What? My Blog Moved (And Check Out My New Free Course)

These past couple weeks have been a whirlwind for my freelance writing business.

Not only am I working on a new comprehensive guide for freelance writing, but I launched a new free eCourse and a brand new site!

Oh, and don’t forget, I moved my blog! And if you’re a subscriber or regular reader of my blog, you might be thinking:

What? My Blog Moved (And Check Out My New Free Course)

Why do you have a new site?

Why did you move your blog?

Are you re-branding your freelance writing business?

What’s going on?

Yeah, this has all been a little overwhelming and time-consuming to say the least. Let’s get to the nitty gritty and answer these questions.

I Have a New Site for Freelance Writers

So, you may be thinking why would I have another site for freelance writers when I already have FreelancerFAQs?

I decided to launch ElnaCain.com as a new place that will focus on my coaching business, my future products and helping you become a successful freelance writer.

So, this site is born out of wanting to really help freelance writers succeed. On this site I’ll provide more help and more resources for those just starting out. I’m also going to talk more about the business side of launching a new product and let my readers in on how I’m going to grow this “side” pet project.

I’m also writing an eBook and possibly a 6 week boot camp so I felt I didn’t want to crowd my other site, Innovative Ink, with my freelance writing products.

Innovative Ink will strictly be a professional services site for prospective clients.

I Moved My Innovative Ink Blog

Everyone who knows “me” knows my blog is on Innovative Ink. This is where I grew my business and was able to earn a full-time living working as a part-time freelancer.

I used my blog to attract clients, develop a portfolio when I didn’t have one to show, and work on growing my audience and email list.

But, I went ahead and launched this site and felt my blog would fit better here than on my professional site.

This was a huge undertaking and I have my husband, the coder, to thank for that. There will be kinks still to iron out, but I’m super happy with how it looks!

Along with moving my blog, I also had to re-brand my images (manually) and decide on a new font choice (my favorite thing to do!).

Let me know if you like my blog design!

I’m Partially Re-Branding

I decided to still keep the whole Innovative Ink brand on my other site.

For this site – my new “side” pet project – I decided to create a new brand with a new logo design, color choice and images.

I did change my Gravatar and am using it for everything.

But the images of me here are specific to this brand and site. I wanted them black and white for more of a modern feel and I’m happy with how they turned out.

I’m still working out my social media profiles. I’m not sure if I should change them to promote my new site or leave them branded for my Innovative Ink services?

I have a feeling that if my pet project takes off and I can generate some passive income, then I will be updating my social media profiles.

For now, I don’t want to confuse anyone and I don’t want to deter prospects from hiring me.

Let me know your thoughts on whether or not I should change my social media profiles to reflect this site and not Innovative Ink.

A New Free Email Course

I launched a new free email course called Get Paid to Write Online. It’s a 6 day course and it covers the steps you need to get started on getting paid to write.


[ec_optin_button_main text=”I Want to Take the Course”]

My course is all new content and is not just a dupe from my blog series – now with a new name – Be a Freelance Writer: A Step-by-Step Approach.

My free course is intended for brand new freelance writers or those interested in getting paid to write. You could be a blogger, a WAHM, a SAHM, or someone just sick of their 9-5 job and who wants something different.

I’m hoping this new free email course will be an opt-in that will catapult my email list.

I’m excited for my new eCourse and I have ideas of other awesome freebies down the road.

Please let me know what you think and if you like my new website, color and brand!

Hi I'm Elna and I'm a freelance writer and mom blogger. I help people just like you become a profitable freelance writer. Within 6 months of starting my freelance writing business from scratch I was able to earn a full-time living as a part-time freelance writer while taking care of my twin toddlers. Check out my free email course Get Paid to Write Online and learn the steps you need to take to be a freelance writer.

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I love the pink 🙂 The new site looks fantastic – I wish you the best of success!!Reply to Kelly
Thanks Kelly! I like the new pink also! I know it’s probably hurting my chances at reaching every person wanting to be a freelance writer (ahem…men), but it’s soo me. I dress my daughter in pink all the time and I wear pink all the time!Reply to Elna
Very Exciting!! Congrats on your new journey!!!Reply to Crystal
Hi Crystal! Thanks so much. I’m super pumped at the idea of monetizing my own blog! I’m excited about creating products and things my readers are craving!Reply to Elna
I SO NEED THIS SITE. I WANT TO GET A BLOG GOING AND HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED IN THE Past but want to be more assertive and confident and maybe…as my teenage daughter says…go for it and NOT backtrack! Your blog looks real simple to follow and focused. Looking forward to learning more and to sharing with others!Reply to Michelle
Hi Michelle! You know what? My husband made this site and I designed it. We also did my Innovative Ink and FreelanacerFAQs site. He is in the process of working out the kinks so that we can offer them to my readers. So, stay tuned for a shop section to open up hopefully within the year or later.Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Your new site looks great! I’ve signed up for the course as, like Corinne says, there is always more to learn 🙂 As for your social media profiles, I’d probably keep them as they are for now and see how this one takes off before deciding whether to re-brand. I guess you could eventually have different profiles for different sites depending on who you interact with most on each (e.g. Do you get more leads from twitter, and more coaching clients from Facebook? Then brand accordingly). Good luck with the course!Reply to Rachael
Thanks Rachel for your tips! I do get more leads from Twitter so yeah it makes sense to stay with my Innovative Ink brand there. But, then I don’t want to brand my FB page with ElnaCain. It would be too confusing so I have to go all in or not, right?Reply to Elna
Been following your work for awhile now, Elna… You write beautifully (on a RANGE of topics) and are an inspiration for freelancers of all strokes. Keep it up! 🙂 🙂 🙂 -SVReply to Sean
Hi Sean! Thanks so much for your compliment! I’m super excited about my new site and being able to really help freelance writers. This is the beginning of all that. This site and my free eCourse. I’m also looking forward to sharing my “pet” project with my readers on my blog so be on the lookout for that!Reply to Elna
Hi Elna, Congrats on the new site! It looks great.Reply to Pinar
Hi Pinar, Thanks so much! I’m super excited to unveil it and glad many people like it. I’ve been getting a lot of inquires on the theme, so I think in the future I will have a design shop for all the themes my husband has made for me! I’m pumped and running on high right now!Reply to Elna
Wow, you have certainly been working double time lately and with great result! I personally really love this site as it is so fresh, clean and straightforward in looks, feel and style. Much continued success!Reply to Mariken
Thanks Mariken! I have to give a great big hug to my husband for working steadily to get the site up and operational. There’s still a lot of tweaks that need to be done to make it work properly, but on the outside, I think it looks fantastic! Thanks for supporting my new move!Reply to Elna
Boy you have been busy! The new blog looks great! I’m signing up for your course. There’s always something new to learn and judging by your success, you have a ton of useful information to share.Reply to Corinne
Hi Corinne! Thanks so much! Not sure if you’ll find it helpful for you since you are already a freelance writer, but thanks anyways for the support! I’m starting a new venture am super excited to get the ball rolling!Reply to Elna
The site looks great, Elna!Reply to Alicia
Alicia! Thanks, there’s still quite a lot to iron out but I wanted to go live today. But, overall I’m pleased with the layout and design element. Cross my fingers I didn’t do more harm changing my “color” from peach to pink!Reply to Elna