Business Name Ideas for Freelance Writers

You’re there –

You’ve decided to start a freelance writing business, and it’s for real.

This is it!

Business Name Ideas for Freelance Writers

Okay, but right after that thrilling and decisive moment, a new thought might pop up. What do I name my business?

Finding business name ideas is a challenge for many new freelance writers.

You might have the perfect name, only to find out that it’s already taken. Bummer!

A big chunk of the emails I receive is about finding the right business name idea. I hear from new writers that it has to be a catchy business name or a strong name.

You want your name to reflect who you are and what you do, but at the same time not niche you down should you decide to diversify your income and try something new.

I get it! My idea for a business name was Innovative Ink.

Looking back, I actually think this was the wrong move (and I’ll tell you why I think that in a bit). I think that is partly why a year later I moved my blog to here – Elna Cain.

I wanted to try again…

I was new, and I wanted to find that name that encompassed my entire business. So, how do you come up with the right name for your freelance writing service?

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This name is not only your website name (the URL you type in the browser), but this name will be used in your invoices, on business cards, and your freelance proposals.

So, you have to get it right the first time – but really, you don’t have to have it perfect (like me), and in the end, it really has to do with your ability to market yourself most effectively to land clients, than anything else!

How I Came Up With My Catchy Business Name

I was in the middle of changing my twins after feeding them lunch when I firmly decided I wanted to work at home.

While I loved playing with my twins every day – all day – there’s only so much baa-baa black sheep I could take! I needed to nurture my creativity and to clean up spilled milk wasn’t cutting it for me.

And the thought of staying home and finding a way to make money was born.

I soon learned I wanted to focus on writing or blogging. I love writing, and even though I’m not the best writer, I felt I could make a go out of being a freelance writer.

The next step I did was come up with my wonderful business name – Innovative Ink.

I was trying for those catchy business name ideas (can you tell?)!

I like alliteration so once I landed on Innovative, Ink naturally followed. It was perfect!

Innovative – new – modern – fresh! That’s what I can do!

Ink – writing – writer! That’s me!

My business name was born. Little did I know at that time this business name wasn’t the best for me.

5 Things Your Business Name Needs


I’m no business expert here! I’m a mom to twins who decided to stay home and become a freelance writer 🙂

These suggestions are only that – guidelines to help you find the right name for your freelance writing business. They are not set in stone.

1. Use a Simple and Short Name

Whether you’re a blogger or virtual assistant or freelance writer, when you start an online business, your name needs to be:

  • Easy to say
  • Easy to spell
  • Short

That’s the perfect recipe for a business name or blog name! So a name like: doesn’t fit that bill!

But the name: does!

This is where you don’t want to have a catchy business name idea as I did. I have alliteration thinking that was catchy. Other writers may use play-on words like

As I stated, this is just my personal opinion, but using these catchy elements in a business name isn’t going to help you land more freelance writing work. Businesses that hire writers deal with a lot of people.

They may have a social media marketer, content marketer, sales funnel adviser, Facebook ads manager etc… This business owner has to remember all of these people’s names and business names.

So, making your business name simple and easy to say and spell, will help you stick in the brain of prospects.

2. Use an Identifier in Your Name

One thing that I think can help grow your business is if you use an identifier in your business name. For us, it’s typically freelance writer, writer, freelancing, etc.

When you include that in your business name and domain name, prospects immediately know who you are and what you do.

And doing this can help with increasing your visibility in search results when prospects are Googling for a freelance writer. But make sure not to limit yourself by adding a location as an identifier for your business name.

The fact that we are online freelance writers means we can market ourselves to everyone around the globe!

So, having a business name idea like might end up limiting you to just work locally, not globally.

This can also apply to your domain name. I teach in my freelance writing course to try to grab a .com domain address rather than a country-specific or other lesser known domain name like .xyz

I didn’t know this at the time and registered for a .ca domain for Innovative Ink (another reason why I moved my blog to While this hasn’t hurt me with finding clients from all over the world, I feel it may have hindered some prospects in hiring me.

