Not sure how to start freelance writing?

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Before you start a website and before you start pitching, you need a plan.

Not any plan, but a business plan that walks you step-by-step to discovering what type of writer you are, who you ideal clients are, a marketing strategy to help you win clients and more.

This 15 page fillable template makes starting a brand new freelance writing business easy and more importantly, doable.

You CAN become a freelance writer with this Business Template.

Each page is designed for you to propel you to become a freelance writer for the first time.

The Groundwork for Success

Over the years, many budding freelance writers ask me,

How do I start freelance writing?

And my answer used to be, find a niche, write samples and pitch.

But, I found that those new writers never did the work.

They never succeeded because the action plan was too vague.

The Business Plan Template Won’t Fail You

Page by page your business plan will unfold and by the end, you’ll know:

  • The costs to start your freelance writing business
  • The best marketing channels to gain clients
  • The brand voice to convey to new clients
  • Understanding your ideal client, their marketing platforms and their industry
  • A solid strategy to promote your business
  • And more…

Even if you have a writing niche but aren’t succeeding with recurring clients, grab the free Business Template for freelancer writers.

In it, you’ll hone in on your writing niche and clients.

You will also know how to effectively market to your ideal clients to gain gigs.

While this is a template, the suggestions in the planner will help you form those ideas and more.

Make This Your Year to Land Clients

I’m able to stay home (with my husband who also stays at home), take care of my twins and have the freedom to live on our own terms! All thanks to freelance writing.

Hi! I’m Elna and I’m a mom of twins, a freelance writer for small businesses. I love connecting with other freelancers, helping them find a profitable path in this freelance writing noise!