MarketMuse Review (for Writers)

Are you interested in cutting your time in half when researching for topics that rank for your clients?

For many new writers finding keywords and analyzing the competition for a keyword can take hours out of your day.

I recently learned about a new tool that’s saving me tons of time…and I’m loooving it!

Instead of using on several different tools to help you find keywords, MarketMuse has made it incredibly easy to find the right keywords for your content (your client piece) and analyze your content to ensure it can rank.

Check out this simple tutorial on using MarketMuse.

Using MarketMuse for Research

In the video I did not touch on using the Research feature one MarketMuse.

Their research option helps you develop comprehensive content for your client pieces. It’s simple to use:

  • Plug in your topic or industry
  • MarketMuse will analyze thousands of pages on that topic or industry
  • MarketMuse will do the work for you and select related topics and variants you need to cover a topic thoroughly
  • Select your topic and start writing!

So let’s walk through these steps:

I plugged in “summer drinks” and MarketMuse gave me over 50 topic ideas around summer drinks.

From this list you can immediately see which topics are mentioned more online. For this example, “cocktail” is a popular term so as a freelance writer I would change “drinks” to “cocktails” for my piece.

From the list I can also see popular topics for summer drinks that I can include in my topic like: lemonade, sangria, and watermelon.

From here I immediately have my article idea for my client: The Coolest Summer Cocktails on a Budget. This took less than 8 minutes to do!

Get MarketMuse for Your Writing

For a VERY limited time, MarketMuse is available from AppSumo for only $69 lifetime! And you can stack 3 “codes” to get their lifetime Pro package (that’s what I bought…$69×3)

They normally charge anywhere from $80-$499/MONTH. So to say this is a killer deal is an understatement! But the special deal could end any day (that’s how AppSumo works).

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