Finally, when figuring out your business name, you don’t want that identifier to be too specific. For example, While you may enjoy writing only press releases, you never know what the future holds.

Your business can evolve to include white paper writing, case studies and interviews, blog writing and more. So limiting yourself to the type of writing you do, may backfire over time.

3. Be Less Generic, More Memorable

Look – you’ll have many business name ideas to choose from! Make it easy to spell with an identifier and be memorable!

Remember though, new freelance writers are popping up every day. So, it’s in the best interest for you, to make your freelance writing business name stand out and memorable.

I’m pretty sure the common phrases and identifiers with writing have already been done:

  • Ink
  • Inkwell
  • Pen
  • Prose
  • Quill

Try to avoid using these words (I didn’t follow this advice!) and find identifiers that are fresher and not as generic. While I do like the idea of having “writing” or “writer” in your business name, I don’t consider this generic if you add more descriptive words to your business name.

4. Consider Using Your Name

If your name is easy to spell and is available as a domain name, why not use your name for your freelance writing business? (Again, yet another reason why I started a new blog –

Branding your name is a great option if:

  • You’re not sure if freelance writing is really what you want to do
  • You feel you’re going to offer other services outside of freelance writing
  • You want your name to be known as the go-to person in your industry
  • You want to pivot in your business

I personally love the idea of using your name as the brand for your business. People remember names much easier than a business name like Innovative Ink!

5. Check Social Media

One of the things you want to consider before solidifying your business name is if the social media profiles are available. This is something I didn’t do and have different profile names for social media.

If possible, see if you can grab a Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn account in your business name. This will make marketing your business much easier in the long run!

The Reason Why I Don’t Like My Business Name


My business name is Innovative Ink and I really thought this was the perfect name for my freelance writing business.

And, really, it hasn’t hurt me make money as a writer! But, here’s the thing – I personally feel that Innovative Ink is too vague and almost reads like it’s a content agency.

And I do know that some new freelance writers want to brand themselves as a collective “we” or agency when they really are just one person.

From the years of doing business, the thing to remember is that brands and businesses want to hire people, not agencies. So, I feel that when a cold prospect sees my business name, they may think I’m an agency, which I’m not.

And then there is the referral business.

Let’s say a client of yours has a business friend that knows you hire writers. They ask, “Who wrote this post on Facebook ads?” The client says your name – Elna Cain.

That business friend may then go to Google and Google your name. And if you branded yourself as the that prospect may never find you!

When Googling my name, my business name is #6! But luckily I have this blog, and my social media profiles use my name too! I have branded my name with freelance writing and blogging.

So, if a prospect Google’s my name, it’s apparent I’m a freelance writer for hire!

Business Name Ideas For New Writers

Okay. So considering some qualities to picking that right name for your freelance writing business, let’s go through the process of creating a list of business name ideas and narrowing that down.

1. Create a List of Potential Names for Your Business

In the beginning, keep a list of possible business names. When I started, I had a notebook and jotted down words I liked:

  • Iridescent
  • Innovative
  • Quality
  • Writing
  • Colorful
  • Ink
  • Content
  • Crafty
  • Captivate

I would play around with these words and make word combinations and let them sit. I wanted to see if I connected with these names.

2. Run a Quick Check to See if Available

You can just check on Google if your business name is available as a .com. You can also do this step when you are starting your business blog.

I also suggest you do this pretty soon to registering your domain name (as your business name). Every day new sites are born, and your name may be there today and gone tomorrow!

If you run into this problem, you can add an identifier like, “the, hub, biz, etc.”

3. Use a Business Name Generator

Sometimes using a tool like a business name generator or blog name generator can help you figure out that right name for your service. Here are my top picks.

Bust a Name

Bust A Name gives you more filters to find your perfect freelance writing business name. You can check to see if the domain is available, which comes in handy when the name you want is already taken!

