12 Best Facebook Groups for Freelance Writers

One of the things I did before I became a freelance writer was spend time on Facebook. I would post pictures of the twins or of what we did for the summer. I also connected with family and friends.

But, since becoming a freelance writer, I quickly learned how to market my business as well as network with potential clients on Facebook.

How? With Facebook groups. And did you know there are groups for freelance writers or ones that would benefit them? By joining a Facebook group you can:

12 Best Facebook Groups for Freelance Writers

  • Answer questions related to your niche and service
  • Invest in warm pitching
  • Start networking with other freelancers and prospects
  • Share your client posts, guest posts, and blog posts to grow your reach

And when you do those things, you get more clients and grow your income! Win-win!

So, there are definitely many benefits to joining Facebook groups. To help you succeed faster at freelance writing, I’d thought I’d share the 12 best groups just for freelance writers (psst…some of these are for female writers or moms).

1. Ladies Copywriting & Content Writing


Hosted by Sarah, this Ladies Copywriting & Content Writing group is to help inspire and motivate you to go from side hustler to full-time pros. This is also a great group to network and collaborate with other amazing lady bosses.

This is what Sarah says about the group,

This online group was created to help us all flourish while we do the thing we love, which is writing and influencing the world through language.

2. AWAI Digital Copywriters

If you’ve been freelance writing for a while then I’m sure you’ve come across the American Writers & Artists Institute. They provide many amazing rescuers to help budding copywriters.

This is what the Facebook group is about:

Our goal is to support your freelance writing career with professional advice, relevant information, free training events, and weekly doses of motivation.

3. Creative Freelancers Unite

This group is hosted by Lizzie, a freelance writer. I love this group and I am a follower of Lizzie. She has FB live sessions to answer questions in the group as well as tips to help you as a freelancer. She does a promo day in the group where you can share your work!

This is what she says about the group,

This is a community where like-minded individuals can learn, share, and grow their kick-ass businesses!

4. Female Freelance Writers

Female Freelance Writers is a group specifically for women writers. It’s hosted by Shelby Deering, a freelance writer. This is a great FB group as it has new freelance writers and experienced ones. There are discussions about your portfolio, your rate and more.

This is what Shelby says about the group,

This is a place where female writers, like myself, can ask questions, promote work and other things that you’re up to, and simply support one another.

5. Freelancing Females

Freelancing Females is a group for all kinds of freelance service support. This is what Ashley – group owner – says what the group is about:

The name originally came from wanting to ask questions about freelancing that we weren’t 100% comfortable asking around guys (and the alliteration worked really well!). But we have never and will never discriminate against people who are transgender, non-binary, and/or fluid.

6. The Cult of Copy

Are you into conversion copywriting? This group talks all about that and selling. If you want resources, guiding and help, join this group.

This is what the group is about,

Do you like copywriting and persuasion and mind control and all that sneaky kind of stuff? Me too. Let’s chat about it. From ad men who sell stuff with words, to mad men who control cults with psychology, to bad men who manipulate masses with influence – what is taboo and forbidden elsewhere is dragged out into the light and dissected here for fun and profit.

7. The Write Life Community

The Write Life Community is a fabulous community of writers. Whether you’re an author, indie writer, academic writer, freelance writer or blogger, you can benefit from this group.

This is what the group is about,

Giving writers a place to connect, so we can all help each other earn!

8. No Fluff Writing Group

Owned by Alina Bradford, the No Fluff Writer group shares jobs, writing tips and support to aspiring freelancers and writers.

9. Freelancer & Content Writers

If you are interested in the freelance life as well as connecting with other wonderful writers and freelancers, then this Facebook group for freelance writers is for you!

This is what the group is about:

We need to act as a team and to do outsourcing to newbies as much as we can.

10. Digital Nomad Girls Community

Jennifer’s group, Digital Nomad Girls Community is MASSIVE! This is a great community to get ideas, support and help! Here is what Jennifer says about the group:

We’re here to inspire, empower and connect location independent girls all around the world!

11. The Solopreneur Society

Dre is one of the few people I follow and admire. She’s kicking butt in the branding world and with a new baby she’s even going bigger! This is a great group with support, a little brashness and lots of fun! I’m in this group and love the LOVE in the group!

Here is what Dre says about her group:

I created this society to give solopreneurs a place where they can get help and support, ask questions, build relationships and celebrate their solopreneurial status. 

12. Writeto1k Success


I know all these Facebook group are all FREE, but this one, Writeto1k Success, is a paid Facebook group. This group is specifically for course students of Write Your Way to Your First $1k.

I didn’t want to make a course without having a solid and supportive community behind it. Course students can ask any question and other students will answer them and help them out.

I also go in the group as much as I can to help out and answer questions.

I also have Facebook Live videos of lessons or tips to help students. I recently started a Q/A Live session to answer newbie questions and I’ll continue to do this once a month as this really helped brand new course students.

If you are new and want me to hold your hand through this (because the course is a hold-your-hand type of course you know) plus have a supportive community and lifetime access to the course and meeeeeee! then come join us today!

There Ya Go!

Go have fun and connect with other freelancers. Tell me in the comments your favorite Facebook group!

