping my fingers crossed, once again thank you very much.Reply to Alice
Hi Alice, Great job on your LinkedIn Banner! I hope this helps attract the right type of clients for more freelance writing gigs!Reply to Elna
Hey Elna, Love this post! How would you suggest applying these tactics if you are currently employed full-time by a company? I would like to start branching out into my freelance career, but worry that my employer will have concerns. I know many people have a “side hustle,” but it feels risky to start advertising it so publicly. Thanks!Reply to Hillary
Hi Hillary, That might be tricky! I would hold off on the LinkedIn Banner until you know for sure this is the path you will take. I don’t think also, if you update your LinkedIn profile that your company that you work for will be notified!Reply to Elna
As always, thanks for educating us with your experiences. I can’t afford a web site and hosting right now. Therefore, I’m taking your advise to use social media, and hoping I can get started that way. I know it’s not the best way to go, but I have to test what I’ve learned, using my fixed income. So – down the road we go!Reply to Elliott
Hi Elliot, Thanks for coming over! Good luck with using social media to help you gain clients!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Thank you for the clear instructions on how to customize a LinkedIn Banner. I’m currently in the process of setting up my LinkedIn account and will definitely be applying this information!Reply to Shannon
Hey Shannon! That’s great! Love your writer website btw!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I recently republished an article on “how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to boost your credibility.” In the post, I highlighted the need to utilize LinkedIn background section and how to do it. It was in fact, after publishing the post that I tweaked my banner a little. My page view grew significantly and I got contacted and landed two high-paying gigs. The concept is that, making the most of your LinkedIn banner works pretty well and all freelance writers and other freelancers should take advantage of this hack. Thank you for sharing!Reply to Moss
Hey Moss, That’s great to year. Yes content engagement is important and helpful in landing work!Reply to Elna
Thanks, Elna! Up until I read this article I’d always used a pretty stock image for my LinkedIn profile banner, too. Check it out now! With your help, it’s really eye-catching now: Thanks for your wisdom, as usual!Reply to Francesca
Hey Francesca, I love it! Looks professional!Reply to Elna
Thank you Elna for this hack 🙂 I thought of using LinkedIn banner but since I’m just starting my freelance writing business I didn’t know what to put on it. maybe I’ll use it when I have more experience.Reply to Nibel
Hi Nibel, The earlier the better for your small business. Don’t wait until you have more experience before you setup your banner. Start now and learn along the way. So, go ahead and add you banner. You can use Elna’s banner as a template for your own. With a little tweak, you will​ have an incredible background section.Reply to Moss
Hi Nibel! So happy you found this LinkedIn marketing strategy to work for you! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Hello, Elna, How are you. This post is very informative, especially, for freelancer like me. I have been in this field – freelance writing – but not successful. I was doing freelancing on Upwork but not much. Last year, I earned only USD400 during the whole year, and now they have suspended my account due to not getting clients and doing work. I was seriously thinking about leaving this freelance writing and revert back to my HR management job, but your posts and veteran like you have kept me live, and I am still strugling in this ocean of freelance writing. Thank you for your post, it was very helpful to me, and I shared it on all four social medias. Can you send me some free e-book on social media marketing because I am lacking in social media marketing, and I don’t have money to attend any course on social media marketing. Sorry for such a long comment, I hope you will not mind it, as you know I am “small child” in this field.Reply to MUHAMMAD
Hi Muhammad, It is a good thing that you came across Elna’s blog. You will.learn a lot as you go further down the road. I tried getting clients from Upwork but then I discovered that I was getting more clients from LinkedIn and Twitter than any other form. All my LinkedIn clients reached out to me asking if I am available for work. And the rest was history. However,do not wait for clients to come to you. Instead, search for and connect with content managers, HRs, and other and pitch them how you can help them with their projects. If someone views your profile, reach out and ask if they need help with content writing. If you have the budget, use LinkedIn premium. Don’t forget to use LinkedIn job ads. Enable the LinkedIn job ads notification to receive job opportunities. There are several other ways to use LinkedIn to land freelance writing jobs. However, it’s one step at a time.Reply to Moss
Hi! I’m sorry about your account getting suspended. But, it might be a blessing in disguise! 🙂 Keep plugging away and hustle hard!Reply to Elna