This tool also lets you use a list of descriptive words to generate more business name ideas for you.

Business Name Generator From Shopify

The Shopify Business Name Generator is straight-forward. You simply plug in a descriptive word or two and out comes ideas to jumpstart your process.

I like this tool over others since it’s clean and streamlined. Also, the names suggested aren’t that bad!

Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator gives you thousands of name ideas for your freelance writing business. You may want to start here before using another name tool.

In any event, using these tools to find a business name can inspire you to find your perfect business name!

4. Get Feedback

Once you have narrowed down your list of potential business names, go ahead and share this with friends and family.

They may offer some advice or spur more ideas to help you fine-tune your business name.

You can also head into Facebook and ask what others feel about your name either by creating a poll or just asking!

5. Register Your Domain Name

Once you figured out the perfect name for your freelance writing service and even checked to see if it’s available, now you can register that as a domain name.

Ideally, you want your business name also to be your domain name for cohesiveness and brand building, so don’t leave registering your domain to the last minute!

When starting your website with Bluehost, you’ll be prompted to enter your chosen domain name:

And, there you go! You officially have a business name for your freelance writing!

Questions About Your Freelance Writing Business Name

You might have specific questions about your business name. Here are the most popular.

1. Use Your Maiden Name or Your Married Name?

What happens when you’re getting married in the future, but you want to start freelance writing now? Should you begin under your maiden name and then switch?

Or just use your married name?

Most writers in my freelance writing course agree to market yourself with your married name.

Yes, this happened to me! When I built my website in the beginning I used my married name as my freelance persona. (Even though I wasn’t getting married until November.) It was a bit of a pain, but worth it since now I’ve already established myself with my married name.

If you decide to brand your name, brand your married name to make the transition easier!

2. Do You Need to Register for a DBA?

Many new writers wonder if they should register for a DBA (sole proprietorship) when they start a freelance writing business. I can’t advise you what to do, but it’s probably a good idea to register with your state or county or municipality.

Each state or province has different requirements, so check within your state or province first. For more information about registering for a DBA, check out this handy guide.

3. Does Your Business Name Have to Be Your Domain Name?

Yes and no!

Since we are a one-person show, there is no need to have a shortened branded name as the domain. For example, Fly Wheel is a WordPress hosting provider, but their URL is “”

This does make it harder for users to remember that and probably just end up typing in Fly Wheel into the URL.

To make it easier for you, make your business name the same as your domain name if you can secure the .com for it!

Otherwise, you may have to modify your domain name.

4. What If You Want a Business Name That’s Already Taken But In a Different Niche?

This happened to me. I registered Innovative Ink and went on my merrily way landing clients and doing freelance writing.

Then a while back I decided to search my business name and found out that a tattoo parlor had my same name.

There are also graphic design companies with my name too!

If you find that your business name is taken, but it’s in a completely different niche, then you can still claim that business name for your freelance writing business. It hasn’t hurt me at all.

I don’t think clients are confused by my business name thinking I do tattoo designs or graphic designs (although I could be wrong since I also feel my name may conjure up a content agency).

Business Name Ideas Made Easier

I hope this post made it a tad easier on finding the right business name for your freelance writing service. This is one of the first steps to take as a new online writer as well as the first task that commits you to actually doing this!!!

Starting freelance writing has been one of the best decisions I made as a stay-at-home mom. It has fuelled my creativity and allowed me to stay home for good!

So, tell me – what’s your business name for your freelance writing service?

Hi I'm Elna and I'm a freelance writer and mom blogger. I help people just like you become a profitable freelance writer. Within 6 months of starting my freelance writing business from scratch I was able to earn a full-time living as a part-time freelance writer while taking care of my twin toddlers. Check out my free email course Get Paid to Write Online and learn the steps you need to take to be a freelance writer.