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Thanks so much Elna! I’ll check into these!!Reply to Shannon
This is great post! I am going to check out some of these other groups! Thank you for giving a shout out to the Ladies Copywriting and Content Writing Group!Reply to Sarah
Hi Elna! Plz tell me how to find clients on Facebook groups as a freelance writer?Reply to Eman
Hi Eman, This process is more of a networking strategy or warm pitching tactic. Become helpful in these groups so people know you are a freelance writer in whatever niche you are in. Then you can offer your services if you see posts about people needing writers.Reply to Elna
Thank you, Elna. Choices, choices, choices. So many choices and all so good. There’s hardly enough time to turn around. It’s throw a dart and hope you hit the right target. I’m finishing my website first, then we’ll see where that leads me. You are so prompt to respond, thank you.Reply to Judith
Thank you so much for this! As someone who is just starting their freelance journey it’s so nice to have these resources 🙂Reply to Charlotte
Hi Charlotte! So glad you found this post on Facebook groups for writers helpful! Networking is key to being successful so get connecting!! 🙂Reply to Elna
So helpful, Elna. There’s so much to wade through online when you’re just starting out and it’s to have someone who’s been around for a while collate the good ones for you. Thank you!Reply to Louise
Hi Louise! You’re welcome. Glad you found some Facebook groups for writers!Reply to Elna
I enjoyed reading through your comments. Especially from your students. I am 66 and handi-capable, and Legally Blind. I have partial vision in one eye. I have been writing my Autobiography. It is a story which must be told. I plan to complete my final draft by the end of this year. Would there be a place for me in any group?Reply to Gale
Hi Gale, I’m happy to see that you want to do some writing! You can start at any age! Good luck!Reply to Elna
Good groups. I’m in The Freelance to Freedom Project. You can learn a lot of stuff from other members. Just don’t use it only for promotion. Give a little.Reply to Vladimir
Hey Vladimir, That’s awesome. Glad you are on Facebook marketing your service!Reply to Elna
This is awesome to share the list of social groups in a blog post. Really helpful one and thanks for sharing.Reply to Adeeb
thanks for the list really appreciate it.Reply to Eddy
You just amazed me with your list of FB groupsReply to Md
Thanks so much for including Creative Freelancers UniteReply to Md
Hey Elna, You just amazed me with your list of FB groups. I am a member of 2 freelance writing groups till now and will surely take good advantages from your given list of groups. As I may need freelance writers time to time for my blog content. I hope to get some professional writers from these groups. You just saved my lot of time by putting all at a single place. Thanks for sharing it here.Reply to Alok
Hi, Elna, Thank you for the list. 🙂 Write to $1K is the bomb! I’m having to pace myself because I’m only 23% in and already so many ideas and things to do. MelanieReply to Melanie
Hey Melanie! Aww <3 and thanks so much. So happy you are enjoying Writeto1k 🙂 So glad!Reply to Elna
Great collection of freelance writer Facebook group Elna, It’s highly advisable to belong to some, if not all of these groups because I’m sure a lot of amazing activities that will make you a better writer will be going on there. Therefore, I encourage every writer out there to join them and see how they can contribute to their writing career. I’m already a member of so many FB groups out there to the extent that sometimes, I’ll be looking for the ones to opt-out from, however, I will check out some of the ones you shared here. I’m sure they’ll be useful. Thanks for sharing.Reply to Anil
Thanks Anil! 🙂Reply to Elna
Thanks for the list, Elna! Hopeful to meet some new people from some of these groups.Reply to Will
Thanks Will! I love networking on Facebook!Reply to Elna
I was searching for these group on facebook. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It will surely help me a lot.Reply to John
I’ve really gotten into Facebook groups recently and it’s helped me feel like I’m not the only one working my butt off to make my blog successful, haha! Thanks for sharing this list – I’m going to spend my afternoon having a browse through them 🙂Reply to Elise
Hi Elise! You’re welcome. Glad you found some new groups to join 🙂Reply to Elna
Nice post, Thanks a lot for this post.Reply to Asim
Hello Elna, Nice to read your blog post first time ever. I love to read your excellent actionable tips for making business successful. I really appreciate this post. Thanks for Sharing such a nice article.Reply to Sufyan
Thank you so much!Reply to Elna
Awesome post! I just requested to join a few! 🙂Reply to Lorraine
That’s great Lorraine!Reply to Elna
I’m already in Careful Cents, the Lightbulb Club and Writing Revolters. There’s also Begin Your Biz with Sagan Morrow and a nice group called Mom to Mompreneur hosted by Elna Cain! 🙂Reply to Maria
Hey Maria, Yup! Mom to Mompreneur was on the list, but I removed it last minute 🙂 Thanks for the mention and for the other group!Reply to Elna
Love this list, Elna! Surprisingly, I wasn’t really in any freelance writing FB groups, only blogging/entrepreneurs. So I’ve requested to join all of these. 🙂 Can’t wait to connect with some more freelancers! Thanks for posting this, AleeReply to Alee
Hi Alee, That’s great! These are all awesome groups for sure 🙂Reply to Elna
Thanks Elna for giving freelance writer fb group. I am already member of Freelance B2B Writers.Reply to Top5z
Hi! Fabulous! Glad you found some new groups to join!Reply to Elna
Thanks for this list. I just joined a few and hoping to learn a lot from them.Reply to Catia
Hi Catia! That’s great. I’m sure you’ll have fun exploring these groups!Reply to Elna
Awesome list Elna. Just what I needed to improve visibility.Reply to Rita
Hi Rita, You’re welcome! Glad you found this post helpful! I love FB a little too much! 🙂Reply to Elna
Elna thanks so much for the mention – that’s really kind of you 🙂Reply to Martine
You’re welcome Martine!Reply to Elna
Thanks so much for including Creative Freelancers Unite, Elna! So glad to have you as part of the community 🙂Reply to Lizzie
Hey Lizzie! You’re welcome and I LOVE your group (and graphics girl! Seriously!!!)Reply to Elna