7 Freelance Writers That Have Written Books

Did you know that many freelance writers aspire to be professional authors?

For some reason, I didn’t realize that when I first started! I don’t have a secret desire to be a fiction writer, but after meeting so many freelance writers and knowing many more I realize this is a legit dream for them!

And that’s awesome! So, I wanted to share with you all these amazing books that are written by freelance writers!

7 Freelance Writers That Have Written Books

I’m hoping this inspires you to continue your dream of writing or at the very least, get some gift ideas for your friends and family.


1. Alicia Rades

Alicia Rades was a freelance writer when I first started freelance writing four years ago. I followed her, read her blog and we even connected on LinkedIn.

Our paths crossed many times over the years and if you didn’t already know, Alicia created the blog FreelancerFAQs but ended up giving me the blog to run. But recently, she’s been marketing more her author website and over time she did less freelance writing and more fiction writing.

She has published 16 books and is a USA Bestseller!

Alicia primarily writes YA fiction books and she has many series’ too!

Please check out her books!

And I just picked up her latest book, Ravenite!

2. Ashley Eneriz

Ashley Eneriz is a finance freelance writer and mom blogger. She also did a Facebook Live in my private Facebook group for my course on how to write for big brands (like CBS, Discover, MSN and more).

But, she just recently wrote her first children’s book series!

This series if for children ages 9-12 and follows a detective named Blondie who solves crimes at her elementary school!

3. Brent Jones

Brent Jones is also a freelance writer turned full-time Indie author. He has written for some of the same clients as I had and he also interviewed me for his freelancer show (back in the day).

He tends to write about real life situations like loss and friendship. One of his popular books Fender, is about a man named Brennan who lost his wife and daughter in a car crash. Brennan tries to distance himself from what happened by taking a cross country road trip with his dog, Fender.

Check out all of Brent’s books here!

4. Rebekah Louise

Rebekah Louise is a course student of mine and is also a short story author!

Her book, The Bulletproof Proposal is a cute chick-lit story of a woman turning the tables on her relationship and proposing to her boyfriend. She’s unsure if this will begin a new chapter in her life or end it.

Make sure to check out her other book of 5 short stories.

5. Nikki Smith

Nikki Smith is a also a course student of mine and her books look sooo cool! She takes a journalistic viewpoint in her non fiction books.

This book takes a light hearted look at the Kings and Queens of Britain – which Queen had horrible halitosis or who said the wrong name during their wedding vows?

She also writes about one of the newest boy band group that has taken over the world – BTS.

6. Chris DiCroce

Chris DiCroce is a TV Script freelance writer and author! He is also a critically songwriter for over 20 years and is also an Amazon bestseller!

Burning Man is his first fiction novel and is a vivid story and adventure about love and friendship.

Make sure to check out other books by Chris DiCroce!

7. Dan Mattia

Dan Mattia is a content freelance writer and a fantasy author! His first book, In Crow’s Claws (Tales of Fyrndell) is set in a fictional fantasy place called Fyrndell.

According to Dan,

IN CROWS’ CLAWS is a fantasy novella written in an epistolary (letter) format and set in the fantasy-fiction world of Fyrndell, a place of ancient powers, myriad races, and untold secrets. It is a world where gods may or may not exist, where heroes are few and far between, and where technology progresses at a haphazard pace.

Bonus Carter Kilmann

Carter Kilmann is a new freelance writer and he wrote an amazing book called 365 Days of Freelance Writing. This is a real account of a person learning a new skill and being successful.

This is what he says of this book:

Almost two years ago, I started documenting my day-to-day journey as a freelance writer. The goal was simple: give aspiring writers direct insight into the freelancing life and help them learn the ropes — without the risk.

There Ya Go!

I love supporting freelance writers! Whether it’s sharing their blog posts, helping them out with freelance writing questions or just replying to one of their emails, I love helping and supporting as much as I can.

I’m awed and inspired by this list! I hope you are too!

If you are a freelance writer, tell me in the comments if you are writing a book or have one published! I’d love to include you in this list!

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Good to see a post like this. I was afraid that my freelance writing might somehow exclude me from being an author. Here’s proof that it can be done.Reply to Kim
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Great list! I’ve read Dan Mattia’s book and it’s good stuff. I’m a freelance content writer and published a post-apocalyptic sci-fi novel, If I Let You Go: https://amzn.to/2SdQ8Wq I’ve also finished a second novel and am working on a third. Would love if you’re able to add me to this list!Reply to Ashley
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