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Hi Elna, I just wanted to first start out by saying that I bought your course recently and its taught me so much! I used to blog on WordPress so its nice knowing I can start using it again for a long-term career. On a side note, I am a little confused about how to name name my business. You mentioned how its best to not stick to catchy names, but I didn’t quite understand. I have a couple names I was hoping I could share with you. Would that be ok to get your opinion-just to make sure before I register one and regret it later?Reply to Jacob
Hi Jacob, So glad you are enjoying Writeto1k class! As for your question, post it in the Facebook group if you want or just email me your options and I can help!Reply to Elna
I recently emailed you but I’m not sure if it went through or it got lost ( you mentioned that could happen lol). Either way, I’ll send it again just to make sure. I had to revise my ideas anways.Reply to Jacob
Hi Jacob, Got it and answered it!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, thank you for this post. I have a dilemma- I want to use my married name but when I type it into Google, there is already a writer/editor with this exact name. And my maiden name is very common so I don’t want to use it. Would it be better to drop my last name and go by first & middle name only? There is a musician with this name but that’s a different industry so might be ok? Thank you for your help, you’re the best!Reply to Emily
Hi Emily, I wouldn’t worry about the other writer having the same name. As long as you are in a different niche and have a different brand/identity online, you should be fine. But, if you are worried, then add an identifier like “Emily Roberts copywriter” or “Emily Roberts writing” or something like that!Reply to Elna
Hello Elna, I bought your WriteTo1K course and have a doubt… I want to work as a freelance writer (blogs, articles, etc. ) but I also want to work as a freelance screenwriter (wich I studied). Can I make a website that offers both services or it may be confusing for my clients?Reply to Juan
Hey Juan, Thanks for enrolling in my Writeto1k course! In the course I do talk about making a writer website as way to land clients. You can look at my writer website at to Elna
Thank you Elna for this blog post! It’s easy to get stuck on picking a name, but it is encouraging to know you can start with one and rebrand, if necessary, down the line.Reply to Jamie
Hi Jamie, You’re welcome! I’m glad finding a business name isn’t that challenging for you. You are right, you do have the freedom to rebrand if necessary (like I did). Good luck finding a name for your business!Reply to Elna
Read this at the right time! I want to create a website using my registered business name but I don’t want potential clients to think I am an agency. However, using my name will conflict with my activity as a creative writer. I am really confused, but I don’t want to get stuck here wasting time I should be using to build my freelance career.Reply to Ladipo
Hi, You’ll just have to bit the bullet and pick one business name! Do what clicks with you the most!Reply to Elna
I just started this course and am happy to be receiving this wealth of information. Elna provides so much information to learners, it is advisable to take notes so you can refer back to them in the future.Reply to Chris
Thanks Chris, I’m glad you are enjoying Writeto1k and gave me your pitch to audit! You’re on your way to landing your first writing jobs!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I just started your course Write Your Way to Your First 1K and on top of all the amazing content I´m receiving there, this article really clarified what type of business name is most useful and successful for freelance writers. I have gone through the process of business naming and branding before and my biggest mistake was that I simply took too long to decide, which really held me up in getting the rest of the business started. This article made it very clear what needs to be done and I love how you stressed some urgency in grabbing the domain name while it´s available. Also, it was very helpful to have mentioned that all social media profiles should match domain and business name if possible. Thank you for making these topics more clear – your advice and experience have really been motivating! Many thanks!Reply to Erin
Hi Erin! So glad you are finding these posts helpful with Writeto1k. While that is a comprehensive course, I can’t simply dump everything into it! Happy that you can find a business name quickly. It can take a long time and it can make writers get stuck in this place and not move on! Kudos to you for going for it and just picking a name!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, great tips and advice here. Thank you. I’m a freelance writer (mostly web content and blogging for small businesses), and I’ve been doing my writing under the name EasyWriterSteve for 10+ years. I say alias and not business name because I’m not registered as a DBA. My clients know me as my full name (Steve Heald) and/or EasyWriterSteve. Long story hopefully short, I have been contemplating re-branding myself for about a year for a few different reasons: 1. I don’t want “EasyWriterSteve” to limit myself to only writing in the minds of prospects—I’ve started to branch out to other services like content strategy and more; 2. I thought it would be good to portray myself as a company or agency rather than individual, as Steve implies (even though some of my clients get a kick out of the name EasyWriterSteve); and 3. I want a new logo and website so I thought it might be a good opportunity to re-brand anyway. I guess I’m a bit torn about whether it’s worth the effort to re-brand myself considering I already have an online presence (although not a lot of audience). Your blog addresses some of these, and I wanted to get more of your thoughts, particularly on #2 above. You mentioned: “From the years of doing business, the thing to remember is that brands and businesses want to hire people, not agencies. So, I feel that when a cold prospect sees my business name, they may think I’m an agency, which I’m not.” Are you referring to small businesses that want to hire people, not agencies? Ones whose budgets might be small and who can only afford one writer vs. an agency for larger branding efforts? If so, since most of my clients and prospects are small businesses, perhaps I should consider continuing to portray myself as an individual based on your experience. I’m thinking out loud here, but would love to get your feedback. Thanks again for the insightful writing on business naming.Reply to Steve
Hi Steve! If you have success with that business name then I wouldn’t rebrand. I didn’t rebrand Innovative Ink; I just created a new brand with Elna Cain. As for the content agency thing, I didn’t want Innovative Ink to come off as some content agency because I’m not. So I have to make sure to put my face and mention that it’s just me that is the writer behind Innovative Ink. Since I’ve built up my name with my Elna Cain site, people know me as a writer so don’t pay attention to Innovative Ink label. So I wouldn’t change anything in my opinion! You can update your logo and stuff but people know you by your business name it seems!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, your blog post is very insightful! I am so glad that I have check this out before jumping to another step.Reply to Anum
Hi Elna, After reading your blog, the idea of a pen name sounds like a good in-between. What is your opinion on using a pen name for a domain? I need to set up one to start freelancing, but at the same time I feel uncomfortable marketing my whole self. There’s also the fact that I’m young and my legal name could change in the future. Would it be a turn off to clients if they find that I’m working under a pen name? Would it be too complicated in the long run? I’m also considering this because I’m interested in ghostwriting.Reply to Rachel
Hi Rachel, I think it’s fine. Your domain name doesn’t have to have your name either. Mine is Innovative Ink as my domain name. On your writer page though, you can tell the “world” your pen name instead. I hope this helps.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna- Great info on business naming. Wondering if you can give me some advice that probably also applies to your other 1K Writing students. I named my writing business using my name, but am also running a blog under a different name based on the niche. Not sure how to make this work on social media, etc. I want to get more traffic to my blog, but don’t want to run two separate FB or Twitter accounts for each. Any ideas on the best way to handle this? Thanks so much for any advice!Reply to Cheri
Hi Cheri, I still have two accounts for my sites. It’s best to keep them separate so you can build brands. In the beginning I did share my Twitter and Pinterest and FB profiles but when my passion blog took off I created separate profiles! I hope this helps!Reply to Elna
Wow! Really helpful information. I finally decided on a business name! Thank you.Reply to John
Hey John, That’s great to hear!Reply to Elna
This was super helpful with lots of contexts! I am debating between using my name and building a business name that includes my niche as I would like to expand beyond just freelance writing in the future. If my business name focuses on the niche without anything about writing, would that limit my prospects?Reply to Hanna
Hi Hanna, If your business name is more general like Quick Sprout or Pop Sugar and things like that, then you can create whatever niche topic you want! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Wow! This is a really encouraging and helpful read! Especially for a beginner like me! Thank you!Reply to Fantasy
Hi Fantasy, You’re welcome! Finding business name ideas can be a challenge when you start a service-based business! I hope you find a good business name!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, I also like Innovative Ink, but never considered your name wouldn’t be connected to a catchy name if someone searched for it on the net. Great advice.Reply to Gail